SFV:CE 👊 Zeku Combos (definitive update March 2022)

Zeku (是空 Zekū?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as a non-playable character before making his playable debut as the final fighter of the second DLC season of Street Fighter V. Zeku was formerly the 38th grandmaster of the school of Bushinryu Ninjutsu, after being succeeded by his pupil Guy, he set out on a journey of self-discovery.

Zeku has long white/gray (brown in his younger form) hair with full fringes covering his eyes. In the Alpha series, his hair is depicted as brown and he wears an outfit identical to Guy’s, only green. This outfit appears in Street Fighter V as his third alternate costume. In the UDON comics, Zeku is portrayed with a moustache.

In his first alternate costume, Zeku wears a modern type of outfit consisting of a yellow orange long sleeve button shirt with the black cloud design while his sleeves folded into cuffs, and a blue and light blue striped neck tie on the collar, indigo pants and brown shoes. He also has dark blue arm wraps which are tucked into the sleeves of his button shirt, and has a silver watch on his left wrist. His younger form wears the same outfit with a formal suit jacket within it.

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While Zeku can be seen as just a simple serious and stern teacher, he does have a youthful, cheerful, upbeat, and a well-mannered attitude, as well as a strong sense of justice and modernity. His past experiences with sparring his former master, Genryusai, was influenced through his former disciple turned successor, Guy. He has a odd mannerism in which he likes to talk with himself, normally in his young form. Zeku often likes to help other people like Karin, Ibuki and Cody by offering his assistance or joining to his ninja group in which everyone declines his offer due to his shady occupation and his transformation between his old and young form.

Fighting style
Zeku fights using Bushinryu Ninjutsu. As the noteworthy 38th successor of Bushinryu, Zeku is a very proficient and adept ninja master whose career has been considered to have revived Bushinryu back to its former glory since the languishing days of the Meiji Restoration; along with having incorporated integral aspects such as Taijutsu and close quarters combat to recreate the school’s very own martial arts, he is extremely well versed and studied in his fighting style’s dynamics and techniques to where he is equipped for many situations and encounters.

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Zeku’s moves are similar to that of fellow Street Fighter ninjas like Vega, Guy and Ibuki. He is also able to transform to his younger self using his V-Skill or a down-down motion.

Zeku’s old and young form moveset are near completely different from each other. Zeku fights using his new fighting style in his old form, combining moves from Bushinryu with his new techniques. His new fighting style focuses on a mid to far range game, relying on long range special moves that function as pokes. Although his special moves in his old form serve a fireball type function, they are very different from the standard fireballs, taking the form of a long range instant shock-wave rather than a traveling projectile. However, Zeku’s combos tend to knock back his opponent a large distance and he lacks good wakeup pressure options as a result.

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Zeku’s moveset in his young form closely resembles Guy’s moveset in the Alpha and Street Fighter IV games, focusing on Bushinryu techniques. In his young form, Zeku adopts a much more close range, pressure type fighting style utilizing target combos and dash mixups similar to Guy.

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