10 details of Cyberpunk 2077 that you may not have noticed (Part 2)


In this article, we are going to discuss 10 details of Cyberpunk 2077 that you may not have noticed during the gaming experience.

Fortunately, Cyberpunk 2077, despite all its technical problems, still follows the successful formula of dialogue and globalization of the Witcher series. Some time ago we published an article called 10 details of Cyberpunk 2077 that you may not have noticed. The world of Cyberpunk 2077 is so large that not all the details can be covered in one article. Today we are back with the second part to acquaint you more and more with the corners of this huge and complex world.

10. CD Project praises gamers’ efforts to find the secrets

To find this recently discovered estrag, you have to reach the back of the tallest building in the Santo Domingo area. You need a bug to reach this backstage! Yes, you heard right, bug! Fortunately, CD Project has not yet fixed this bug.
When you reach the back, you will encounter the big phrase “Well Done” and two boxes of items, so it seems that Sidi Project has not intentionally fixed this bug!

9. Game events occur in late 2077

The game does not indicate the exact date of the game in any of the Data Shards or conversations. Of course, the way to estimate is always open. In LifePath, the corpo story background examines the Arasaka stock monitor, announcing the June game date, which is the sixth month of the year. The game goes about 6 months after the end of the first part, which almost takes us to December 2077.

Another piece of evidence is Saburo Arasaka’s diary, which we find during the Heist stage. He discusses the situation of the company and announces the approach of Christmas and the year 2078.

8. Pacific Air Train

In the gameplay trailers of the game, we have seen the famous Pacifica aerial train many times. In the game, the majority of gamers do not notice this aerial train, because it is not marked on the map, unlike most interactive areas. To get on the aerial train, head west to the Pacific. On the opposite side of the sea, repair the aerial train box and then get on board. Johnny Silver India will accompany you.

It is interesting to know that Johnny Silverhand is very happy and even laughing at this, which is the only time he has done this in his entire presence in the game.

7. Reconstruction of the final BladeRunner sequence

BladeRunner 1982 is one of the founders of the cyberpunk genre. The film, with its anti-urban scene depicting Los Angeles in 2019, was able to serve as a model for many works of this genre, and Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception.

There is an abandoned hotel in the Heywood area called the Advocet Hotel. If you go to the top floor of this hotel, you will notice that this floor is very similar to the final sequence building of BladeRunner. But this is not the only point, the issue becomes more interesting where you enter this floor at any time of the day, the game changes the time to night and the weather becomes rainy. When you go up the stairs and reach the back of the roof, in the far corner, you see a person sitting on all fours, half-naked, holding a bird. Those who have seen the BladerRunner movie will surely understand who this person is!

6. Takemura’s character may have been a comedian

During the Down On The Street mission, when you meet Wakako Okada with Goro Takemura, someone talks to Takmura in front of his office. He confuses Takmura with former Nightcity TV comedian Hideshi Hino. He even asks Takmura to tell him Hino’s famous sentence that if you insist, Takmura will do the same! You can also use this as a joke when introducing Takmura to Okada.

But more interestingly, in some areas of Nightcity, you can find posters of the Hino Hino program. The resemblance of this person to Takmura is undeniable and even raises doubts about the character’s background. Of course, in the continuation of the game, Takmura talks about his past and states the opposite of this hypothesis, but who knows, maybe Arasaka’s loyal soldier was a comedian.

5. The reaction of an old Samurai fan to Johnny Silver’s jacket

Johnny Silverhand’s dress can be considered the most special set of clothes in Cyberpunk 2077. Each part of it is spread in different parts of the map and by collecting all of them, you can get the Breathtaking trophy.

But receiving a trophy and being special to this set are not the only things that make it exceptional. In the JapanTown area, Johnny Silverhand gives you a side mission called The Balled of Buck Ravers and asks you to find the old Samurai cassette for him. At this point, you are interacting with an old Samurai fan, and the interesting thing is that if you are wearing Johnny Silverhand’s jacket, he is talking about dialogue costumes. He even tells you that at the height of the group, he wore a jacket once and the best moments of his life were just a few moments!

4. Performing The Witcher 2 music

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings was Cyd Project’s first step towards greater success.

In the third act of Cyberpunk 2077, you have to meet Hanako Arasaka in Embers. Upon arrival, you will notice that Hanako is playing a unique piece. If you’re a fan of The Witcher series, you will probably find out as soon as you hear the music that he is performing a piece from the trailer for The Hope, which was released in 2011 for The Witcher 2.

The next three include spoilers from the main story.

3. It was possible The fate of Jackie’s character be different

During the Heist stage, after the murder of Saburo Arasaka, when you have to find a way to escape, if you ignore the specified path and go to the roof, you will encounter AV Saburo after killing two enemies. The game currently marks AV as an escape route, but without Saburo’s special item, launching AV is impossible.

The subject becomes interesting because you can get Saburo’s Dog Tag item by looting Saboro’s body. In the information of this item is written that in the past it was used as a person identification in the army. Putting this information together, we can conclude that maybe CD Project had a different ending for Jackie and for whatever reason, he gave up. If the escape had been successful, V probably would never have been shot and we would not have seen Johnny Silverhand in the game. This changed the whole storyline.

2. Panam may threaten Johnny Silver in end-of-game calls

At the end of the game Temperance, where the main character, V, gives his body to Johnny Silverhand and goes to BlackWall himself, no character in the game notices this change, and the end-of-game contacts will all be addressed to V, although the character may Panam Palmer is an exception.

At the end of the Queen of the Highway stage, you can tell Panam about the V situation in two ways: just give her information about Relic, or talk to her about Johnny Silverhand. If you select the second dialogue and call him to say goodbye at the end, but do not ask him for help, and then you reach the end of Temperance, in the end-of-game calls, he realizes that Johnny Silverhand has taken control of V’s body. He threatens Johnny Silverhand and promises to bring V back to life.

1. The Samurai group predicted the fate of V 54 years before it happened

Black Dog, a piece by the popular band Samurai, was recorded in 2023; Exactly the same year that the Arasaka HQ ​​attack took place. Based on the information we have, this piece was probably the last collaboration between Samurai members. This is the only Samurai piece made in the game, but there is no stage named after it. This piece does not even play in any of the main and sub-stages and you can only hear it on the radio. The question is, what makes this piece exceptional?

If you look closely at the poem, you will notice that V’s fate and his despair of finding salvation are the main meaning of this piece. The black dog referred to in this passage represents death and despair in different cultures, and looking at the course of the story, we realize that it means Relic in V and Johnny Silverhand himself.

It is interesting to know that Johnny Silverhand had predicted the game 54 years before it happened!

A blind man lost, in the streets

A pattern here, I need to see

Keep returning, keep trying to leave

Got a bad feeling that I need to feel

Black dog runs, at my side

Down a road, no end in sight

The city sleeps, but in my mind

Got a knot, that won’t unwind

Tonight is the night that we run

The hunter becomes what he hunts

The escape and the chase is now one



In concrete canyons squinting neon eyes

Black dog beside me, like shadow needing light

Stalk the backstreets, never at ease

Locked in a chase, that’ll never cease

A bloody moon, portending doom

Another cruel day, coming soon

Have to end this, but it’s just started

A final charge, with the rising sun

Black dog in my head

Guiding me to the end

Black Dog

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