SFV:CE πŸ‘Š Lucia Combos (definitive update March 2022)

Lucia Morgan (ルシを・ヒーガン Rushia Mōgan?) is a character from the Final Fight series of beat ’em up games. She first appeared in Final Fight 3 and as one of the four playable main characters. She later made her Street Fighter debut as a playable character in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.
SFV:CE πŸ‘Š Lucia Combos (definitive update March 2022)

Lucia has very long, slender, muscular legs and short, blonde hair. She stands at an above-average height, having a toned physique and wears a fighting police outfit consisting of a blue sports bra with a brown under-cut vest and fingerless gloves, denim shorts, and tennis shoes. Her eyes are brown in the cutscenes and official artworks, but her sprite is blue-eyed. Her eyes being brown seems to be an awkward lighting or artistic choice as it seems her eyes are naturally blue in her Street Fighter appearance. This outfit is her “Nostalgia” costume in Street Fighter V.

In her Shadaloo C.R.I. profile artwork, she wears a similar outfit, except that her bra is now white and her gloves are blue.

In Street Fighter V, Lucia’s hair has grown into shoulder-length with fringes in each sides and is tied into a small ponytail. She wears her dark blue cap adorned with her sunglasses. Lucia’s outfit in the game consists of a blue long sleeved mini jacket with police emblems in each sleeves, folded into her cuffs. The collar of her jacket is dark blue. Underneath, she wears a bluish-gray sleeveless collared shirt with a tie in the center. Her sports bra is black, her denim shorts is darker and she wears a bluish gray and yellow stripped stockings, dark blue combat boots and pink soles. She also wears a single dark blue bracelet on her left that resemble gauntlets which is connected to her dark blue fingerless gloves and the other being her matching elbow band on her right elbow. She also carries a tonfa baton which was holstered on the left side.

Her second alternate costume, her battle costume, consists of a black combat vest with several pockets with a dark blue tank top underneath, matching shorts with a black belt around the waist and black combat boots. She also has a black gun holster on her right thigh to match up her kneepads and wears gray fingerless gloves with black linings. Lucia wears sunglasses and wears a black cap with the sign “MPS”

Fighting style
Lucia’s fights using self-taught kenpō and self-defense techniques. She also uses a baton in battle.

Lucia is an agile fighter who utilizes kicks in most of her attacks. She has the ability to emit flames from her feet.

Some of her kicking abilities in Street Fighter V bears a resemblance to Blair Dame’s Shooting Kick when she pulls off her combo against her opponents and other being Chun-Li’s own special attacks. Her first V-Trigger is Burning Fight where her flaming kicks are amplified and her second V-Trigger is Weapon Fury where she pull off her combo on the opponent using several kicks and a few punches. Her Critical Art is Hard Hit Knee; Lucia delivers a jumping knee strike, followed by a high spinning kick. If any of the initial two hit connects, Lucia kicks her opponent into the air and leaps toward them and delivers a flurry of fiery spin kicks, ending with a Hurricane Spinner into her opponent’s midsection, causing a huge explosion.

Most of Lucia’s attacks are also very combo focused requiring button connections between attacks and some of her fist based attacks are slow but strong while her kicks are faster. Her grapples are meant to mimic her Final Fight throws, and her second V-Trigger has her using the baton.

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