SFV:CE πŸ‘Š Luke Combos (definitive update March 2022)

Luke (ルーク) is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter games, appearing as the last character in the fifth season pass of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and the overall final playable character of the Street Fighter V series. He will be an important character in the next untitled Street Fighter entry.
SFV:CE πŸ‘Š Luke Combos (definitive update March 2022)
Luke greatly admires his father after he sacrificed his life evacuating civillians, prompting him to join the Special Forces to combat terrorism. However, after a friendly match with Guile, Luke remarks that serving did not grant him the satisfaction he desired, and with the Colonel’s encouragement, decides to follow his own journey in competitive fighting.

Luke has an arrogant and youthful demeanor, backed by a strong will. Having quit the military to follow the path of mixed martial arts, Luke’s desire to see the world and fight strong opponents has him not take matches too seriously, even making analogies to video games in his win quotes. Even so, he respects like-minded individuals such as Ryu, Ken, and Akira, and still admires his military superior Guile.

Though appearing to be an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter, Luke’s strikes are performed more with abandon than precision, striking his opponents with stiff blows – namely in his forward grab. He also has projectile-like abilities in his Sand Blast, able to punch hard enough to create an acute orange arc that can even penetrate a Hadoken – and hit its user.

Luke primarily focuses on overwhelming offense at both the mid-range and close-range. His standing punches move him forward a considerable distance, granting him ways to whiff-punish and close in on opponents unprepared for his attacks.

Atypical for other V-Triggers, Luke’s V-Triggers instead steadily increase through damage dealt and over time, while decreasing when using enhanced special moves and taking damage. This forces the opponent to take the offensive rather than hang back, and lets Luke remain a threat even outside of his effective range.

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