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It was eleven years ago with Alan Wake, The author of crime-fiction novels We met in the world of video games. Maybe we did not know at that time how memorable he and his adventures will be for us and even his adventurous experience after 11 years will be pleasant for us. It was in 2010 that a very different and high quality Survival Horro game called Alan Wake was released. A title that was exclusive to Microsoft, and PlayStation fans were deprived of the experience of a pure game. Maybe the new generation of gamers will know the game developer not with Alan Wick, but with their newer title; A game that if you have experienced, you are somewhat familiar with the atmosphere of Alan Wake. Now the game has been remastered and released under the name Alan Wake Remastered.

The eighth generation was a generation of remasters and remixes, and we experienced great remakes like Reident Evil 2 and Shadow Of Clossus, and of course we played some not so good remakes like Resident Evil 3. Among the remasters, Crysis Remasterd can be mentioned as one of the good remasters of this generation. But the big question is: In what category does Alan Wake Remasterd fall? Is it a title that we are not going to feel much different from the original version after experiencing it, and even like Mafia 2 remaster, do we regret buying it, or are we on the side of a good game and remaster? In Game Review Alan Wake Remastered At GGROLER you will receive your answer.

Game Alan Wake remastered

Getting lost in absolute darkness

Alan Wake is a writer with an ability that has lost one of the most important elements of his life: the power of writing. Losing this ability does not mean having no idea, but his problem goes beyond that. He has even chosen the title of his new story for several months and has the whole story and even the negative characters in mind, but a strange force does not allow him to write and disrupts his thoughts as soon as he starts. His wife, Alice, decides to rejuvenate Allen and take him to a pleasant area called Bright Falls so that he can resume his job by spending time and freeing his thoughts.

The idea of ​​a game on paper sounds great, and you probably think you are dealing with a mysterious and complex story; I must say that you are right. We are faced with a title that from Twin Peaks And Shining and Stephen King’s novels, so the complexity of the game’s story is not at all strange; You will understand this more when I tell a little more than the story of the game. There are times when the story of the game becomes completely strange and incomprehensible to you, but with a sequence or a flashback in a few seconds, your ambiguities are largely removed (just like in the films of David Lynch).

Alan Wake Remastered

Arriving in the villa, Allen is confronted with a strange surprise: his wife buys him a typewriter to rewrite his story. This makes Vick angry and they run out of the house. A little later, he realizes that his wife has disappeared and after hearing his wife screams, he jumps into the water, but wakes up after an accident and there is no trace of that beautiful area before. After a while, Vic realizes that he is stuck in one of his own stories, a story whose only title was chosen and never written, and the only way to save himself and his wife is to finish it! All Wake and his wife wanted was a simple vacation for two; But his inability to write now could cost him his life.

The character shines like a diamond in the game. The protagonist and the antagonist of the game story are undoubtedly one of the best characters in the story-driven game, and each of their actions is determined by the reason and logic in the game; Of course, as I said, because of the many inspirations from David Lynch’s work, you may find out the reason for many of the stories and events hours later, but rest assured that there is no great ambiguity left in the game as the game ends. I can boldly say that the only thing that is not outdated at all in Alan Wake Remastered is its unique story and characterization.

Good combination of fear and action in Alan Wake Remastered

Going through the great story of the game, we come to the gameplay of Alan Wake Remastered. If you are not a strict gamer and do not believe in modern game mechanics, the gameplay is enjoyable for you. Alan Wake is a Survival Horror and Third Person Shooter who manages to scare and create a fun shooting experience. The atmosphere of the game is really scary and all over Bright Falls is full of creatures that are possessed by darkness and you have to look for light with all your might and take refuge in bright areas. As you go through the game step by step, you are afraid that you may be defeated by one of the game’s wild enemies, and one of the reasons is that the game’s checkpoints are far from each other, which is artistically designed.

The story of the game Alan Wake Remastered

One of the strengths of the game is the design of environments and flow design. As I said, in the game you have to constantly look for a source of light to rest there, fill your health bar and reach a checkpoint. These light sources are placed in such a way that you can see their perspective from a distance (especially when you reach a light source, the perspective of the next destination is very clear), this makes it possible to know the next route without any maps. And determined to move towards it. Of course, it’s natural to be confused by the nature of the gameplay and some of the puzzles, but you really can’t get enough of the good game design.

Speaking of riddles, one of the drawbacks of the gameplay is the lack of puzzles. The game environment and its great design really had the potential for some difficult and challenging puzzles, but although the game is not without puzzles, they are not very challenging and there is only one difficult puzzle in the game. If Remedy had spent a little more time designing game puzzles, the gameplay level of the game would have really increased by a few degrees.

Psychological fear is something that is rarely found these days, and fortunately we see it well in Alan Wake Remastered. Fear in this game is not jump jump and immediate and forgotten fears; It is a fear that you constantly feel anxious and are always afraid of what might happen. Now it may not happen at all for a few minutes, but you are constantly afraid of thinking about the future and looking at the horrible environment and atmosphere of the game! This is the best kind of fear, that is, psychological fear, and perhaps it can be said that when you get a little older, it is the only kind of fear that may scare you a little, and Alan Wake Remastered has done his job well.

Alan Wake Remastered gameplay

The shooting and gunplay part of the game is where the problems of the game become less apparent. Make no mistake, this part does not fall into the category of poor at all, and it happens to be enjoyable. But there are problems in this area that can not be ignored. The game HUD is outdated and does not use modern features such as Incoming Attacking Meter. It often happens that you are running or walking or running away from a fight, but the enemy hits you hard from behind and you die. At these times, you should be given a signal of such a dangerous attack so that you can dodge or change course. Also, the game does not use Quick Turn for such times, and your hands and arms are really closed in these situations.

Another problem with the gameplay is the end of its surprises in the middle of the game. In fact, the gameplay of the game has nothing new to offer after its half, and whatever it has won in the first half, and the rest becomes a repetition. This makes the game feel repetitive from place to place, and to be honest, if it weren’t for the great story of the game, enduring the repetition of the game at the end of it would be really exhausting. If the creators in Alan Wake Rematered had added at least one or two new mechanisms and enemies to the game, they would have done a great favor to the game’s audience.

Leaving aside the problems of the shooting part of the game, we must also talk about its strengths. The variety of weapons in the game is very good and with a lot of light equipment you can go to war with enemies. Your main weapon in the game is a flashlight. When you shine the light of this flashlight on the faces of your enemies, the darkness of their existence disappears and they are destroyed. Of course, you should know that the charge of this flashlight is limited and you should look for a battery for it in the game environment. Also, your other main weapon is the Flare Gun, which with the light from its explosion, you can have a chance to win in crowded battles.

Game Review Alan Wake Remastered

The variety of enemies in the game is good and anything can be your enemy. From dark birds to a tractor that has been captured and thirsts for your blood, to many human enemies! I must also say that Alan Wake Remastered is a difficult game and it may not even be easy to play on Easy; For this reason, if you are a bored gamer and do not have much patience or skill to fight stubborn enemies in the game, Alan Wake Remastered may not be a good game for you. In addition to the need for good English to fully understand its story, this game also requires good fighting skills (especially at high difficulty levels).

Improved graphics; But not enough

Finally, we come to the game’s graphics, which was the main reason for the game’s resume. The game’s graphics in the original version in 2010 were a little beyond its peer-to-peer games, and it really had a satisfying visual quality. But now, after 11 years, when we look at its remastered graphics, we realize that it is a little out of date. Of course, you will not get this result at first glance; Because the appearance of the game and the quality of the textures and the game environment look good and the resolution of the game has increased well. Also, Allen’s face is well redesigned and has much more detail. But what strikes you is not the quality of the textures but other aspects of the game’s graphics.

Perhaps the logic of some creators, such as Remdy, to remaster a game is simply to increase the resolution and frame rate. Alan Wake Remastered runs at 60 frames per second, 4K resolution on the PS5, 1080p resolution, and 30 frames per second on PS4, and the developers have done a good job in this regard. Unfortunately, in other cases, such as shading and lighting, as well as designing body and face animations, the sub-characters did not work well at all. The lighting quality of the game is not very satisfactory, and the shadows could have used more pixels due to the power of the ninth generation consoles. However, the game requires a much more advanced system than the original version.

Another problem in this section is the bad animations of the characters’ faces and bodies, which are sometimes very dry and inflexible. This is a bit strange because as far as I can remember the game animations in the original version never appeared so dry! Anyway, Remdi may release an update for these issues in the future, but the game does not have good animations in its current state. Game cathodes sometimes get buggy and things like Sound Skipping happen to them.

High quality sound and music

The sound of the game is the same as the original version and has not changed, although there is no need to change. The voices of the characters and the enemies and the environment are done in the best possible way and there is not the slightest weakness in it. The game’s music uses many original pieces and the game’s Main Theme music will be very memorable for you. One of the things that brings the game closer to the cinematic experience is the music that is played at the beginning of each episode and in the section on what happened, and in a way encourages you to continue the game experience.

Alan Wake Remastered is one of the best eighth and ninth generation Survival Horror games you can experience. If you have not played the original version, despite all the problems of the game, this title is well worth the experience. If you’ve played the original, still following in the footsteps of Allen Wake is really worth the $ 30 experience with all its add-on packs. If you are a fan of fear and survival style and especially psychological fear, do not miss this game at all.

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