10 of the worst GTA classic triple missions


With the release of the PlayStation 2 GTA Series trilogy remaster, I thought we’d take a look back at some of the franchise’s most annoying missions.

In general, it should be said that for experience Remaster of the classic Grand Theft Auto games I’m excited. The visual changes of the game are sometimes positive and we are also going to see better technical performance. The story of the games has undoubtedly retained its charm over the years. However, re-experiencing these games also means returning to a series of old missions. While most of the missions in these three games are good or even great, there are a number of missions that have become known to Grand Theft Auto fans as bad or annoying.

With this in mind, we are going to introduce you to a list of the worst missions in the history of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy. These missions are categorized in no particular order. This is you and these 10 bad missions from the three games Grand Theft Auto 3, San Andreas and Vice City:


Grand Theft Auto

In the Grand Theft Auto franchise, any mission that includes a timer is nonsense in simple language. The SAM mission, one of the latest missions in GTA 3, not only includes a timer, but also kills armored enemies and an aircraft. If you do not succeed in destroying this aircraft with your rocket, you have to start all over again. This mission is literally annoying. You can do your best to get there on time, but all your efforts will be wasted with one wrong shot. Also, if you die while escaping, you must start the mission from the beginning.

A Drop in the Ocean (GTA 3)

Riding boats in GTA 3 is not fun at all. So designing a mission around collecting packages from an aircraft using a boat is a guideline for disaster. However, Rockstar Games makes things even more complicated. First of all there is a timer in this mission. Also, after collecting all the packages, all five police stars will be activated for you and you must escape from these policemen. Not dying while getting out of the boat and finding a car requires a lot of effort and steely nerves.

Bomb Da Base: Act II (GTA 3)

This mission gets on your nerves before it even begins. Because you need $ 100,000 in the game to start this mission. How is the mission itself? Well in Bomb Da Base we have an NPC called 8-Ball that is bombing a huge ship. Now in this situation you have to use a sniper weapon to kill the enemies on this ship. In case of 8-Ball death (which can happen very easily) you have to start the mission from the beginning. Of course, there is an interesting way to complete this mission with the help of cheat codes. You can park a tank in front of the ship before starting the mission. Tanks are not destroyed in GTA 3, so 8-Ball is not able to enter the ship. Then kill all the enemies and then remove the tank from the front entrance.

Demolition Man (GTA: Vice City)


Many of the franchises of this franchise are from GTA: San Andreas toy missions. Of course, do not worry that we will reach those missions. However, in the meantime, it is good not to forget the awful mission of Vice City, namely Demolition Man. In this mission, players must control an RC helicopter to plant four bombs in an unfinished building. Like many grand Theft Auto missions, this time around we have a timer. Even if we remove this timer, the very bad controls of the helicopter will turn this mission into a bad mission. With the addition of a timer? Demolition Man is one of the worst missions in the history of the franchise.

Death Row (GTA: Vice City)

In one of the Vice City missions, we see the arrest of Lance Vance. Now it’s Tommy’s job to save his friend’s life by passing through a huge number of enemies. On paper, this mission seems simple. However, completing this mission is a real nightmare. There is no timer on this mission, but Lance John’s bar is just as nonsensical. As the mission progresses, this bar becomes more empty and you have to hurry to save Lance’s life. The old Grand Theft Auto games did not play well, and this mission is a huge struggle. Unfortunately, unlike some of the missions on this list, you can not skip this mission.

The Driver (GTA: Vice City)

Dealing with random elements in Grand Theft Auto missions is never a pleasant experience. The best missions of this franchise lack unpredictable elements like urban traffic. Unfortunately, The Driver from GTA: Vice City is not one of the best missions in the series. In this mission, Tommy must win a race against an NPC. In addition to being very fast, this NPC also makes the most of every mistake you make. Add police and traffic chases to this mission to understand the depth of the disaster. Winning this race depends a lot on luck and this is not a sign of good design at all.

Robbing Uncle Sam (GTA: San Andreas)


What are you looking for when experiencing Grand Theft Auto? Your answer is probably a combination of glamorous action, chaos and a series of humorous characters and scenarios. One can be sure that “forklift simulator” is not the answer to any game in this world. However, this is a major part of Robbing Uncle Sam’s mission in GTA: San Andreas. In this mission, CJ helps Ryder steal a shipment from the National Guard. This means that you have to fight the soldiers and the bad forklift controls at the same time.

Learning to Fly (GTA: San Andreas)


One of the things you need to learn to work for Mike Toreno is the ability to fly airplanes and helicopters. To do this, you must overcome 10 flight challenges of these two vehicles. Some of these challenges are easy and involve simple tasks such as getting up from the ground. However, the further you go, the more difficult these challenges become and the more you have to do crazy maneuvers. Flying in GTA: San Andreas is undoubtedly fun, but it is by no means accurate. So it can be annoying to go through challenges with a focus on accuracy. Personally, I know people who are caught in this part of the game.

Supply Lines (GTA: San Andreas)


The Supply Lines mission is so awful that there is only one more infamous mission in the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise. This mission includes a combination of the annoying elements of all the bad missions of this franchise. In this mission, you have to fly an RC plane around San Fierro and destroy a series of vans. It does not look very bad on paper, but only if you have not experienced it. Supply Lines is so bad that Rockstar had to improve on the game’s next ports. Completing this mission in the PlayStation 2 version is almost impossible because the aircraft is constantly running out of fuel.

Wrong Side of the Tracks (GTA: San Andreas)

This mission is a mountain of garbage and sludge. Even if you haven’t played San Andreas, you probably know the news and rumors surrounding Wrong Side of the Tracks. Now this mission has become an internet joke. However, do not let this important thing fool you. Wrong Side of the Tracks is by Jeffang. In this mission you have to follow with a train engine. Meanwhile, Big Smoke, as another passenger, shoots at the enemies on the train. Big Smoke is an awful shooter and wastes time killing all the enemies. In the meantime, be careful not to crash into another car or environment. Otherwise you are left out of the train and you have to play it from the beginning. The number of times I hear the phrase “All we had to do was follow the damn train CJ” is enough to drive an adult man crazy. Big Smoke stole my youth from me!

If you ask me, these are the worst missions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise during PlayStation 2. If you have another mission that you think deserves to be on this list, please share it with us in the comments section.

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