Street Fighter V: POISON – All Costumes, intro, Blows, Combos (update: April 2021)

Poison (ポむズン Poizun?) is a video game character who debuted as a common enemy in the beat-em-up game Final Fight. She would later join the Street Fighter series in a non-playable capacity starting with Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, eventually becoming playable in the cross-over game Street Fighter X Tekken and later joining the cast of Ultra Street Fighter IV. She also becomes playable in Street Fighter V. She is the friend and manager of Hugo and ex-member of the Mad Gear Gang.

Poison has long pinkish-purple hair and wears a black peak cap with a chain-link design, a skimpy white midriff-revealing tank top, and a pair of skimpy denim “Daisy Dukes” cut-off shorts and high heels. She also has a chain around her waist, a studded black collar on her neck, and a pair of hand-cuffs hanging from the chain around her waist. Since Final Fight Revenge, she usually carries a riding crop that she uses as a weapon. This appearance later became as her “Nostalgia” costume in Street Fighter V.

There is also a palette-swap of Poison called Roxy. Roxy is identical to Poison, though she has reddish-orange hair instead of purple, and has lower health. Roxy was from the same orphanage that Poison grew up at, according to Capcom Classics Collection, which also mentions that she looks up to Poison.

In her concept art in Street Fighter V, Poison’s outfit has minor changes, her skimpy tank top has been replaced with a bandage styled shirt which has covered in her top and has a single left long sleeve beneath it. She also has white elbowband on her left elbow. Her cut-off denim shorts are now black, which also shows her the lines of her red thong beneath her shirt and has a gold band on her right thigh and her red high heels are maintained.

In her full appearance in Street Fighter V, Poison finally cuts her long hair into a shoulder-length coif bob in a style of dishieveled spikes downward. Her primary appearance was updated as her peaked cap is now dark pink with a gray skull design at the center. She retains her skimpy white midriff-revealing tank top, and a pair of skimpy denim “Daisy Dukes” cut-off shorts from her primary outfit as her denim shorts now had pink rips at the edge and right black straps which is connected to her shorts and a black side belt that nearly resembles a black thong. She now has a single black long fingerless gloves on her right and a single black stocking on her left and her high heels are now dark pink. She now wields a long black whip instead of a riding crop.

Her story costume has her wearing a white sleeveless cocktail dress which shows a full amount of cleavage and was fastened with a black belt on her waist and black panties underneath it. The edge of her dress skirt reaches through her left knee and wears white high pumps. She retains her long hair from her previous appearance to show her fringes in each sides and was tied in a high ponytail and wears a pale gold heart-shaped sunglasses.

During the kidnapping of Mayor Mike Haggar’s daughter Jessica, Poison was a member of the Mad Gear Gang. Not much is known about her participation in the events, however, beyond the fact that she fought the heroes.

Ultra Street Fighter IV
After the collapse of Mad Gear, she becomes a wrestling manager. However, her charges are lackluster and the attendance at events is poor. When she realizes that her wrestlers are failing to interest the crowd and overhears people talking about how they would rather watch “the main event” (presumably referring to the S.I.N. tournament which has flyers around the place), she enters the ring herself and pummels two of her employees. She decides to go to the tournament to scout some new talent.

After the tournament, she meets up with her former comrade Hugo. She offers to manage him, and although he is reluctant at first, he eventually accepts.

In Poison’s ending, she somehow manages to convince not just Hugo and Rolento, but also Cody and Guy, to form a KISS-style rock band with her, the “Mad Gears”, with Ryu and Ken performing Hadoken pyrotechnics above the stage.

Gameplay and fighting style
Poison’s fighting style utilizes a mix of acrobatic pro-wrestling moves and street fighting abilities. In the original Final Fight, Poison and Roxy both utilized standing and acrobatic flip kicks to attack the player. As one of the fighters in Final Fight Revenge, her moveset was expanded heavily, and she was armed with a whip. The whip is used primarily in her Cat Claw and Thunder Whip attacks, and can be used to steal a weapon from the opponent. Additionally, her handcuffs can be thrown as a horizontal projectile move to immobilize the opponent for a short time.

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