Bright Memory: Infinite game review; Interesting but short memories


Today in this article we are going to review the standalone title Bright Memory: Infinite, which is incredibly small team-made.

Every day we see more and more independent developers in the gaming industry and their titles. Play Bright Memory It is also the handiwork of one of these talented independent teams, first released on March 25, 2020 by FYQD-STUDIO as a one-hour prequel to Steam and the Xbox Series X console, and has attracted many gamers. Fascinated by the eye-catching graphics and smooth gameplay.

After a while, the game developer announced that he was working on the title Bright Memory: Infinite The game was finally released on November 11, 2021 for the PC and Xbox Series X platforms.

The story starts from the very beginning of the game in a very hurried way and does not make any attempt to introduce the characters of the story. It can be said that the story of the game is just a platform to move the game forward and no special effort has been made to define a coherent story.

The story of the game takes place in 2036 and starts from a place where a large phenomenon appears in the sky due to a strange phenomenon and scientists are not able to find any reason for this strange and indescribable phenomenon, so the SRO organizes its agents. In different countries, it is sent to the place of this hole for research and study.

You take control of one of these agents named Shelia in China and you have a duty to go to the place of this hole as soon as possible and find the reason for this. The game antagonist is also introduced in the weakest form and does not have that much presence during the game at all.

Contrary to the expectations of many fans of the first version of Bright Memory who expected a longer and deeper experience from the story of this title, the story in this version is as short as its predecessor and offers a two-hour experience and consists of only seven stages each. They last between a quarter and 20 minutes, so the game does not have much time to introduce the game characters to the player and does not tell a twisted and deep story.

The shortness of this title is one of its biggest weaknesses. While making such a title by a very small team is certainly admirable, it would be nice if they could spend more time making this title and get a more complete game to the players.

Gameplay This title is fast and full of action and is modeled on some of the top first person titles and offers smooth, fun and enjoyable gameplay.

One of the parts of this game that shines well is its gameplay. The gameplay of this game has been modeled on many Doom and Ghostrunner titles, and for this reason, its experience can be considered a combination of these two games.

The gameplay gives you four different firearms and one cool weapon that you can use to make different combos and use them during battles.

These include Shotgun, Pistol, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and a sword that allows you to use it alongside firearms and have a variety of fights.

Each of your weapons has specific characteristics, for example: All firearms in this game have a specific and limited type of ammunition that you can switch between during combat. It should be noted that the Dodge mechanism, like the Doom titles, is a very strong element in the fights of this title and makes you have a smoother and more enjoyable experience than the fighting part of the game.

The SRO Skill Enhancement System allows you to unlock your battles and have more freedom of action by unlocking combos and upgrading weapons.

This title also provides you with a Skill Tree called the SRO Skill Enhancement System, which allows you to unlock new combos for your Hybrid Sword by collecting Reliquary, as well as upgrade your firearms’ special ammunition.

In addition to the weapons mentioned above, you also have an Exo Unit Arm that allows you to hang your enemies in the air or even destroy them. It should be noted that in the SRO Skill Enhancement System menu, you can upgrade and unlock new capabilities for it.

In general, it can be said that the core of this title is its gameplay, and this is the main reason for its existence. While you do not have a lot of weapons, fighting with the same number of weapons in the game never gets boring and you can feel that you are constantly improving in the fights and discover different combos.

The presence of several encounters with different bosses in this title greatly contributes to the appeal of the game and the variety of struggles. The design of the basses is also well done and each of them has its own type of fight and its own appearance.

This title also includes a number of Boss Fight that greatly increases the fun and variety of fights, so that each of these bosses has its own characteristics and type of fight, and also has very attractive designs, and therefore new strategies from The player side wants to win the battles and that is why confronting these bosses is one of the most enjoyable parts of this title.

Another thing that is best designed and embedded in the game is its spectacular graphics and lighting. It is hard to believe that a studio so small and with such a low budget compared to AAA titles has been able to display such beautiful art graphics that many large companies with millions of budgets to build their titles can do it well. they will not come.

Of course, it should be noted that while the general graphics and details of the stages and the game world are beautifully designed, while in many takedowns we see smooth animations, but in some cathedrins we see poor textures or dry animations. However, due to the small number of cathins, they are less visible and can be skipped.

Existence of different stages and their very good design adds more low and high to this title and its experience, and while it is very short, it has a diverse process in order to advance the game.

Another problem that you may encounter during the experience of this title is technical problems and some bugs in the game. For example, sometimes you may get stuck in the ground due to bugs and get stuck there and your only way is to reload the game. Of course, it should be noted that such problems will most likely be resolved during the updates.

The design and process of the game stages are also well varied, so that we see the existence of stealth stages, parts related to driving a vehicle, as well as some parts of the platforming. Also, the design and characteristics of your enemies in this game have a very good variety and make the fighting process play or not be boring.

The sound of the guns and the sound effects associated with them are also very well done, and each of them conveys its own feeling and mood to the player. The voice acting of the characters is also of relatively good quality, but as I explained above, there is no special characterization in this title and not many dialogues are exchanged in this title, so the voice acting of the characters is not very valuable.

Bright Memory: Infinite works very well in both graphics and gameplay, giving the player a great experience, but it has little definition in areas such as characterization and storytelling, due to the title being too short and frustrating.

Now the question arises whether this title is worth the experience? In answer to this question, I must say that it is definitely worth the experience, but its shortness severely damages the experience and overall enjoyment of the game, and its ending is also very disappointing.

In general, while this game is not an AAA title, it brings a great experience in terms of gameplay and graphics, but in the end you need 2 to 3 hours to finish it, which makes it even $ 20. It also seems a bit unreasonable and it looks like you paid $ 20 for a 2 hour demo. If you have purchased the title Bright Memory in the past, this title is available to you for free, and in this case I can say that it is definitely worth a try, but if you are thinking of buying this title, I recommend you to think more about it.

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