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Last year, it hosted good games in the style of role-playing (RPG) Was. In this article, we review the top games of this genre in 2021.

One of the most popular styles in the gaming industry, which attracts many gamers every year, is the RPG style. In recent years, we have seen many world-renowned franchises reborn with the addition of pattern-creating elements. Prominent examples of this are games such as Assassins’ Creed or God of War, which in their latest versions, have moved away from their roots and, by adding role-playing mechanisms, have offered deeper and even more attractive gameplay to the audience. This became more prominent in the eighth generation, and we saw the release of more games with role-playing elements.

One of the factors that makes the role-playing style one of the most widespread styles in the gaming industry is the practical freedom it gives to the creator and the gamer. Every year, many games are produced with the label of role-playing, which in practice have no resemblance to each other. For example, put titles like Undertale, Witcher 3 and Disco Elysium side by side. All three games fall into the category of role-playing, but they are very different games. In addition, there is talk of progressing and acquiring new skills in most role-playing games that make you addicted to the gameplay. The “choice” element is also more prominent in the RPG style than other genres, and well, who does not like to choose ?!

The year 2021 is coming to an end, and since we know that you, like the members of the GGROLER team, are very interested in role-playing games, today we have decided to introduce a selection of the best games of this genre that have been published this year. If you miss a good role-playing game, you can give the games listed in this article a chance and have a good time. I will not make any more introductions and I invite you to join us in the continuation of the article.

Marvel’s Guardians of Galaxy

It may seem strange to many to mention the name of this game in an article related to the best role-playing games. Because this game is usually referred to as an action adventure game. But the role-playing elements of this game are so many that with a little grace we can mention its name in this article. In addition, this game is so well made and attractive that I personally would like to see its name in every article!

When the game was introduced, almost everyone doubted that the end result would be so good and clean. The reason was the company’s previous game, Marvel’s Avengers, which, despite the high hype surrounding it, left a disappointing performance. But after the release of Guardians of Galaxy, we really saw that the creators paid attention to the feedback of gamers and prepared a title that deserves the name of Marvel.

The fact is that this game surprised many gamers with its cool gameplay, beautiful art design and attractive characters, and was able to place its name among the best games of 2021. If you are interested in the world of Marvel, but have doubts about making this game, I suggest you put this doubt aside and try it. Guardians of Galaxy is a great game.

Bravely Default 2

While the name Bravely Default 2 may not be familiar to many of you, fans of the classic Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) are familiar with the name. The world of Bravely Default is largely inspired by the famous Final Fantasy franchise and is a very attractive and good design. Of course, this is if you enjoy the graphic style of the game and the Japanese role-playing, otherwise Bravely Default 2 will not be able to attract you.

Along with good gameplay that is very similar to Final Fantasy gameplay, Bravely Default 2 has an epic and deep story that can impress you. Many devoted JRPG fans consider this game to be the best role-playing title of the year, which is quite understandable considering the overall quality of the game.

Shin Megami Tensei V

If you have a Nintendo Switch, one of the best role-playing games you can experience on this handheld console is the Shin Megami Tensei V. This game, which is made by the famous franchise company Persona, has many similarities to this series, and at first glance, its artistic design is similar to this game. Atlus Studio games are really good and attractive, and the meta 85 of Shin Megami Tensei V games is a proof of that.

The new version of Shin Megami Tensei is back with a powerful story to prove that the success of previous games in this series was not accidental and this series still has a lot to say. In addition, the gameplay of this game has many improvements over the past, and the addition of mechanisms such as Fast Travel, have given a new dimension to this game.

All in all, if you are interested in the Persona series, be sure to include this game in your shopping list.

Scarlet Nexus

Western companies may not have produced many role-playing games this year, but Japanese companies have been more active as always, and most of the games we’ve introduced so far have been JRPGs. Scarlet Nexus is no exception to this rule and we are on the other side with a good JRPG title. The creator of this game is the famous company Bandai Namco, which before this game had proved its worth by making or releasing very important games in this genre such as Tales, Code Vein and Dark Souls.

Scarlet Nexus is a combination of games such as Devil May Cry and Bionta, which with its anime-like appearance has attracted the attention of many fans of classic Japanese role-playing. The game’s fast-paced, glamorous gameplay, along with the range of skills and choices Scarlet Nexus offers you, make it one of the best role-playing titles of the year. The game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PCs, and the game’s meta, which shows the number 80, proves that this game is worth experiencing.

2 Darkest Dungeon

The first game in the Darkest Dungeon series was a great game that received positive feedback from gamers and the media. This prompted the game’s developers, Redhook Studios and Sickhead Games, to release the second version with a slight change. Many fans of the first game believe that the game has changed a lot and the game has moved away from its roots. However, Darkest Dungeon 2 is a very well-crafted and valuable title that is definitely worth a try.

Darkest Dungeon 2, like the first game, is a turn-based role-playing game with Rougelike elements. Like the previous version, the game puts you in a very challenging and sensitive situation that you have to go through with the right choices. The graphic style of the game is very beautiful and unique, and this makes the audience’s eyes do not get tired of seeing the scenes until the end of the game. If you are a fan of games with a legendary and dark atmosphere and you are looking for a challenging game, they have created Darkest Dungeon 2 for you.

Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster Hunter: World was one of the best eighth generation games ever made and released by Capcom. Following the game’s huge success, Capcom released the sixth major game in the series, Monster Hunter: Rise, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch console to further the value of buying this popular handheld console. Of course, this title will be released for PC in January this year, and since Capcom also used its famous engine, RE Engine, to make this game, we expect a quality and colorful game.

One of the positive changes in this version is the addition of Grappling Hook, which allows the gamer to climb levels and obstacles. This change affects the entire gameplay of Monster Hunter: Rise, and even the suffix “Rise” somehow refers to this gameplay mechanism. Anyone who has experienced the Monster Hunter series knows that the gameplay of this series is very fluent and addictive, so if you have the necessary platform to experience this game, do not miss it.

Tales of Arise

If you’re a fan of the role-playing style, you’ve no doubt heard of the Tales series. The series, which has been produced and released by Bandai Namco since 1997, has now become one of JRPG’s biggest names. The new game in this series, which was released this year called Tales of Arise, is another very good version of this old series. The number of positive reviews and high scores of this game is unbelievable and do not doubt that you are on the side of a first-class role-playing game.

Released for the eighth and ninth generation platforms of Sony and Microsoft, as well as PCs, this game is a combination of all the positives that you were looking for in a role-playing game. The story of this game is impressive and beautiful, and its gameplay will entertain you well. Now that the award for the best role-playing game of 2021 has reached this game at the Game Awards ceremony, maybe it is not bad to try it.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

And finally we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, which is probably what you all expected to see. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a collection of remastered versions of the three main games in the Mass Effect series that was released this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC and received very positive feedback from gamers. Of course, the second and third versions of Mass Effect were completely playable before this series, and this was the first version that benefited the most from this remaster.

Probably not a gamer who has not heard the name Copper Effect. The games in this series were not only great titles themselves, but also set new standards for the style of role-playing. The second game in this series is one of the best games in history and a masterpiece. In this game, you will experience everything you expect from a role-playing action. From engaging gameplay to compelling storytelling, sensitive choices and a sense of progress in the game, everyone is in the effect. If you’ve not experienced the games in this series, now is a good time to experience them in the highest quality.

We come to the end of this list, but as always, we ask you dear ones to share your opinion about this list with us. What games are empty in this list? Which titles on this list did you enjoy the most? I am waiting for you in the comments section!

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