Battlefield 2042 Review; Different experiences in difficult situations


While Battlefield 2042 has the potential to become the best version of the franchise, unfortunately, many problems make its strengths unseen.

Since there is no campaign section in Battlefield 2042, the creators have tried to provide you with a story background about the events of the work in the form of a snapshot at the beginning of your entry into the game. After that, you will be directed to a training section to get acquainted with the All-Out Warfare section. In training mode, you have to finish a wrist with your AI teammates.

After passing the training part, there are 3 different parts in front of you that you can experience. These sections are: All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Portal.

The All-Out warfare section currently only includes 2 game modes, Conquest and Breakthrough. There is currently no other mode like Team Death Match or Rush and the only way to experience these modes is through the portal section.

All-Out Warfare; Massive, different but with little content

The All-Out Warfare section is actually the vast experience of Battlefield titles that puts you in the map of this title. This section is divided into modes such as Conquest and Breakthrough. The number of players in the wrist of this section is 64 in the eighth generation consoles and 128 in the ninth generation and PC consoles. The main reason for this difference can be considered the weak hardware of eighth generation platforms.

One of the most important changes of the game compared to previous versions are Specialists. Currently, this title has 10 experts, each of whom has his own personality, skills and appearance style.

Although this seems very appealing on paper, but unfortunately the way these characters are placed in the game does not have a positive and significant effect and is one of those elements that will probably not be welcomed by fans.

One of the main reasons for the failure of this section is the loss of value of different classes in this title, so that each of these professionals in any skill category, in addition to their own gadget, can use the general gadgets and weapons of other classes. Also use. This causes a specialist like Medic to lose importance and not see teamwork and conflicts.

Other problems in this section include the annoying dialogues of some of these characters, which unfortunately sometimes lead to the loss of the overall seriousness of the game.

While the game’s 10 experts give the game a good variety of looks, only a handful of them have special and impressive gadgets and gadgets, and the rest have gadgets and skills that are not as efficient and effective during the game. They will not affect your experience.

On the other hand, we can point out that there is no fundamental difference in the skills and general style of specialists, so that only 2 or 3 characters have special and efficient capabilities, skills and gadgets. This will have a significant impact on your experience of the game, and the rest of them offer almost the same gameplay.

The personalization of weapons has also undergone interesting changes, which can be called positive and effective changes. Each weapon has the ability to be personalized in four categories: Sights, Magazine, Barrel and Underbarrel.

You can create your own Loadout through the menu before entering the wrist. Place 3 Attachments in each of the groups listed in the Plus menu according to the way you play, and change them depending on the various situations along the wrist with just a few push of a button. This mechanism will have a significant impact on battles and cause the outcome of the tournament to change.

The animations related to the movements of the characters and the weapons of the game are also very smooth and have many similarities as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019. The 2042 version actually gives the player the feel of an arcade shooter and does not feel the weight of weapons or steps like previous versions.

While this may be appealing to newer and more casual players, it may be annoying to some old fans of the franchise, but in general it can be said that this version has enjoyable shooting mechanisms and elements.

It should also be noted that this title currently offers 22 weapons at your disposal. The previous version of the franchise, Battlefield V, included 30 weapons at the time of release. Battlefield 2042 rival Call of Duty: Vanguard also offered 38 weapons to the player at the time of its release. As you experience, you will clearly feel the lack of content in different sections.

The game maps are also very well designed, and while some of them, like the Hourglass map, have a relatively simple structure, there is generally a good variety of them that can enhance the player experience. The graphics, lighting and visual details of this title are as beautiful and eye-catching as the previous titles of this franchise. On the other hand, the climate change of each of the game maps also exposes the beauty of the maps more.

Also, the presence of natural disasters such as tornadoes or sandstorms in some game maps provide dynamic experiences to the player. However, unfortunately, the destructibility that is one of the iconic features of Battlefield titles, like the previous games, especially the fourth version, is not as great and dynamic and does not give you the pleasure you expect.

The vehicles in this version have an acceptable variety. In the early days of the title, some of them, like Hovercraft, had serious problems and bugs, so you could use it to climb buildings! But the game developers solved these problems by releasing various updates, and now we are seeing good performance in this area.

The technical problems of this title are one of the main reasons for the severe criticism of the fans, however, the production studio has solved some problems since its release by releasing various updates. However, many other issues, such as textures being slow to load, are still affecting not only console users, but many PC users have also reported such issues.

Even with the release of the first day update, the title still has a number of issues, the most important of which are the lack of a Leaderboard, the inability to build or modify a squad, being thrown out of the map at death, and the inability of teammates to revive. He noted the absence of a squad leader. These are just some of the problems. Now we have to wait and see if these problems will be solved by the builders in the future or not?

Also, the game optimization is not in ideal condition, and we see late loading of textures and reduction of frame rate in 128-person mode.

Hazard Zone; An interesting replacement for Battle Royale

Hazard Zone mode is a model and a combination of Escape From Tarkov and Hunt Showdown titles.

The process is that you, along with three other teammates, enter one of the game’s vast maps and have to collect the Data Drives that are scattered throughout the map. After completing this mission, you have to leave the game map through the two Extraction points in each wrist, one in the middle and the other at the end.

It should be noted that in addition to you, there are other teams of players as well as some artificial intelligence groups on the map that make the experience of this section more difficult and fun.

It should be noted that during Extract, you can use the appropriate gadgets to create a defense against other players to successfully exit the map. After that, you can spend the money you earn to buy various items and weapons.

In general, the Hazard Zone mode can be considered an interesting and entertaining part that has been able to replace Battle Royale in this title. However, this part of the game also suffers from problems such as lack of Voice Chat or poor bot intelligence. While playing Hazard Zone with friends can be a lot of fun, the experience with lucky teammates is annoying due to the lack of communication and teamwork.

It should also be noted that we do not see much content in this section, and for this reason, it may become repetitive and monotonous after a while. Ultimately, this is due to the player and his interest in the specific style and context of this section.

Portal; Back to the Golden Age

Portal is the best and most enjoyable part of Battlefield 2042. Portal lets you re-access some of the franchise’s highlights, such as Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, and play on official servers or player-built servers.

There are also many lovely maps of these titles in this section, and the graphics are more eye-catching and generally take on a new color and glaze.

Some creative players have also used the features of this section and built servers with a taste of old modes such as Rush. Some other fans have designed servers that allow you to experience a Battle Royale-like state in 2042. There are also hybrid servers that offer a great variety.

We are witnessing the return of weapons, gadgets and soldiers of previous titles in the role of experts, which alone can increase the value of this section and make its experience many times more enjoyable.

In general, this part of the game has the most variety and value among all the parts and can keep you entertained for hours.

Concluding remarks

Battlefield 2042 is a new experience for fans of the Battlefield franchise, and the creators have tried to take new steps in building different parts of the title; But unfortunately, at the moment and while this critique is taking place, this game suffers from many problems, big and small, which will upset many fans.

During the time I was experimenting with it, several different updates were released. These updates fixed serious issues such as the excessive amount of Weapon Bloom or the spread of arrows and severe problems with Hit Registration. Numerous improvements are expected in the future and the bugs will be less than in the past.

Battlefield 4 also struggled with a lot of problems at the beginning of its release, but with the proper support of the developers, it was able to become one of the top versions of this franchise. We expect to see a repeat of this and major improvements to Battlefield 2042 in the coming months.

But in the end, if you are a big fan of this franchise and you do not care about technical problems or you think that you can ignore the many problems of this title, maybe a fun and enjoyable experience awaits you. But if technical problems are important to you, I suggest that you take the thought of experiencing this title out of your mind right now until the problems are fixed and improved.

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