Advantages of GTA IV over GTA V


Do you believe that an older version of a franchise, like GTA, is in many ways better than the newer version? In this article, the advantages of GTA IV to GTA V .

Undoubtedly the franchise GTA It is memorable for all gamers in the world. Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular games in history, each version of which has revolutionized the world of video games. In this article, we will constantly compare two of the best games in history; Just take a look at the Metacritic score of GTA V and GTA IV to understand what I mean. Today at GGROLER we want to look at how GTA V performed worse than GTA IV and in what cases Big Brother showed stronger performance. Stay with us.


Better and more realistic hand-to-hand combat in GTA IV

Just run both games and randomly engage an NPC. IV works best in several ways: First, you can easily lock in on your enemy and not be bothered by extra camera movements, unlike GTA V. On the other hand, you will see nicer smoother and more flexible movements than GTA V characters. In the fifth version of the game, you will only see punches, but in the fourth version, Niko inflicts various blows with his hands and feet, and you will even see NPCs perform much smarter in combat and perform actions such as Dodge much better.

If you play GTA V, remember that NPCs stand alone in combat and sometimes punch. In IV, people are much more stubborn in their struggles, and it certainly happens many times that they defeat you. Unpredictability is the superiority of IV to V NPCs in combat.


Police behavior in dealing with criminals; The difference from earth to sky

But the story of the difference between their behavior and their clash with the police in the two games is much more complex than that of the NPCs. This is one of those episodes where GTA V has dropped significantly compared to IV. In the fourth version, the police have a much more realistic and civilized behavior and do not go to the verdict from the beginning! If you shoot at the police in the city and threaten them without shooting, they will try to calm you down and then arrest you without firing and transfer you to the center. However, if you do that in version V, your death is almost certain!

Another interesting aspect of the police behavior in the game is their reaction to the criminal acts of ordinary people. In the fifth version, if someone attacks you and gets into a fight with you, the police will shoot him without any precaution and leave his body and go. Of course, this behavior does not bear the slightest resemblance to reality! In IV, if ordinary people commit a crime in front of you and the police see you, arrest him without shooting in vain, and you can even see him handcuffed by the police and transferred to a police car!


What do you think will happen if you approach the police in the latest version and stand in front of them? Surprisingly, they insulted you and after a while, they started shooting and killing you! However, if you do this in the fourth game, the police will even talk to you and have friendly conversations. Interestingly, the brutal behavior of the police in the fifth version even spread to NPCs, and if you do the same with ordinary people, they will attack you and beat you!

Fighting in GTA IV is much more enjoyable

But if the story of the arrest and these issues is dismissed and you get into a fight with the police and shooting with criminals, what does the fourth version do? I must say that it still has an almost noticeable advantage over V. In GTA IV, people react to being shot and injured in various parts of their body, and this is quite noticeable in their movements and actions; But in GTA V, even if you shoot 10 bullets, it shows no sign of pain or injury and continues to work as it did at the beginning of the fight.

Game GTA V

If your target is standing next to a car or something, shooting at him will cause his blood to be spilled on it. Interestingly, this is not just an appearance, and the rest of your enemies will see it, and as a result of such events, they may be afraid to continue the fight and run away. In IV, not only the enemies react to the shooting, but Niko also moves with each shot, and it is quite clear that he is shooting.

Another important point that I must mention is the more appropriate and better protective effect of the covers. In V, you shoot a lot behind the covers, and this is really annoying in some parts of the game. However, the covers in the fourth version will protect you better and will bring you more exciting battles and you will feel closer to reality in it.

The behavior of NPCs is closer to reality

In GTA IV, people behave normally most of the time, and we do not see strange behaviors such as unreasonable engagements, swearing at strangers, crazy driving, and so on. People walk, read newspapers, talk on the phone, and usually have nothing to do with you. This is while all the mentioned behaviors are in the fifth version! Another example of the more natural behavior of people in the fourth game is their reaction to being threatened with a weapon. If you are on foot and they are riding in a car and you threaten them with a weapon, they will get out of the car and escape, but in the fifth version, they will follow you without paying attention!


But if you threaten pedestrians with weapons, they raise their arms and sometimes kneel, which is very real; Unlike GTA V, which is on the run. If you try to steal people’s car in the street, people will try hard to get their car back and even hang on the car door and come a long way with you, while in GTA V people will make almost no effort to get their car back.

If an NPC hits Niko by car, he gets out of the car and apologizes to him. In this case I do not think it is even necessary to mention what happens in V about the same; Because this happens very often in the game. Another natural behavior of people on the streets when it is raining is that those who do not have umbrellas usually run to the side and react to it. Niko constantly wipes his head and face when it rains and touches his clothes.

Machine and water physics are at a higher level in GTA IV

It is enough to hit the wall with high speed in both games to understand the difference between the physics of accidents. In version V, nothing special happens in this case and only the front of your car is slightly damaged. In version IV, Niko is thrown out of the car window and killed, and the car is severely damaged. If you hit the wall with your car and damage the wall, the effect is quite clear in IV and its effects remain. In V these works leave no trace.

Comparison of GTA IV and GTA V

The collision of machines in IV is much closer to reality. More interesting are the consequences. For example, two cars may collide on the street, and as a result of that accident, one of the occupants may run around while catching fire! In the fifth version, even in the most severe accidents, we do not see any injuries to the drivers, and eventually smoke rises from the cars.

Other issues related to the physics of machines and their details, I can mention the gradual puncture of machines in IV. In this game, if you shoot the car tire, it will slowly puncture; While in version V, the machines are punctured in a hundredth of a second and suddenly.

Explosions of grenades and other explosives in water have a more realistic effect than GTA V, and you see a more natural effect of water dispersing and explosions. If you want to understand the good physics of water in GTA IV, fly over the water in a helicopter and watch the water waves due to the rotation of the helicopter wing. This also happens in the fifth version of the game, but it is very superficial and fantasy.

Actions that were completely removed from the fifth version!

One of the obvious and surprising setbacks of the fifth version was the elimination of the practice of sitting, hanging on the edges and buildings, and removing objects from the ground. In GTA IV, thanks to the Crouch feature, we saw much deeper stealth, and the gamer expanded its search for small environments. The game’s platforming was much more enjoyable in the fourth version due to Niko’s ability to grab the edges and climb walls.

In the fifth version, you can not take anything off the ground (except weapons), while in IV, you can take almost anything in your way and use them in combat. This feature is not only used in battles, for example, you can take bricks and use them to break the windows of a shop and threaten the owner of the shop!

GTA IV game graphics

More side effects in GTA IV and more freedom of action

In the fourth version of the game, you can do more side activities and in general, your hands are more open for surfing. For example, you can get in a police car and, by doing a series of things, steal the identity of the police officer in the car, arrest criminals in the city, and carry out his missions. Niko can also enter many of the city’s buildings; Buildings that even have the same name in GTA V, but can not be entered. Cluckin Bell, museums, underground houses, gyms, laundry shops and so on.

The interesting thing about the freedom to enter the buildings of the city is that you may not be able to do anything special inside some of them except sightseeing, but as soon as you are free to enter the buildings and your game does not limit you, the advantage is It’s very important compared to GTA V and all the other Open-World games.


Explosions closer to reality

If Niko is relatively close to an explosion, the explosion will cause him to be thrown backwards, and some of his health will be lost. But in the latest version of the game, if this happens, the protagonist of the game will die! In GTA IV, the explosion of air vehicles, such as helicopters, has a more natural crash. The helicopters gradually spin a few times during the crash and then crash to the ground at the same time. In GTA V, these devices fall unrealistically and fall directly to the ground. In addition, the effects of explosions and the spread of explosives in the environment are better illustrated in the fourth version.

Fiction DLCs; An important advantage of the fourth version

The last one has nothing to do with the gameplay and is related to story DLCs; Something that will never be filled in GTA V thanks to GTA Online. The Lost And Damned expansion packs and The Ballade Of Gay Tony were two version IV expansion packs that were also of excellent quality and contained content as a complete game. We were eager to continue the story of the three main characters of GTA V in the form of such DLCs, but such a thing has never happened and will never happen.

We have reached the end of the article on the advantages of GTA IV over GTA V. I tried to refer as much as possible to what I experienced to read a fair article. If you have encountered any other GTA V setbacks compared to GTA IV, be sure to let us know in the comments section.

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