A pattern, a masterpiece; How did Resident Evil become one of the most popular franchises in history?


Halloween is one of the celebrations that has always ended in favor of the lovers of the world of entertainment. Every year on these days, good games and movies in the horror genre enter the market that you can feed until next year! This week, we decided to go back to one of the most influential horror franchises, Resident Evil (Resident EvilLet’s go to be completely in tune with the atmosphere of these days. So if you, like me, are a big fan of this series, I suggest you stay tuned to GGROLER.

It is safe to say that Resident Evil is one of the series that every gamer has heard of at least a few times. There are many factors that make a game a name in history. But the fact is that not all good, lasting games are necessarily flowing. Resident Evil is undoubtedly one of the most influential franchises in history. The games in this series, in addition to performing well in various fields such as gameplay, story and characterization, have defined standards that have been used in many other games. Especially when we talk about the horror genre, Resident Evil has a historical role in this genre. You may be wondering how this series has become so popular over time and established itself as one of the most successful franchises in the history of video games? In this article, I have reviewed the most important factors that have contributed to the popularity of this game. Let’s take another look at this powerful franchise and have a friendly chat about it!

Shinji Mikami!

Let’s admit that Shinji Mikami is an unparalleled legend in the gaming industry! All you have to do is take a look at the great record of this great man to see what he has done for the gaming industry. Creating one of the titles Resident Evil, Doyle Micro and Oil Vitin, alone can show the genius of a playmaker. Now imagine that you created all three of these games! Now add Dino Crysis and Vanquish to his list of honors so that there is no room for talk.

Creating a streamlined title like Resident Evil requires a creative mind. You can put together a bunch of high-paid programmers and designers to make a quality game, but this team probably wouldn’t get anywhere without creative and caring leadership. This is exactly the problem that many large gaming companies are struggling with today. That hires a number of skilled employees to produce a technically flawless game, but none of these games become enduring games. While a masterpiece like Resident Evil 4, about 16 years after its release, is still admired by gamers.

Shinji Mikami, with a creative mind and, of course, a skilled team under him, was able to create a franchise that is still going strong. People like Mikami have an original and different way of thinking. This kind of thinking cannot be taught and transmitted. In other words, you can not train people like Shinji Mikami to create unique franchises for you like Resident Evil. In 1996, he and his team created a franchise that was very different from the games of its time. The fact that you can scare the audience with the limited features of that time alone is a commendable and respectable job, while Mikami did not stop there and with each new version, it eliminated the shortcomings of the previous game and added to its strengths. This trend culminated in the fourth version and a title was created that is still considered by many gamers to be the best game in history.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important reasons for the popularity of this series is the creative mind and rich intelligence of Master Mikami, who was able to implement such a fascinating world in the form of a video game in the best possible way.

Memorable characters

Resident Evil has a collection of memorable characters. The creators of this series have created very attractive characters over time that the audience can easily communicate with. In other games, the audience is usually interested in one or two of the game’s characters, and the creators use the same characters in later versions of their game. But Resident Evil is not enough for one character and introduces a collection of cool characters to the audience.

Capcom introduced us to Resident Evil as Chris Redfield. Despite the high popularity of this character, in the second version of the game the creators decided to use two other characters, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as playable characters. They even added a mysterious character named Ada Wong to the list of characters in the series. Again, despite the fact that all of these characters quickly became popular with gamers, Capcom introduced us to Jill Valentine in the third version. Not only are the game’s main characters one by one more interesting, but the series has also been the birthplace of enduring negative characters such as Albert Wesker, Ramon Salazar, and most recently Lady Dimitrescu.

Usually, to tell a story, you need characters that the audience can relate to. The creators of Resident Evil have a collection of these characters that they use at the right place and time. This issue does not end only with the games of this series, and the animations made from this series have always hosted different characters from this series. While the Resident Evil franchise has never been in the category of a few hundred hours of role-playing games, it does not necessarily require a lot of characters, but the creators have made each version of the franchise have a different atmosphere. Their success in creating memorable characters can be clearly seen in the seventh and eighth versions of this series. Where the audience feels safe and encouraged to see Chris Redfield.

So the second factor that made Resident Evil so popular is undoubtedly the strong and well-made characters in the series.

Continuity and continuity in the release of new versions

Making a sequel is a very common and accepted task in the world of video games. You can see that the creators have even made new sequels for games like God of War, The Last of Us and Red Dead Redemption that seemed to be over. In the case of Resident Evil, the creators have always been more open, and the story of this series has not reached an absolute end at any point to date. Trail building is a commercially wise and lucrative business, but it is not the only reason to build a trail. Making a sequence usually causes a series to mature. For example, put Uncharted 4 next to Uncharted 1 or Final Fantasy 7 next to previous versions. What you will see is a gentle upward slope that has peaked at one point. The same thing happened with Resident Evil in the fourth edition. This does not mean that pre-Resident Evil 4 versions are of little value or that they are not good games. The point is, all of that effort eventually evolved into the fourth version, creating one of the best games in history.

On the other hand, the gaming industry is always evolving. If a major publisher comes out now and creates a technically high-quality Resident Evil 2 game, not only will it not be admired, it will probably be attacked by critics. This is a little different in an industry like cinema. This means that you can still compare a film like The Godfather or Shawshank Salvation with works made in recent years. Of course, in the film industry, with the evolution of technology, undeniable advances have been made, but video games are more directly dependent on technology. Therefore, in order for the name of a series to survive, it is necessary for the developer to produce and release newer games from that series. The makers of Resident Evil have always done this well. Since 1996, 28 games called Resident Evil have been released for various consoles, most of which have high build quality. Consistency and high quality together are a very powerful and effective combination for the durability and popularity of a work. With the release of each new version, more people became familiar with the series and became a fan of the series. The popularity of this series has reached such a level that neither the creators like to end this money-making series nor the audience likes to think about the end of this series.

Would you like to live in a world where Resident Evil can no longer be built? I do not like that!

Risk power and change direction at the right time

Keeping gamers happy is one of the toughest challenges developers face. If a title stays the same for several editions and does not change much, then everyone is protesting, where has creativity gone and what is happening to the gaming industry? If the developers want to make serious changes to their game, they will still be protested about what other garbage you have delivered to us, hurry to get our favorite game back to its roots! When it comes to super-popular series like Resident Evil, these sensitivities multiply, and it becomes virtually impossible to satisfy virtually all audiences at once. This is where developers need to put aside compliments and do what they feel is right. Because a work of art made just to keep the audience happy is worthless. The Resident Evil series has suffered from an identity crisis several times and has survived it.

Honestly, when Resident Evil 7 was introduced, I was personally very upset and angry, and I did not want my favorite series to be turned into another game at all, which only bears the name Resident Evil. Although almost the same thing happened and Resident Evil 7 was very different from a classic Resident Evil, but now that I look back, I see that this change of direction gave new life to the Resident Evil series and caused this series of loops to fall into it. Be saved. Resident Evil 7 also paved the way for the eighth version of the game, adding another powerful title to the series’ list of quality games. Resident Evil Village was so good that now I’re really counting down to the ninth edition!

With the exception of Resident Evil 7, the remake of the second installment of the series, in turn, took the series by surprise. The short-lived release of the two games was in fact a Capcom apology letter to fans who were upset that the game had become a clichΓ© third-person shooter and did not want to lose their favorite series.

I do not know what changes have taken place in Capcom’s think tank in recent years, but whatever it is, the company has won the hearts of its fans with the release of games like Resident Evil 7, Doyle May 5, Resident Evil 2 remake and the new Monster Hunter. It is the same popular company that we knew one day!


Zombies are one of the most popular imaginary creatures humans have ever created. No one knows exactly who and when these creatures were first created, but now that they have arrived, they no longer seem to want to go! Undoubtedly, one of the factors that made the zombies so famous was the Resident Evil series. Zombies have gained so many fans that now, not a year goes by without a zombie game coming to market!

Of course, the creators of the Resident Evil series have never been content with zombies, and have also created other creatures such as Ganados and Magnies, which, of course, are not much different from zombies at first glance! Proper use of these mindless enemies has made Resident Evil series known as the godfather of zombie-centric games, and many game developers have followed suit.

Original identity

Sir, originality is something else! It is impossible for you to produce a title that creates a stream by mere imitation. Of course, modeling and using the strengths of other games is what every smart game maker does, but it is new ideas that ultimately distinguish good games from great games, and great games from streaming games. Resident Evil is an original game and this originality can be seen in all elements of the game. From typewriters to game storage to using herbs called herbs to fill the health bar, from enemies like Nemesis and Mr X to secret inventory bags, from lovable characters to the stories of an imaginary company called Umbrella, all the signatures of tasteful creators. These are the series that make the audience immerse themselves in the game and have a unique experience. Even innovations such as the shoulder camera in Resident Evil 4 spread to other games and quickly became the standard for the entire gaming industry.

The role of these big and small points in the popularity of the Resident Evil series is undeniable.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Resident Evil has become one of the most popular games in history. what is your opinion? Which game would you like our next analysis to be about? I am waiting for you in the comments section!

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