15 weaknesses of Battlefield 2042 in terms of gamers


Dice Studio’s latest game, Battlefield 2042, did not succeed in satisfying the fans of this series, contrary to expectations, and we will discuss the reasons for this in the following.

Battlefield 2042 was recently released to the public, and before that those who bought the ultimate version of the game, managed to experience it about a week earlier than others. Of course, before the global release of the game, several problems were seen in the trial version, and it seemed that the game development process was not over. In the following, we will deal with the 15 weaknesses of this game that gamers complain about.


It is no secret that various vehicles have always been known as a strength in Battlefield games, and gamers are quite happy to have them in the titles of this series. But on the other hand, there is a new vehicle in Battlefield 2042 that can easily upset the balance of the races. Hovercrafts in this game can climb different levels and climb skyscrapers. Also, this vehicle alone has high power and can easily collide with other vehicles, even helicopters.


Battlefield 2042

Now it’s time for the basic problems of the game and we see the weaknesses that Dice Studio (DICE) Could easily cover them. Let’s start with the screenplay, which is basically dedicated to announcing the results and details of gamers in a match. Also, the number of robots in the game is determined through this scrubber and the performance of other gamers are available through it. Unfortunately, none of the above are included in the Battlefield 2042 game screen, and if you want the truth, the purpose of designing this screenboard is unclear to us.

Lack of a section to monitor your performance

But more ridiculous than the game’s screenplay is that gamers can not even monitor their performance and information in the game. In fact, browsing the number of kilos and assists in all shooter multiplayer games is one of the most basic functions, and unfortunately this feature is not available in Battlefield 2042.


Battlefield 2042

Just like the demo version of the game, the Specialists turn the races and battles of the game into a chaos in every sense of the word. These people can master any weapon and tool and somehow unbalance the competition. They can control tortoises, hack vehicles, use Wingsvit, and generally question all game classes.

Lack of access to the list of servers

Using the browsers of different game servers, you can connect to the desired server and manually select different matches. Unfortunately, this feature does not exist in this game for some reason and Battlefield 2042 will decide for you in this regard. So, there is no way to choose the battles you want and you have no control over the map and the mode you want to play.

Poor user interface

While some of the game’s beta user interface issues have been fixed (including the addition of blue dots to show your allies in certain areas), the situation is still deplorable. Aside from the absolute chaos of the game, there is an annoying pop-up banner at the top of the screen that will constantly bother you. Not considering the transparent mode for overlapping different markers can also make the numbers and text on the screen very annoying.

Lack of different options for game character movements

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 requires more characters than any other game. In particular, despite the ability to change the rifle in the targeting mode, the need for movements such as bending, slow walking, crawling backwards and the like is strongly felt in the game, which unfortunately does not exist in this game. Of course, this may be to encourage gamers to play the game faster, but it will certainly not please many gamers.


One of the most annoying flaws in Battlefield 2042, which was present in both the trial and final versions, is the very bad and strange sound of the game. How is it possible that a battlefield of this magnitude is silent and drowning in silence? On the other hand, the lack of directional sounds in the game makes it impossible to find the location of your enemies by voice, even with the highest quality headsets.

Low environmental degradability

Battlefield 2042

This game looks very beautiful with its extensive maps and various natural disasters such as tornadoes. However, the overall level of environmental degradability of the game is very low. Considering that destructibility has always been one of the principles of this series and we have seen it in almost all titles of this series, but its amount in Battlefield 2042 seems very small.

No Medic Nearby marker

The Medic class is the only class in the game that Specialists do not have the ability to perform their activities, ie Revive other gamers, and for some reason, Dice Studio has decided to speed up the process of dying and returning to the game by removing the Medic Nearby marker. In this game, the task becomes much more difficult for the medics and gamers who need help, and it will not be clear whether someone will finally come to them or whether they will have to surrender. Of course, given the unprecedented attack of gamers on Dice Studio in this regard, this very simple feature will probably be added to the game in future updates.

Excessive scattering of bullets fired

It is not possible to hit all the bullets in the shooting position at any point, whether in the real world or in video games, but there are standards for this that should not be exceeded. Unfortunately, in this game, the bullets, after traveling a certain distance, will be severely scattered and will hardly hit the intended targets. However, for unknown reasons, SMGs can hunt targets more accurately than long-range weapons.

Limited personalization of vehicles

Battlefield 2042

As mentioned earlier, the game’s vehicles (except the Hovercrafts) are great, but the strange thing is that they will be severely limited in terms of personalization. In fact, previous games in the series have provided a variety of vehicle personalization features, and Dice Studios’ lack of focus on Battlefield 2042 seems odd.

Team management

Usually, in Battlefield games, teams can be formed freely, but surprisingly, this freedom of action does not exist in Battlefield 2042. Also, changing your team requires referring to the list of gamers, and strangely enough, you can not even choose the team you want.

Lots of cataclysms and transitions

Recently, a user named Lenn_4rt from Reddit tried to count the number of cataclysms and transitions in Battlefield 2042 before and after a battle. Before starting a battle, there are various catacins and transitions to search for battle, loading, a random cataclysm, loading in the game map, presenting a team view, presenting a map view, showing a larger version of the map, the final cataclysm and showing gamers on the map. They are photographed. Yes, all of these items will be displayed before the start of a battle, and after the battle, cataclysms and transitions from the top 3 operators, team stats, random stats, progress and load page will be displayed, and then you will be able to Return to the main game menu.

Bug, bug and bug again!

Battlefield 2042

Now, it’s time to list the technical problems of the game. The game’s performance on eighth-generation consoles is literally disgraceful, and the PC version optimization is very poor. Even with the use of RTX 30 series graphics cards, you will still face various problems in running the game. On the other hand, the bug that spreads to the gamers of this game during the reshuffle has become a meme on social networks today, and the inability to shoot from certain places is one of the other wonders of this game.

Unfortunately, many studios today, especially online game developers, have no fear of incomplete releases of their titles, encouraging gamers to be patient with the release of various updates. Battlefield 2042 is no exception to this rule, and despite my personal desire to experience this game, I have not yet done so, and I suggest you do not go to experience this game until further notice and before the release of major updates.

Battlefield 2042 is available for owners of Xbox / S Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC consoles.

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