Street Fighter V ➤ FANG – All Costumes, intro, Blows, Combos F.A.N.G (update: August 2021)

F.A.N.G (ファン Fan?, Chinese: 方), also known as the Great F.A.N.G in Japanese, is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter V. He is the second-in-command of Shadaloo, ranking only below M. Bison in the hierarchy.

F.A.N.G is a very thin and tall man with a medium length black hair tied in low ponytail and a thin goatee who wears a loose, purple Chinese changpao with a Chinese character on the front (a misspelled variant of two, er 貳), black Chinese capris with matching Chinese toe shoes and red long socks. He also wears a pair of small, black, circular shades and a large black hat with red linings. His hands, which are normally concealed by his flared sleeves, glow purple, presumably as a result of his poison techniques. As shown in the story mode A Shadow Falls, his fingernails are fashioned into sharp claws like Vega and his hands are completely coated in this poison, which can melt anything with a touch, requiring him to use his sleeves like makeshift gloves to hold on to anything without corroding it.

His first alternate costume is his Nguuhao uniform, and consists of a blue jumpsuit with the zipper going down to his pants, his fuku has yellow curly designs in each sides and has baggy sleeves with two yellow linings. Underneath is a white long sleeve button shirt with a red neck tie on the collar, a black belt to his waist and black high boots. He wears thinly rimmed eyeglasses in this costume rather than shades and his hair is longer and still in a low ponytail with a single half fringe at the right side.

His second alternate costume is just like his primary outfit, but dark blue with several yellow round designs, navy blue pants which reaches to his ankles, and white socks. The side of his long hair still remains, tied in low ponytail. His hairstyle resembles that of a monk.

F.A.N.G was the newly inducted leader of the Nguuhao, one of the largest cartels in Asia and one that was infamous for kidnapping children to train into assassins. As one of those children, F.A.N.G was forced to learn the ways of the Poison Hand by way of exposing him to poison in controlled environments with the hope of eventually teaching him to turn the natural poisons in his body into a weapon, and in abject poverty to have them learn the unforgiving coldness of the criminal underworld and the streets. F.A.N.G grew up watching children all around him die, but he emerged as the cartel’s strongest ever user of the Poison Hand, being dubbed “the Fang of the Nguuhao”. Along with three other survivors he referred to as his brothers who had helped each other survive, they soon made headway into the underworld of Asia as professional assassins and made their mark. It is implied later that F.A.N.G’s first job as a professional assassin was to kill his three “brothers”, a task which he completed using an ancient Nguuhao dagger.

Fighting style and abilities
F.A.N.G is a master of Dokushu Kenpō (毒手拳法? lit. “Poison Hand Kenpō”).[1] Because of his skill in mixing toxins, as well as his assassins training, F.A.N.G has developed the ability to resist all poison regardless of its strength or origins. As such, F.A.N.G’s immunity to poisons also renders him immune to the effects of alcohol.[8]

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