5 major cyber attacks in the video game industry


Violations of data protection law, information disclosure and theft of personal information are among the malicious cyber attacks that video games are constantly struggling with.

Our lives have shifted to cyberspace over the last two decades, and this has gradually made cybersecurity a vital issue. Large-scale cyberattacks usually result in hacking or DDoS attempts, which will reveal various confidential information about the victim company. Also, gaming companies have not been spared from these attacks, and in recent years, various cases of cyber attacks on large gaming companies have been reported.

In this article, we are going to go into the details of the five major cyber-attacks in the history of video games.

The PlayStation Network crashed in 2011

The disruption of the PlayStation Network in 2011 can be considered one of the biggest cyber attacks in the history of the video game industry. This cyberattack has made the network inaccessible play Station It was for a month. At the time, 80 million PlayStation 3 and PSP users were connected to the network, and the cyberattack could have hurt Sony even more. In fact, during this cyber attack, access to this network was blocked and all users’ private information was stolen.

The leak of bank card information connected to the PSN network also made this attack one of the largest cyber attacks in history. In fact, the consequences of this attack were so far-reaching that Sony faced severe criticism and fines from various governments, in addition to complaints from gamers. Finally, after about three dark weeks for Sony, things finally returned to normal.

Electronic Arts Information and Data Leakage in 2021

Information and data leakage from Electronic Arts is considered to be one of the latest cyber attacks in the video game industry. In early June, it was confirmed that hackers had logged into Electronic Arts’s systems and stolen various information, including FIFA 21 source code and the Frostbite engine. In all, more than 780 gigabytes of data from the company, including software development kits for the PlayStation and Xbox, were stolen during the attack. However, according to Electronic Arts, none of the users’ personal information was stolen during the attack.

The hackers demanded a ransom from Electronic Arts after the information was not purchased at the relevant auctions, and the company was opposed. They then made the data public, and this information is now available on the Internet. Of course, given that this incident has occurred recently, we will most likely see the consequences in the coming years.

Cyber ​​attack on Capcom by Ransomware in 2020

This can be considered the most devastating cyber attack on Capcom in history. In November 2020, a group of hackers used an old IP modification software installed on a Capcom computer to install a ransomware into the company’s computer network. This malware blocks all access to the attacked computer until a certain amount of money is deposited. Also, a lot of information about this company was revealed during this attack. Personal information, including the names, addresses and telephone numbers of more than 15,000 former and current employees of the company, was stolen during the attack, and according to Capcom, up to 350,000 people could be seriously injured in the attack.

Of course, even with the banking information of Capcom employees, the hackers did not take any destructive action in this regard so that the company’s dream days would not be a nightmare. In addition, these data leaks led to the disclosure of many details of the company’s developing games, and its plans for the next four years were made available to various news sources.

Riot Games servers hacked in 2012

This incident can be considered as one of the worst cyber attacks that ultimately injured players. In fact, the hackers intended to hack the servers of Riot Games, destroy the information of the players of League of Legends, and for a long time put this studio in front of the angry players of this title. During the attack, hundreds of thousands of gamblers found their confidential information, including name, email address, passwords and even bank card encrypted information, leaked. Also, the huge sums of money spent by some players in this title were completely wasted due to the removal of user accounts from League of Legends servers.

On the other hand, this hack led to several DDoS attacks. As a result, it became impossible for many League of Legends players to play the game. Of course, one of the members of this hacker group was arrested, but this happened again for this studio.

Cyber ​​attack on CD Project in 2021

Undoubtedly, the darkest period of CD Projekt last year took place, and the unprecedented drop in the value of the studio’s shares and lawsuits overshadowed the sales figures of Cyberpunk 2077 in general. But just as the company was grappling with angry customers, it came under cyber attack to make matters worse. The hacker group managed to steal large amounts of CD Project data during the attack.

During the attack, the source code of the Red Engine engine, a lot of data from the studio’s various games, legal documents, human resources and internal financial information of the company were stolen. Among these cases is the private information of Sidi Project employees. Finally, after the group demanded a ransom from the company and received a negative response, it disseminated all of the above on the Internet.

The above examples were among the most important cyber attacks in the history of the video game industry. Which cyber attack do you think could be on the list?

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