5 amazing games that are constantly ignored


Due to the release of different games and the changing tastes of the fans, it is natural that games like Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions or Prey get lost among the bigger releases.

To deal with such a phenomenon, in this article we have decided to deal with 5 amazing games that are constantly ignored. These titles deserve to be on the list of the best, but they are less noticed by the fans.

Quantum Break

Remedy Studio is one of the most stable developers in the world of video games. Over the last two decades, they have managed to establish themselves as one of the most creative studios. The catalog of this studio is very extensive and diverse and has maintained its quality to this day. Max Payne is still considered one of the best action games. Control was praised. Alan Wake has just been remastered and there are a lot of rumors about making a sequel for it. However, Ramdi’s exclusive game for Xbox One, Quantum Break, is by no means as noticeable as other games in the studio.

Quantum Break was released in 2016 for Xbox One and PC and received a lot of positive feedback. In addition to the Catsins, the game narrative used a live-action series for storytelling. The series was undoubtedly one of the game’s innovations, but eventually sparked controversy among fans. Like Ramdy’s previous games, Quantum Break pays close attention to detail, both in gameplay and in the story. Players are able to manipulate the flow of time using various powers.

In terms of sales, Quantum Break has not been a huge success and is not a sequel at the moment. Of course, the story of the game ends relatively decisively and there is not much need for a sequel. The lack of a sequel and the incompleteness of some of the game mechanics have made Quantum Break less popular than the rest of the studio, but if we look at the overall package, we find that Quantum Break deserves more love.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions


The most popular Marvel superhero has appeared in many video games. Many refer to Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 2 and Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 as the character’s best games. However, other titles based on this character, such as Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, have been forgotten.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was developed by Beenox Studios and released in 2010 for all major platforms. In this game, you take control of four different versions of Spider-Man and you have to go to war with his long-time enemy, Mysterio. Each Spider-Man has unique characteristics. The Amazing Spider-Man is more interested in using his fists and strings, but Spider-Man Noir prefers secret ways.

The steps in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions are linear and the story of the game is not very good. However, the gameplay of this game includes a variety that is not seen in other Spider-Man games. After the expiration of the Marvel Activision license, the game was removed from all stores to live shorter than expected.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs

This game is probably the best example of amazing games that have been forgotten by the gaming community for any reason. Sleeping Dogs is an open-world game that tells the story of Wei Shen, an undercover detective. Many have dubbed the game “GTA in Hong Kong”, but Sleeping Dogs is more than that.

The game has an amazing physical combat system and you can use objects and environment to your advantage. The game also includes a good parkour and multiplayer system. Some aspects of the game, such as the driving mechanics, were a bit crude compared to Rockstar, but the end product was no less exciting.

However, according to Square Enix financial reports in 2013, the game failed to sell well enough. The reason for the game’s lack of commercial success to date is unclear. Of course, the ignorance of this new IP and the lack of sufficient marketing by the publisher can be blamed. There were plans to develop a sequel, but that game was eventually canceled when the United Front Games studio closed in 2016.

Alien: Isolation


The Alien franchise has inspired many games over the years. Games that qualitatively form a wide range. Some, like Aliens: Colonial Marines, were very disappointing. While the latest game based on this franchise, Aliens: Fireteam, is a mediocre effect. Alien: Isolation is considered by many to be the best video game adaptation of Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece.

The story of Alien: Isolation follows Amanda Ripley and her search for her missing mother. The gameplay revolves more around hiding you from the dreaded Xenomorph. Enemy AI in Alien: Isolation is highly advanced and defines new behaviors by learning from its encounters with the player.

Alien: Isolation has also excelled in depicting the Alien world, and its artistic direction is certainly one of its strengths. However, the game was released just one year after the Colonial Marines. A phenomenon that can explain the low sales of the game. The game’s publisher, SEGA, has also talked about its low sales. An issue that may have caused Alien: Isolation to be overlooked.


Arkin Studio (ArkaneUndoubtedly one of the best game makers today. They have proven their worth and skill by developing Dishonored games. After the release of Dishonored 2, Arkin released Prey very soon in 2017. Prey follows the adventures of Morgan Yu on an abandoned space station full of aliens. This game well shows Arkin’s greatest strengths. The Prey world is full of details, big and small, and its environmental storytelling is great.

The game also includes a wide range of exciting abilities. All of the gameplay mechanics help build the engaging, systematic gameplay that Arkin fans love. However, Prey came with a lot of technical issues and bugs. Many critics also pointed to the game’s technical shortcomings. This is what made Prey not get the attention it deserved and may not need. Leaving aside the bugs and glitches, we come to a wonderful game that has maintained its quality to this day.

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