Soulcalibur VI: Witcher VS All Character (All DLC Included)

Geralt of Rivia (リヴィアのゲラルト Rivia no Geraruto?) is the primary protagonist of The Witcher . The franchise originated with works by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and now includes novels, video games and a Netflix series featuring Henry Cavill as Geralt. He appears in Soulcalibur VI as a guest character.

He is also known by his nickname The White Wolf (伝説の白狼 Densetsu no Byakurō?, The Legendary White Wolf).

Soulcalibur VI
Witchers, warriors with unusual abilities, were created to hunt monsters and other strange creatures. Geralt, perhaps the ablest and most famous of witchers, was asked one day to look into a sorceress suspected of summoning demons. His contract called on him to learn if there was any truth to the claims, and if so, to kill any demons he encountered and the sorceress herself. The sorceress dwelled midst the ruins of a citadel surrounded by marshland. Shortly after Geralt arrived there, she used her magic to open a gate that whisked the witcher into another dimension. Of a sudden, Geralt found himself in a strange new world that was home to Soul Edge, the power of which the sorceress had spoken.

To say the least, Geralt felt not at all at home in this world. Some of those he encountered there sensed his strength and challenged him, while others saw in him a man from elsewhere and approached to learn more of his powers. His adventures in this world were many and varied, yet he found it hard to find anyone versed in magic. He scoured the land for a way to open a gate that would take him back to his own world, but this proved rather difficult. In the end, he encountered an old man called Edge Master who taught him how to harness the spirit sword Soul Calibur, a sword whose power issued from another dimension. Heeding Edge Master’s advice to be at a certain place at the right time, Geralt used the sword to open a gate to his own world. He returned home from his long journey with yet another strange story to add to his numerous tales of adventure.

Geralt is a calm and serious yet dutiful swordsman.

He wears a piece of armor which appears to be made of leather with chain-mail applied over the shoulders and stomach. His trousers are also made of leather, and he wears matching boots and gloves. He has two sheaths; one is for his steel sword, while the other for his silver sword. The silver sword is worn across his back. He also wears a medallion in the shape of a snarling wolf, representing his training under the witcher school of the wolf.

His Color 2 recolors the leather parts dark red.

  • Weapon & Style
  • Steel sword & Silver Sword
  • Witchers carry swords of two types: one steel, one silver. Both can be made of the finest quality alloys and meticulously customized to suit the needs of their wielder. However, witchers use these in very different ways. The steel sword is mainly used against humans, while the silver is best when hunting monsters. Many folk believe all witcher swords are made from ore taken from meteorites. These stones, having traveled vast distances through magical worlds permeated by the elements – earth, fire, water and wind – grant the weapons exceptional qualities that render them very effective against supernatural foes. The truth is forging swords of rare meteorite is by no means an easy task, so a witcher wields a weapon cast of simple iron ore.

One could hardly call Geralt’s journey to another dimension fortuitous. Yet at the least, he was able to bring his weapons with him, for the world he finds himself in provides plenty of opportunities to fight, but alas, no blades worthy of a witcher. He takes great care of his gear here, as he’s likely to need it for many, many battles to come.

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