All James Bond movie phones; Under the pretext of publishing No Time To Die


After passing through a dark forest, James Bond passes through the crevices of a fence. In front of him is a gray factory, the highest point of which can hardly be seen.

He pulls the band of the unannounced Xperia 1 from his pocket and puts it in front of the factory. After selecting the camera app, ‌ places its fingers on the screen to zoom in on the factory. Press the shutter button, an arrow and finally the image is ready.

The face of the band is now displayed in front of the screen, which glows in the night light. Opens the gallery to select the image. Tap the send option and in WhatsApp, by selecting Q from its contacts, it will send the image with a message.

James Bond

How many times have you seen something like this in a James Bond movie? Never! No other James Bond movie has ever used such a phone. In fact, we can easily claim that you do heavier processing in your daily life and normal use, and capture more accurate and professional images than James Bond movies and the technologies used in them.

However, the series of films of this agent 007 has used and shown sophisticated technologies with every actor who has gone on stage.

In this article, on the occasion of the release of No Time To Die, which happens to be Daniel Craig’s last appearance as James Bond, we will take a look at all the phones used in the movies in this series, from old nostalgia phones to newer Sony phones.

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