Samurai Shodown All Super & Rage Moves (Update Sep 2021)

SAMURAI SHODOWN has enjoyed worldwide success as a blade-wielding fighting game series since its first release in 1993. 11 years have passed since the last series installment, and it is now time for SAMURAI SHODOWN to return in a brand-new game featuring high-end visuals and gameplay! Faithfully reproducing the game mechanics and atmosphere that contributed to the success of the series, SAMURAI SHODOWN includes a revolutionary feature that learns from players game actions and patterns in order to create CPU-controlled “ghost” characters. With a story set one year before the very first installment, a diverse cast of returning and new characters cross paths in order to fulfill their destinies!

Samurai Shodown is a 3D fighting game with a 2D plane combat system that uses many elements from past games in the series. It shares similarities with The King of Fighters XIV and SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

The controls consists of four buttons: weak, medium, strong blows with weapons and kick. By pressing special combinations, the character can carry out captures, counterattacks, interceptions and evasions. The Rage Gauge is back in the game. It replenishes after each damage taken by the character. A fully filled scale gives access to new abilities. After gaining a full scale, the player can activate the rage mode, which increases the character’s strength for a while and opens up the opportunity to inflict a disarming blow to the opponent. During the activation of the fury mode, an explosion occurs, pushing the enemy away and opening him up for attack. After the end of the rage mode, the player is deprived of the opportunity to use the scale until the end of the match.

Each character has a Super Special Move, which deals very powerful damage when hitting an opponent. However, it can only be attempted once during the entire match.

The game uses a trainable artificial intelligence. The player can create his/her own so-called ghost. The AI will observe the player’s actions and then try to copy them. In a battle with your own ghost, the player can discover the weaknesses of his tactics.

The bloody finishing moves that were absent in the previous titles of the series returned to this game.

Samurai Shodown features a base roster of 16 playable characters, with extra ones available as paid and free downloadable content. Newcomers and guest characters are marked in bold.

Darli Dagger
Genjuro Kibagami
Hanzo Hattori
Jubei Yagyu
Kyoshiro Senryo
Shizumaru Hisame
Tam Tam
Ukyo Tachibana
Yashamaru Kurama
Yoshitora Tokugawa
Kazuki Kazama
Mina Majikina
Sogetsu Kazama
Cham Cham
Hibiki Takane
Shirou Tokisada Amakusa

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