Captain Price’s history of Call of Duty games


The Call of Duty series is full of lovely characters. For example, a collection Black Ops with Known as Frank Woods or Alex Mason. In Modern Warfare, the game’s mysterious and mysterious character, Ghost, has become very popular with a large number of fans. Even Call of Duty Zombies also has several memorable characters such as Samantha Maxis and Edward Richtofen. However, none of these characters are comparable in popularity to the great Captain Price.

Captain Price has a long history and given that there are three different versions of this British captain, the history of his presence in Call of Duty franchise It’s a bit complicated. The first appearance of Captain Price in one of the early versions of the series Call of Duty took place, and in this game he led some of the operations that took place in World War II.

Then witness the presence of Price in We were the Modern Warfare trilogy, which depicts the most iconic version of him. As the SAS officer on various missions, he leads the 141st Task Force. Price’s latest appearance goes back to Modern Warfare 2019, where he plays a similar role to the trilogy, except that he no longer acts as a playable character in the story.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the story of Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1,2,3 and Modern Warfare 2019.

Captain Price’s first appearance (first timeline)


The first version of Captain Price originated in World War II. Actually he in The first version of the Call of Duty series And Call of Duty 2 was present, and of course it did not have the charisma and strong character that we saw in the MW trilogy in these versions. Also in This version of Captain Price used a crooked hat instead of its usual helmet, and one of the most important members of SAS, It was part of the 7th Armored Division and the 6th Airborne Division. It should be noted that the sound of Price in the early versions was done by Michael Gough.

During Price’s first appearance in Call of Duty, the player must help him destroy an enemy supply depot in 1942. Price then pursued the main character of the game to defend a city near El Alamein and cooperated with the 7th Armored Division and the opener in evacuating the minefield and destroying German ships. After more fighting, Price and his men were finally assigned to hold the Pegasus Bridge, and to their surprise, they succeeded and even defeated a tank along the way. Similar heroic incidents occurred during the Normandy campaign, and Captain Price was eventually transferred to SAS.

But unfortunately, Captain Price’s chances were running out. As then Escape from the capture and destruction of the airport, Price Time Line I died in 1944. He was secretly stationed at a security checkpoint during a sabotage mission on a German warship. Concerned that his documents would not pass through the checkpoint, the soldier killed the inspector and informed the entire ship of his presence.. Price While defending the main character, Sergeant Evans, while recovering explosives, he was attacked by the enemy and killed, which shows his completely different fate from the MW trilogy.

Captain Price in the Modern Warfare trilogy (main timeline)


The Modern Warfare trilogy includes the most iconic stories of the Call of Duty series, and Captain Price finds himself at the heart of the best moments of these titles. Price’s first appearance on a famous and extraordinary mission All Ghillied Up He returns with Captain MacMillan, where Price acts as a sniper to kill Imran Zakhaev.

During this mission, Price was able to shoot Zakhaev, but his shot hit only the target arm, which caused Price to have a hard time killing Imran Zakhaev in the next stages. After preventing Zakhaev’s nuclear attack on the United States, Price and his allies tracked him down, and Price finally succeeded in killing Zakhaev to avenge his mistake and avenge the deaths of Gaz and Griggs.

After completing the mission to kill Imran Zakhaev, Captain Price and Soap joined the 141st Task Force under General Shepherd. Price led the group on a mission to arrest Vladimir Makarov, a terrorist who would later become the main villain of the MW series. After a failed attack, Price was arrested and held in Gulag for three years. Finally, he was rescued in 2016 and resumed leadership of the 141st Group. This time, however, Price changed his mind to kill General Shepherd because of his betrayal, and after doing so, his focus returned to fighting Makarov.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 showed that Makarov and Yuri (one of Price’s new allies) were responsible for rescuing Zakhaev in 1996, which widened the gap between Price and Makarov. After various missions depicting World War III, the two approach their final battle. Along the way, Soap dies and Yuri gives his life to save Price in the fight against Makarov. Story It ends with Makarov being hanged and the brutal murder of a man who caused him so much suffering. Finally, the last survivor of Group 141, Captain Price, lights his cigar to witness a memorable ending for the trio.

2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; Latest Price Presence (Reboot Time Line)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 was a new beginning for this franchise. Although the story of this title is completely separate from the original version, Price in MW 2019 has a character almost similar to the MW trilogy. Captain Price, voiced in this version by Barry Sloane instead of Billy Murray, has the same charisma, character design and level of experience as his predecessor.

Actually The new version and 2019 Price is a popular and respected leader, who from He joined the British Army at the age of sixteen and served for them for eighteen years. He quickly rose through the ranks and is now only called in for covert and informal missions in order to break the rules in turn.

One of these missions is given to him by Kate Laswell, the head of the CIA. This mission He sends Price to London to prevent a terrorist attack with the help of Kyle Garrick (a rebooted version of the Gaz character). After leaving London, Price met with Farah Karim and led the fight against the terrorist group Al-Qatala. Captain Price who in 2009 to Farah Karim for He escaped from a chemical laboratory in Russia, considered him a close ally, and finally, with his help, he was able to Laswell has taken the finish.

The reopening of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 promises to build a sequel to it, which will likely be released in 2022. Fans can expect to see the 141 strike group together again in the next version; Because Price in the final sequence In particular, it requests the presence of Gaz, Soap and Ghost from Lasswell. With General Shepherd unlikely in the next version, it will be interesting to see how this game relates to the original version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. However, we hope that this time the 141 group will have a better destiny.

Of course, in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Price also played a role as an operator or playable character in the multiplayer part, but considering that Price’s date of birth is one year after Cold War, there is no future for He considered in this game. BThus, Captain Price’s new story is limited to the 2019 MW storyline and the seasonal narrative of Call of Duty: Warzone, in which he seeks to stop Zakhaev.

It remains to be seen whether Price’s story ends tragically, like his appearance in Call of Duty 2, or survives like the Modern Warfare trilogy. In any case, fans can be sure that the story of the legendary Captain Price is not over yet.

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