A Rockstar member revealed the making of Red Dead Redemption 3


A typo or disclosure of information, whatever it is, by a Rockstar member on their LinkedIn profile He mentioned Red Dead Redemption 3.

Given the success of the Red Dead Redemption franchise, making the third version will not be a surprise, but on the other hand, many fans expect to see GTA 6 before this title, but the LinkedIn page of a Rockstar member has caused fans to To doubt.

If we accept that the LinkedIn page is not misspelled, we can assume that the construction of Red Dead Redemption 3 started some time after the release of the successful Red Dead Redemption 2 title. Free Dead and Western game Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on November 25, 2018. According to the programmer, Rockstar started working on RDR3 gaming vehicle artificial intelligence and other projects two years ago (2019).

Given that the name Red Dead Redemption 2 is mentioned at the end of this page, many believe that RDR3 is just a typo in this text. On the other hand, users typically check their LinkedIn profile several times to make sure not only there is no typos but also important information.

Earlier, the president of Take-Two announced that more titles from the Red Dead Redemption series are on the way.

It should be noted that what was said was not officially confirmed and is rumored. As always, we will keep you posted if other news is confirmed or published.

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