Chris Hamsworth’s trained muscles to play in the movie Extraction 2


Chris Hamsworth released a photo announcing that the filming of Extraction 2; The most popular work in Netflix history will begin soon.

About a month ago, during the Tudum event, Netflix officially announced the second part of the movie Extraction Will make and publish soon. The news was quite predictable considering the huge success of this film.

But the news we were not expecting came back Chris Hemsworth It was to the second part of the film and his replay as Tyler Rick that Netflix also confirmed Hamsworth’s return to the second part.

Now, the popular Australian actor has posted a photo of his hard training through his Instagram account and announced that he is preparing to play in the movie Extraction 2.

Hamsworth wrote about it by publishing the following photo of himself:

There are 6 weeks left until the start of filming Extraction 2 and I feel good and ready.

Chris Hamsworth exercises for playing in the movie Extraction 2

Extraction was released in 2020 and soon became one of Netflix’s most popular works. Finally, a few days ago, Netflix published a list of the most visited works in its history, which was at the top of the list of films and was named the most seen work in the history of this network.

The first part of this movie by Sam Hargrave His main profession is stunts, he was directed and he will also direct the second part. Currently, the other actors of the second part of this film have not been identified. Golshifteh Farahani, Was one of the actors in the first part.

Joseph Russo; The director of the final two episodes of The Avengers, who wrote the film, also said a few months ago that he still did not know if the story of the second episode would tell the story after or before the first episode.

It should be noted that Netflix has not yet announced the release date of the second part of the extraction movie.

Source: Instagram Chris Hamsworth

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