Mortal Kombat 11: Sonya Blade highlights Mix

General Sonya A. Blade is a soldier who was a member of Earthrealm’s Special Forces unit known as Outer World Investigation Agency (OIA) in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. She now commands all operations of the Special Forces and Units, like the new Earthrealm unit, which is Cassie’s team. She is one of the few original Mortal Kombat characters, debuting in the first Mortal Kombat arcade game, and was the first female character introduced in the series.

Mortal Kombat 11
The Klassic: Sonya performs an uppercut, decapitating the opponent with a rising uppercut with their spine still attached. This Brutality is shared with every character. (MK11)
Must not block an attack for the entirety of the final round.
A button must be held.
Up Up and Away: Sonya does an amplified Air Control and slams the opponent to the ground. She then wraps her garrote around their neck, pulling with enough force to decapitate them. (MK11)
A button must be held.
Popping Heads: Sonya does her Throw (Forward) and drops down with enough force to decapitate her opponent. (MK11)
Requires Sonya to be at a certain health level.
A button must be held.
Grenade Jumper: Sonya does her Throw (Backward), this time resulting in a gory explosion after the grenade blows up, with the opponent‘s head and limbs flying in the air. (MK11)
A button must be pressed repeatedly.
Kill Shot: Sonya summons BUD-E to do a K.A.T. Tantrum. The turret tackles the opponent to the ground and delivers a barrage of bullets to the opponent’s head, leaving it a gory mess. The turret stops for a few moments and then shoots relentlessly at the destroyed head. (MK11)
Must summon BUD-E certain amount of times.
Bullseye: Sonya summons BUD-E to do a Leaping .50 Kal, the turret shoots a bullet that leaves a hole through their head. The opponent turns to the screen, showing the bloodied hole and falls afterwards, lifeless. (MK11)
A Detonate K.A.T. must be used.
A button must be held.
Busted: Sonya does an amplified Leg Breaker and destroys the opponent’s head with her knee. (MK11)
A button must be held.
Kisses: Sonya blasts her opponent with Energy Rings and, in homage to her trademark MK fatality, delivers a Fire Kiss, which turns her opponent into a burnt skeleton, falling to their knees. (MK11)
Mercy must be performed beforehand.
Must not be close to the opponent.
The One Two Knockout: Sonya performs her Standing Kounter, snapping off the opponent’s arm and stomping on the opponent’s jaw afterwards. (MK11)
A button must be held.
Here Comes The Boom: Sonya performs her Ops Drop and the opponent’s head pops out after the double axe handle strike. (MK11)
A button must be pressed repeatedly.
What Did You Say?: Sonya performs her Ass Whooping, only this time she performs several punches in slow motion. Finally, she crushes the opponent’s head with her knee. (MK11)
A button must be held.
Other Finishers
Friendship #1: Sonya does her exercise. (MK3)
Friendship #2: Sonya does a salute and flowers would grow all over the floor. (UMK3, MKT)
Friendship #3: Fetch, Good Drone: Sonya plays fetch with her turret drone. It returns to her with a Tarkatan’s body. (MK11)
Animality: Hawk Rip: Sonya turns into a giant hawk and carries the opponent into the air and dices them to pieces. (MK3, UMK3, MKT)
Babality: Sonya does her Inverted Bicycle Kick and lands on her side. She spins around crying in pain. (MK 2011)

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