Injustice 2 πŸ‘Š GREEN LANTERN – All Costumes, intro, Blows, Combos

Rehabilitated by the Guardians of Oa, Hal Jordan overcame his worst fears from his time as a member of the Sinestro’s Corps. Now a Green Lantern once more, Hal returns to Sector 2814 on a mission to stop Brainiac’s invasion and prove to himself that he deserves a second chance at a brighter day.

After the mainstream Green Lantern turned Yellow Lantern Hal over to the Guardians, they rehabilitated him to overcome his fear and become a Green Lantern once more, though Hal still holds feelings of betrayal to his Corps, planet, and friends. The Guardians later dispatch Green Lantern to Earth to help combat Brainiac’s invasion.

Hal later meets the Flash in Gotham once the latter defeats the Reverse-Flash, but Barry still holds suspicion despite Green Lantern’s assurances, going as far as to call him a mistake. The two fight, and Hal is defeated, but he tells Barry that he’s been sent to help and acknowledges that he’s betrayed the Green Lantern Corps, Earth, and his friends. When Barry realizes that they are both in the same boat of trying to regain everyone’s trust, the two renew their friendship.

Green Lantern later enters a meeting between the Flash and Batman, who are arguing over needing Hal’s help. Hal uses a hand construct to catch a falling crate and tells Batman that he’s not “that guy” anymore. Hal tells Batman that he understands why they shouldn’t trust him but that they should trust the Guardians and that regaining his ring means that he went through hell to get it back. When he gets no response, he prepares to leave, telling the two that he has his orders but wouldn’t help if they worried. Hal stops when Batman calls to him and states that it’s time for him to widen his “circle of trust.” Rejoining the two, Batman orders him to Atlantis to include Aquaman in their “circle of trust.” When Hal mentions that Aquaman disliked being associated with the Regime, Batman tells him to get used to it.

In Atlantis, Green Lantern is unsuccessfully attempting to convince Aquaman to ally with Batman. The king compares it to Superman’s orders of invading Metropolis. The next time Atlantean blood is spilled, it will be for Atlantis. When Hal reminds Arthur that he is human, he retorts his duties to Atlantis and orders Hal to leave. When Arthur states that he doesn’t need Hal’s “distraction,” Hal is nearly consumed by an unknown red energy source, he regains control and states that he’s not leaving, and the two fight.

After defeating Aquaman, Green Lantern nearly becomes consumed by the same red energy, but he shakes it off, and apologizes to Arthur, and compares the situation to the one above: cut off communications, and then invade, as Brainiac’s forces attack Atlantis. Hal acknowledges that the seas are Arthur’s but states that it’s his sector and asks him to let him help. Exasperated, Aquaman tells Green Lantern to cover him, and he blocks the incoming forces with a brick wall construct.

Eventually, the combined forces’ might cause the construct to shatter, and Hal is blown back, but then disables the robots with a dump truck construct. Green Lantern is later attacked by Cheetah, who is surprised by his presence, as she only expected Aquaman. When she asks for Wonder Woman’s location, Hal retorts that he unfriended her, but she doesn’t believe him, and the two fight.

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Paul Plays Retro Games
1 year ago

Awsome gameplay

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