Street Fighter V: KARIN – All Costumes, intro, Blows, Combos (update: April 2021)

Karin Kanzuki (神月 かりん Kanzuki Karin?) is a character from the Street Fighter series who was originally featured in the 1996 manga Sakura Ganbaru! before appearing as playable fighter in Street Fighter Alpha 3. She is the elitist rival of Sakura, and head of the Kanzuki Zaibatsu.

As a self-styled rival of Sakura, Karin naturally has a similar outfit, complete with sailor fuku, except hers is predominantly red and white with a blue bola tie. She stylizes her blonde hair into long, oversized Victorian Europe-style ringlets, with two small forelocks and braids encircling her head, and occasionally wears a blue bow in the back. She wears black shorts and completes her outfit with matching black socks and short, red boots. She also wears brown fingerless gloves. Her Alpha appearance became her “Nostalgia” costume in Street Fighter V.

In Street Fighter V, her outfit appearance has been altered from her original school uniform into a business suit-esque outfit but has still a resemblance to the original in palette and design. She wears a red long sleeve jacket with a blue frill shirt and white frill folded sleeves underneath and a white ascot tie at the center of her collar, a red frill skirt, and black tights.

Her first alternate costume consists of a black turtleneck dress and matching black flats. She also wears a matching black watch on her right wrist and a silver necklace on her neck with the emblem of her family. Her ribbon is pink. Her second alternate costume is mostly identical to her main outfit but with a pink sweater vest on her top, a white frilled skirt and white tights. Her boots are red and white, her hairstyle remains the same but in a full fringe along with longer ringlets.

Karin is the daughter of Daigenjuro Kanzuki and his wife Nadeshiko Kanzuki; their butler is Ishizaki‎, and Shibazaki is the family steward. Karin’s father Daigenjuro is a rather strict man as he constantly pushes his daughter into becoming a better heir to the Kanzuki family fortune, as he wanted a son.

The wealthy Kanzuki family’s mottos are “All you need is victory” (also interpreted as “Be the winner in everything”) and, alternately, “The worst we’ll ever be is the best” (a bonus short in the Street Fighter III: Ryu Final manga takes this further with “Victorious, therefore Supreme! Supreme, she is Karin Kanzuki!”). Her family’s private estate covers 200 miles of land, and not only has its own geographical features but its own climate. The Kanzukis are even wealthier than the Masters, so rich that they have their own satellite called “Red Spider-Lily”. Karin was given a son’s upbringing because her father always wanted a male heir to his conglomerate.

Additionally, Karin was given several tests by her father to complete or else she would be disqualified from inheriting the family fortune. Her first test was when she was nine years old, where she was taken to the woods with meager food and water; she had to come home safely or else she’d be disowned (her father struggled two weeks to accomplish this when he was her age, but Karin polished the trial off in four days). Another test, based solely on her gender, was that if she didn’t charm at minimum 5,000 of the world’s gentlemen she cannot inherit the family fortune (she passed this test too, and her mother Nadeshiko is said to have charmed 50,046 gentlemen, including her husband, to see if Nadeshiko would qualify to be Daikenjuro’s wife). Yet another test required her to stop a stampede of fifty wild bulls, single-handedly stopping a running of the bulls at age fourteen. Karin subdued fifty bulls in all, beating her father’s record by one.

Fighting style
Though she styles herself as a rival to Sakura, Karin uses the Kanzuki style martial arts, a style she created herself, instead of the “original” style Sakura uses. Karin has a wide array of strikes, throws and potent reversals, and she prides herself on being able to handle any opponent she faces. She prefers to keep her opponents guessing by varying the speed of her attacks, and also makes them second-guess their own choice of moves for fear of her powerful counterattacks.

She is well versed in various forms of Bushido, military arts, and “combative sports”. This was probably mistranslated from a term that meant “combat sports”, which includes various events (e.g. Japanese pro wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts groups). The sum of all her accomplishments in the field of martial arts is equivalent to 100 dan and 8 kyu (the Japanese ranking system for martial arts, among other things).[citation needed]

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PatsSaga HN
2 months ago

11:21 I've never seen this one

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Karin Kanzuki: OOHHOHOHOHOHO!!

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2 months ago

I have the outfit. Hopefully anybody in the comments get it

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2 months ago

i like karin with straight hair.

2 months ago

3:55 that costume is so badass.

2 months ago

On the question of whether karin's hokuto costume will reback? Yep probably. Also in every instance the extra battle costumes will eventually go up for sale. Might be a while though.

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2 months ago

The one in the thumbnail is from where ? I just saw someone use it against me and i have never seen it before

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2 months ago

Besides I pay for the skins, is there any way to get them for free?

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