SFV:CE πŸ’› Menat, Laura, Mika, Karin, Luke, BalrogπŸ’›(MOD)

Back then we could install any mods for SFV with relatively no issues at all, but starting with patch 1.05 and now patch 1.06 Capcom changes their way to deliver some patch changes. Some people say it’s good to have this way as we don’t need to download the whole game files just to have a new contents or some changes; while others say Capcom did this deliberately to prevent them from modding / using some particular contents in the game. Regardless of that, I open this thread not for discussion of pro and contra of Capcom’s new game patch strategy, but I just want to put some clear info about installing mod again in game 1.06 (hope Capcom doesn’t do anything drastic again for patch 1.07 and beyond).

Background story:
As we already know, there are two ways to install mod in SFV, the Mod Manager (MM for short) way and the PAK way. Both ways have their own pro and con (again, won’t be debatable in here), as in the end ultimately both ways deliver the same end result, to have SFV game with some mods installed. Like I said above at the intro, both install methods work just fine so far, well until in patch 1.06 Capcom has decided to put some specific changes (especially important for character mods) in form of “Title Update”. This “Title Update” is actually the same as other game files in pak format, but what make it so special is that this particular patch pak file is located in different folder with the game regular pak files and what make it worse for mod makers and users is because this patch pak file is put on the highest priority of all pak files. While ofc it’s important to have it on the highest priority so the game will load the new and updated files inside the patch pak instead of loading the old files inside the regular pak, this “highest priority” stuff also has some impacts for some mods as their modded files are no longer loaded by he game because there is another file with even higher priority which take all the glory from some mods.

So in the end we as modders and mod users have to ensure our modded files get loaded by the game again instead of those files inside the patch pak. Fortunately the workaround had already been discovered by moddah (his way is good for modders) and then simplified a little by kalevra (his way is good for mod users). Now all mods that broken with patch 1.06 work properly again.

Okay, enough with intro and background story above, let us see what this thread is originally meant to be.

SFV:CE πŸ’› Menat, Laura, Mika, Karin, Luke, BalrogπŸ’›(MOD)

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Crestfallen Warrior
21 days ago

Great. Now i want every Background Character playable.

Lethanief Ardum
21 days ago

how curious.. the guy in the stage inst the same what is on luke mod?

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