SFV:CE 👊 Abigail Combos (definitive update March 2022)

Abigail (アビゲイル Abigeiru?) is a video game character who debuted as the penultimate boss in the beat ’em up game Final Fight, before appearing as a playable fighter in the Street Fighter series starting with the second season of Street Fighter V. He is a hulking brute of gargantuan proportions and former enforcer for the Mad Gear Gang.

Abigail is an extremely large man with a maple leaf logo flat-top haircut (originally a mowhawk). His attire in Final Fight closely resembles a white version of that worn by the Andore family, but he is keen to point out that he is not one of them. He usually wears facepaint, but in Mighty Final Fight, a non-canon retelling of the original Final Fight with chibi sprites, he is seen without facepaint.

Abigail’s height and weight makes him the tallest character in the entire Street Fighter franchise, and the second heaviest, only being surpassed in weight by Gill.

In Street Fighter V, his tanktop sports skull prints, tire track prints on his pants, and tires worn as both rings and large armbands, the armbands with “Mad Gear” painted on them in white. On a wallet chain on the back of his pants are two tires worn through it, and around his neck is a black leather spiked collar. His fingernails are painted dark gray. In a possible manner like Birdie, who is designed to be like a bird in fashion, Abigail’s overall features come to give him the similarities of a bulldog, which are portrayed as relentless guard dogs in popular media.

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His first alternate costume is similar to his default attire but he wears a welding mask to conceal his face, blue jeans, and one of the shoulders of his tank top is ripped. A large tire is stretched diagonally across his body.

His second alternate costume has him shirtless, but accessorized with a pair of goggles and large tire shoulder bands with chains draped across them. His black flap top hairstyle becomes red, shoulder length dreadlocks, he also gains a red, walrus mustache and holds a crookedly bent nail between his teeth. His tire-track marked trousers are suspended by a belt with a cog as a buckle. On a minor note, this outfit is most reminiscent of Skull Cross Gang member Caine.

Fighting style
Despite not having any fighting style, his attacks are mainly taking advantage of his physique. Abigail uses no finesse or any specific style in his fighting, just brute force. He picks up his opponents and throws them around like rag dolls. Despite updates nerfing his attacks, Abigail still has such high damage potential that he can get characters with low HP, such as Cammy and Akuma, down to less than half of their health in one V-Trigger or stun combo. He can occasionally turn red with Max Power, which swells his muscles, thus making him stronger and uses running body slams. Abigail has also shown he is deceptively agile despite his massive size and little speed, being able to perform a perfected front flip via his Giant Flip attack, being able to perform a very quick roll from the starting position of his Nitro Charge and can still jump reasonably high (although this is likely due to gameplay mechanics). In Final Fight One, “Alpha Cody” (a non-canon unlockable character who is the Cody seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3 somehow reliving the past) notes that he hadn’t been terribly impressed by Abigail, asking whether he still stuck to “using only one attack pattern”. In Mighty Final Fight, one of his humorous attacks is to pick up his opponents and kiss them.


In Street Fighter V, Abigail’s playstyle is more of that of a striker like Balrog in contrast with Hugo’s wrestling style, possibly in order to deviate the former from the trend of large, hulking characters who are often grapplers. He and Hugo may have moves that charge towards the opponent, but Hugo does so in a way to set up throws as a wrestler whereas Abigail likes to bulldoze and pummel them like a brute. Additionally, Hugo’s strikes set up his grabs, whereas Abigail’s grabs set up his strikes.

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As he often states in victory quotes against speed-orientated characters, he cares little about speed or even a balance between power and speed; all he’s about is hitting hard to cripple his opponents and is able to take hits from fast combos. However, this does not mean that he cannot pull off some devastating combos himself, because while his moveset consists of slow, hard-hitting attacks that are typically seen with other large characters, his moveset has two deadly throws (Abigail Smash and Bay Area Sunrise) and clever use of canceling between unique and special moves will really bring the fullest extent of the damage he can deal.

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