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The Chernobyl disaster, Is considered one of the most horrific events in contemporary history. Hundreds were forced to evacuate Chernobyl, and many more died. Due to the mysteriousness and bitterness of this incident, several movies and games have been made about it. The Chernobyl mini-series, released in 2019, is one of the most popular examples. Now the Polish company Farm 51 is playing Chernobylite to try its luck at storytelling in the cold and dark world of Chernobyl.

Chernobyl is a survival game that was recently released for the PC and has attracted the attention of many fans of the genre. Now, a console version of the game has been released so that more people can experience it. Chernobyl has many similarities to the famous Stalker game, and this will catch your eye from the very first minutes of the game. Of course, this could be due to the presence of several creators of Stalker in Farm 51 who have also breathed the spirit of Stalker in this game. The game’s previous game, called Get Even, had the potential of the creators to tell an intriguing and engaging story, but Chernobyl has progressed in every way, making it one of the company’s best creations.

In the following, we will review Chernobylite and briefly review its various parts. Be with me and GGROLER!

The review of this title is based on the code sent by the publisher on the PS4 platform.

One of the strengths of Chernobyl is the rich story and good characterization of its characters. This is something you may not realize at first, but the further you go in the game, the more interesting things happen that are a little out of the ordinary storytelling clichés and have something new to offer. The game puts you in the role of a person named Igor. Igor was involved in the Chernobyl accident and has now returned to this desolate land years later to find his fiancé. He encounters many obstacles on his way and strange things happen that keep you eager until the end of the game. The characters that are added to the game are mostly well paid and there is a good reason for them to enter the game.

In addition, the game puts you at a crossroads. Some of these intersections are completely black and white, and some are gray. It is up to you to decide which ways to use to survive. Do you trust people you have just met? Is negotiation your solution to the problem or do you end up using violence? These are the questions that will be asked to you during the game and you must find the answers to them. What doubled my enjoyment of the game was the impact these choices had on the gameplay. The smallest choices you make will affect the gameplay. In addition, sometimes with similar choices, you get completely different outputs. For example, it may be to your advantage to trust an anonymous person, and the same choice about another person will cause you a lot of trouble! These choices not only affect the flow of the game, but also change the ending of the game. All of this adds to the value of repeating the Chernobyl game.

Chernobylite gameplay starts well, but the more you progress in the game, the more repetitive it becomes. The general process of the gameplay is such that you wake up every morning and perform a series of assigned missions in order of priority. You can add new people to your camp so that you no longer have to go on some missions yourself. All you have to do is select the right people and send them to the place, taking into account the conditions of the mission. This process is fun and entertaining at first, but after four or five hours, it loses its charm. Of course, on the other hand, the story of the game gradually increases with the progress of its stages, and the repetition of the gameplay is less visible.

In general, there are two types of missions in the game: the main missions in which you follow the story line and the sub-missions in which you are mostly looking to loot and find the equipment needed for your camp. You can go through many sub-steps with your own scanner. This device helps you find the materials and supplies you need. You can also complete these missions by sending your friends to the place. The main missions of the game have a better variety than the sub-stages, but it could have been better.

Chernobyl doesn’t have much to say about the campaign. The variety of weapons in the game is extremely small and the gunplay is not as enjoyable as it should be. Of course, this is forgivable since the action game does not have much and many stages can be completed without firing a single bullet. On the other hand, the artificial intelligence of the enemies has no definition. Enemy guards patrolling the area choose the same routes. Strange creatures are also not very challenging and their movements are predictable.

The game uses a role-playing section that gives it depth. The ability to select dialogues, small and large decisions, as well as the skill tree for Igor, makes the game a bit monotonous and adds color to the gameplay. You earn points by doing things like killing enemies, making new items, completing stages, and gathering resources, with which you can improve Igor’s skills. This skill tree includes areas such as increased focus, better resource management, increased health bar, reduced effect of enemy attacks, etc. that make the game easier for you. You acquire these skills by interacting with other characters. In the final stages of the game, there are sections that are almost impossible without increasing skills and forming a strong team. Therefore, paying attention to this part is one of the important points of the game.

Construction is another part of the game that the creators have placed special emphasis on. By collecting resources such as electronic and mechanical components, chemicals, and various plants, you can create tools for yourself and your teammates that will make your job easier as you continue to play. Chernobylite is very focused on survival and construction is one of the most important foundations of survival in this game.

Like any other Chernobyl product, the creators of Chernobyl have tried to incorporate horror scenes into their game. I must say that the result of the work is not very clean and offers a half and half experience to the audience. There are a few good jump scars in some parts of the game, but maybe it would have been better if the developers had put the whole burden of the game on its great atmosphere.

The atmosphere of this game has nothing to do with it. Chernobyl is one of the best games ever made in Chernobyl’s terrifying atmosphere, and the environments in which you walk have all been carefully and obsessively recreated. By scanning the various environments of the city, the creators provide the audience with a unique and realistic experience of Chernobyl that you have not seen before, even in similar games.

The game’s graphics should be considered in two separate categories. The first is the technical graphics of the game that are acceptable. Although the game is struggling with a few problems in this area and the game is not very similar to the product made in 2021, but in general, everything is acceptable and can not be criticized. Instead, the game’s artistic graphics are fantastic and one of the game’s strengths. As I said, the game environments are created with the help of three-dimensional scans of the Chernobyl area and convey the feeling of this area well to the audience.

Most of the music used in the game is beautiful. The game knows well when to raise the tension of the song and when to allow the audience to breathe. Chernobyl allows you to select the language of the game when entering the game, and the default language is Russian. In my gaming experience, I tried both Russian and English because of the atmosphere of the game. The creators seem to prefer the audience to use Russian, because the voice acting of the characters in English was a bit awkward and bad.

All in all, Chernobyl is a game with a very good story, characterization and atmosphere, and a mediocre gameplay. If you are interested in Chernobyl cases, or you want to hear an interesting story from a game, I definitely recommend Chernobyl.

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