Chorus Game Review; Me and my past


Chorus is a space warfare title released on December 3, 2021 for consoles and PC platforms. This title was made by Fishlabs studio and its publisher is Deep Silver.

The past is also a part of me

The game welcomes the player with an interesting introduction. An introduction that gives a small description of the violent and bloody world of this title. The story in this introduction introduces the main character of the game and his story well. In the early stages, the game has a very vague narrative and the dialogues of the characters increase this confusion. With the arrival of the second character in the game, the story comes to life again and moves towards its main goal, but the not-so-interesting narration causes the potential of the story to disappear to some extent. To narrate in the middle of the game and confusion causes the main goal to be erased from the player’s mind. The story of this video game has a very interesting theme and is in great harmony with the world of this title. It almost takes a long time for this effect to begin narrating the main part of the game, but the story no longer has its original charm.

The two main characters of this game are the turning point of the story. Nara is a character who makes up for her past, a past filled with darkness. Nara’s character talking to herself is interestingly portrayed, and the player’s subconscious is reminiscent of Hellblade. Forsaker is the most attractive character in this game, who plays the role of Nara’s assistant in this title, and his presence adds a lot of charm to the story. The confrontation between the two characters Nara and Forsaker is beautifully portrayed and has made these two characters complement each other. One of the reasons the game’s inability to tell the story is that its sub-characters are not attractive. It can be said that all the sub-characters of the game are very dry and unattractive, and maybe even during the game the player does not remember the names of any of them. Great Prophet is composed of exactly the same elements that the negative character of this game needs. A powerful and power-hungry person who has taken over the whole world of the game, but the presence of the Great Prophet can only be summed up at the end of the game. The design of the game world may not seem appealing at first, but after a while, the title reveals its vast world. Although the title is made up of several different planets, some of these planets are very lifeless and empty. In the final part, the story ends very quickly and the game in a hurry depicts half and half of the evolution of the two characters Forsaker and Nara.

Shoot in the dark

Chorus gameplay has a very special style and if you do not have the ability to communicate with the gameplay of this title, you can not enjoy the experience of this game at all. Gameplay This title is the core of the game. In the beginning, the Chorus gameplay looks a bit confusing, but after a few steps, its charm becomes less apparent. The camera is the biggest problem with the gameplay of this game. In combat, especially in the small space of the camera, it causes the player to be confused and not even notice that his spaceship is upside down. The lack of Free Look feature has had a great impact on the campaign. One of the most important gameplay mechanisms is how to control the spaceship, the camera determines the direction and the button to move your speed. After a while, the difficulty of controlling the spacecraft may diminish, but this difficulty reappears in the chases.

One of the best things about Chorus is that it has a Sub-Light Drive feature. This feature allows the player to move much faster for long distances and in a way does not allow traveling in the game world to be boring. Dodging will be one of the most important points in the fight, which Chorus has made the best use of this feature and has made dodging enjoyable for the player. Drift is the most attractive feature of this game; This feature should be used in almost all parts of the game, and Chorus has made good use of the potential of this feature. In the very first parts, all three spaceship weapons are given to the player and give the player a good variety, but the strange thing is that the game can not create a good balance for how to use them. Some enemies in the game are only damaged by Laser weapons, but this is not the case with other weapons. The importance of the Gatling weapon to the player disappears almost from the middle of the game and its use is very limited. Missle Launcher weapons have good potential, but their use is limited to enemies with high HP.

Rites is a part that is gradually becoming a favorite feature of the player. The closer we get to the end of the game, the more complete this feature becomes, and the better the time interval between getting each new Rite. Also, the way each of these rites works is very diverse and interesting. By navigating the environment or receiving rewards at each stage of the game, the player is given the ability to upgrade the defense, which also creates great freedom of action for these upgrades. The shopping area, which is available in certain parts of the map, is not very attractive and even its menu looks chaotic. The variety of enemies in the game is at the best possible level and each of the enemies in the game attacks in a special way and to attack each you must follow a specific strategy. Enemy AI is one of the best things about Chorus because Enemy AI is exactly what it should be, neither too much nor too little. The Chorus is made up of attractive mini-fights, but they are not numerous. Almost all of the title minibuses in this title are in the final half of the game. Having only two main boss fights in the game seems a bit strange; One of the boss fights is in the middle and the other is at the end of the game. Not only is the number of boss fights in this game small, but both boss fights in the game are very similar to each other. In fact, Bass Fight II is an advanced version of Bass Fight 1.

Looking for memories

In the initial parts, the stages of the game are a bit repetitive and boring, and the interesting thing about Chorus is that the stages follow a sinusoidal process, some interesting stages and some boring stages, and this process continues until the end of the game. One of the strangest points of this game is the ability to make decisions. This feature is present in the entire gameplay only in two short sections, which even if it did not exist in these two sections, there would be no problem. The number of side missions is very high, but a small number of them are very attractive. Some of these sub-steps are beautifully designed, but most of them are very tedious and repetitive. The graphics of this title are very beautiful and this issue has played a great role in creating the memorable world of Chorus. Graphics and animations of explosions and spaceships are of acceptable quality. However, the graphics and animation of Nara’s character could have been on a better level. The shape of the enemies in this game is very beautiful, this design is done in such a way that we can look at them to guess the weapons and how these enemies attack.

Chorus is a title that has a compelling story, but its poor narration deprives it of its ability to tell a story. This game is more game-oriented, and if you are not interested in a particular style of this type of gameplay, you can not enjoy this game at all; But if you are interested in games with different and special gameplay, the science fiction genre Chorus can be a new and enjoyable experience for you.

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