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In this article, we have gone to different titles and we want to point out some of the saddest details in the games.

When you look at the world of video games from the outside, excitement is the first thing that catches your eye, but it is enough to step in and enter this mysterious world, this is where you realize that excitement is just a small corner of games and emotions in This world has the first word. The games are like a thousand-tasting cookie, you will feel a new taste every time you bite into it, and one of the most powerful of them is the feeling of sadness and grief. Gamers can feel sadness with their skin and bones by experiencing some titles. Geralt’s embrace of Siri, Ghost’s death, Arthur’s illness, and hundreds of other events have brought gamers to tears, and the game industry has maintained its beauty.

In this article, the issue is a little different, we have seen sad story scenes many times, but this time let’s leave the story aside and focus on the details that can be found in the game environment, the details that the creators use with their own ingenuity and taste. In the following, we will point out some of these cases, and we hope to be able to provide you with other parts of this article in the coming weeks.

Animal reaction after injury

sad details in games

Red Dead Redemption 2 should be considered one of the most detailed games in the history of the game industry, with something new to discover in every corner of it. But one of the details of the game that hurts to see is the animals’ struggle to save themselves from death after being injured. If you want to witness this scene, just shoot an arrow at the foot of an animal like a deer, then you can see the paddles of that innocent animal.

Arthur’s sense of self

sad details in games

Arthur is a character who undergoes great changes throughout the story. At the beginning of the game, you see a powerful man who has money and wealth all his life, and at the end of the game, he completely turns the page. Arthur’s illness and seeing the facts disappoint him in life and material things, and you can see this in the details of the game. All you have to do is go to the motel and look at yourself in the mirror, in which case Arthur calls himself old and sad and pays homage to himself.

The bitter fate of two children waiting for their mother to return

sad details in games

What do you find when you find a hut and enter it? You see the lifeless body of two children lying on a bed. You find a note and read it, the note was written by the mother of the two children, the mother tells her children to read their lessons and never open the door to anyone, she was going to return to the hut after a day, But the mother never returned and her children were killed.

Behavior of dogs after their owner is killed

sad details in games

Dogs, loyal and lifelong friends of humans, also show their loyalty in video games. If in Watch Dogs 2, you shoot and kill a person who owns a dog, you will see that his dog is moaning sadly and after a while, he limps and lies next to his owner’s body. This always happens in the game and the dogs do not leave their owner under any circumstances.

Unsuccessful suicide

Watch Dogs 2

sad details in games

In a part of Watch Dogs 2, you can find a garage that is not accessible, but you can see by hacking the cameras inside. When you hack the camera, you will see a person sitting in the car and breathing hard, if you hack his phone, an audio file will be played for you. In that file, the man is apologizing to his wife and children, he regrets doing something wrong that will not be known, and tells his wife that he will love her forever, then the audio file is finished. The man appears to be financially bankrupt, as his profile states that the man is unemployed and has a monthly income of zero.

Your companions’ reaction to your spouse’s lifeless body

sad details in games

Fallout 4 has a world of different details, even the sad details are so many that we can not mention all of them, and we are only going to look at the most important of these details. One of them is the reaction of your companions after seeing your spouse’s lifeless body. Each of the characters that accompanies you reacts differently when they see that scene, but all the reactions are similar in one case, and that is sadness.

A shelter with a sad story

Fallout 4

sad details in games

In Fallout 4, you can find a Bunker or a shelter that rains depression and unhappiness on all sides. You first see the bodies of two mistresses next to each other, then play the audio file and realize that the two children have lost themselves in an accident. The audio file ends and you want to leave the shelter, but your eyes fall on a large seam in the wall. When you enter, you see the graves of two children, who have fallen asleep a few meters away from their parents.

The body of a girl who ran away from her family because she was pregnant

sad details in games

It’s not uncommon to see a corpse in Fallout 4, but sometimes the story behind the corpse is so bizarre that it will delight you. In the game, you can find the body of a young girl, by playing the audio file next to the body of a young girl, you will find out that she was pregnant and therefore ran away from her family, but luck was not with her and right at the end The audio file shows that the girl and her baby were killed by a bomb. This is one of the hundreds of bitter endings in Fallout 4.

Zombies beg for forgiveness

sad details in games

Killing zombies in Dying Light is not a weird thing at all, you walk in this game and kill zombies. But sometimes, when the zombies are dying and another blow will kill them, they suddenly and for a very short time, behave like ordinary humans and beg you to save them or Take their lives, of course, as we said, this behavior does not last long and again that zombie attacks you like a madman and you have to destroy him.

Existence of a chair as a memorial to one of the Rockstar designers

sad details in games

Chris Edwards, the chief graphic designer for many of Rockstar’s works, died in his sleep at the age of 44. But Rockstar did not forget him, so in Grand Theft Auto v you can find a chair in memory of Chris Edwards with his name engraved on it.

The sound of mothers and children crying and screaming in the middle of the battlefield

sad details in games

In war, words like mercy and forgiveness do not make sense, everyone will perish and everyone will be hurt, it does not matter if you are a woman or a man, seventy years old or a child who speaks by force, war will kill everyone. In one of the battlefields of Battlefield 1 and in a ruined building, you will hear the cries of a mother and child that will hurt your heart. Is that your heart does not want to witness it in reality at all.

Unsuccessful escape of two mistresses from the rapper

sad details in games

Everyone entered the rapper with the dream of an ideal and perfect life, but they had forgotten that something to which the attribute of being perfect is not attached to an external existence, and that ideals will always have a frightening and sad ending. Bioshock game and rapper outline will depress you alone, now imagine the details that make the atmosphere of rapper city heavier than usual, on the ocean floor, you will find the bodies of two mistresses that you can find in the pocket of one of Find them in the tape called Memories. It seems that the two mistresses had found a way to escape from the city of Rapture, but their plan did not end successfully and they were killed together.

The number of such details in video games is very high and in the coming weeks we will prepare other parts of this article for you dear users, if you come across some sad details in the games, you can share them with us.

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