Be sure to apply these settings in Halo Infinite


Halo Infinite game leaves you free to choose the desired settings, in this article we will introduce the best settings that you can apply to your service.

You will be able to get a much better experience by changing the Halo Infinite settings. For example, you can change the amount of shake, colors and other items in your game to get the best experience possible.

Field of view – Video settings

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After installing a game, each gamer goes to the graphic settings in it to achieve the best balance. We are not going to tell you which options to use, because the appropriate graphics settings can be different for each person and also depends on the strength of the system.

In this section we have gone to a feature called FOV or field of view. As you increase the FOV, you will have more space on the screen, so as a rule, seeing more elements will reduce your focus. On the other hand, by reducing the amount of FOV, you will see a smaller space, in which case you will have more focus on your objects and enemies. So it’s entirely up to you, and if you feel you can stay focused as your FOV increases, then do it.

Crystal and screen shake – Accessibility settings

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In Halo Infinite, your screen will be blurred and shaken by being hit by enemies. In the absence of these two, you may be able to react best to the events. If you think so, it is better to turn off these two items in this part of the settings so that you no longer see blurry screen and multiple vibrations after being hit. Of course, turning off this option will reduce the excitement of the game’s struggles to some extent, so it is better to try the game in both off and on effects to achieve the desired result.

Mute users – Audio settings

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Talking to friends while experiencing online gaming can be a lot of fun and rewarding. However, in many cases, the voice of your teammates will not only not help you, but will also annoy you. In this case, you can mutate whoever you want in the lobby section. If you want to mute the input of other players altogether, it’s best to set the In Game Voice Chat to the lowest possible setting in the Audio settings. In this case, you will not hear any sound from other players.

Vehicle Control – Controller or Keyboard settings

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Controlling vehicles in Haol Infinte is a bit difficult and it will take a relatively long time to get used to it. In this game, you can set the direction of the vehicle by shaking the camera, but in this case, controlling the vehicle seems a bit difficult, so activate the keyboard buttons to control and determine the direction of vehicles so you can more easily Do this.

Overview and colors – UI settings

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In the user interface (UI), you have access to a wide range of options that you can change to change the overall look of the game and get closer to what you have in mind. One of the main changes you can make in this area is the colors attributed to your enemies and your team. Blue is used for teammates and red is used for a rival team that you can change as you wish. If you feel that any color other than blue and red can be easier for you to recognize your enemies and allies, be sure to apply it in the game.

Gun placement on screen – UI settings

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If you are careful, some of the weapons in the game are placed in such a way that they occupy most of the screen and you can not have a good view of what is happening around you. Therefore, it is better to lower the location of the gun a little so that you have a better view when using large guns.

Game History – Accessibility settings

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After completing each hand of the game, you will be able to see all the recorded statistics of the hosts. This feature can be a great help for you so that you can easily measure your overall performance. This statistic can be seen by all other players, if you do not want this information to be available to other users, you can hide it through the game settings in the Accessibility section.

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