Street Fighter V ➤ V-Triggers

Replacing Ultra’s as Street Fighter V’s main comeback mechanic, V-Triggers drastically change a character. As of Season 3 each character has 2 V-Triggers to choose from, which can be 1 bar to 3. Some characters have a 2 bar and 3 bar, for some both are 2 bars. Once activated the screen freezes and fades to black slightly, and the character performs a quick pose or attack before returning to the game. Of note is most V-Trigger’s have 1 frame of full invulnerability on their activation. V-Triggers can also be canceled (VTC) into from a variety of normals, specials, or EX specials to make unsafe moves such as sweeps safe or even advantageous, in combos to extend them (though this increases the damage scaling), or to simply pause the screen to quickly evaluate the situation and react accordingly such as jump ins. Depending on the V-Trigger chosen, there may be limitations on what you can VTC from altering a character’s strategy and reliance on meter.

V-Triggers do wildly different things. Some are single use, such as Nash’s Sonic Move which causes him to teleport near the opponent or Ed’s Psycho Cannon which creates a large slow moving projectile. Some are multi-use such as Urien’s Aegis Reflector which summons a mirror on screen immediately and can be summoned one more time. Some add new specials moves to the character such as Karin’s Guren Ken strings or Ryu’s Isshin parry. And some greatly modify a character while they are in it such as Birdie’s Enjoy Time which increases his walk speed and changes the properties on all his specials and Kolin’s Absolute Zero which gives her a new dash and extends the range on all her normals among other things. Necali’s in particular is unique as once it’s activated he is permanently in his V-Trigger 2 state, modifying many of his specials, normals, dash speed, and CA in addition to giving him a new special.

These are often game changing adjustments to characters, and can lead a certain defeat into a narrow victory. Learning what yours and your opponent’s does is incredibly important. In general 3 bar V-Triggers are more powerful but harder to get until near death, while 2 bar are slightly less powerful or have as many uses but it can be possible to get 2 in a single round.

One special note is if the V-Trigger is not just a single move and instead is a powered up state where the V-Gauge will tick down, you will not be able to perform V-Reversals or V-Shifts / Breaks.

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Syam Art
1 year ago

Cool video! You got a new subscriber!

Lethanief Ardum
1 year ago

oki have seen this but no one explain… what is the v trigger?

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