Bloodborne producer joins Ninja Team


Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa with studio Team Ninja He will work on building a new project.

The collaboration was revealed by Shuhei Yoshida, former director of Sony Global Studios. In fact, he posted a picture of himself, Masaki Yamagiva and Fumihiko Yasuda, members of the Ninja Team studio, on his official Twitter account.

Ninja Studio is working on Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. However, it seems unlikely that this is the only project under development by them. Earlier this year, they said they were not working on a new part of the Ninja Gaiden franchise, and that there were no plans to build a sequel to Nioh 2. Therefore, it can be said that the project that these three people are currently working on is unknown.

Ninja Studio’s studio later officially confirmed the collaboration with a tweet.

Yamagiva is best known as the producer of projects such as Bloodborne and Déraciné from FromSoftware, as well as Tokyo Jungle by Japan Studio. In addition, he has worked on several games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, including Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush, and Sonic: Unleashed. The well-known producer announced in February that he would leave Sony, but promised to stay in the video game industry.

Bloodborne and Team Ninja

However, not much information has been released about the game being made by these three people and we do not know anything specific about it. We will let you know if more information is published on this topic.

His departure from Sony was one of the most important resignations after the official merger of Sony’s Japanese studio with Team Asobi, which caused a great deal of controversy. Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls Remake game developer Teruyuki Toriyama also left Sony at the end of December 2020 to start his own company. Silent Hill series creator Keiichiro Toyama also left Sony and co-founded Bokeh Game Studio with Kazunobu Sato and Junya Okura.

What do you think of GGROLER’s regular companions in this regard? What do you think will be the new game that these three people are working on? Share your thoughts with us in this regard.

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