Contract Start Guide in the New GTA Online Update


In today’s article we will talk about the new GTA Online update, The Contract, and we will teach you how to get started with the add-on package.

A new update to GTA Online has just been released, revealing which of the three Grand Theft Auto 5 endings was the original. This add-on pack, like other add-ons in GTA Online, introduces a new way for gamers to earn more money, and apart from that, gamers will play alongside the main character of GTA 5, Franklin. All you need to do is get some cash.

After installing the update, when you enter the game, you will receive a call from the character of Lamar Davis. He tells you he has found someone you can work for; That person is Franklin. You must have a financial agency to work with Franklin.

GTA Online

After purchasing the building, you can go to Franklin and complete some of the initial upgrade missions, which include stealing and killing a group of enemies. Initial update missions are not new or specific; Audiences usually have a mission to kill a group of enemies or empty a safe, and in these stages the amount of game rewards is not high (usually the rewards are around tens of thousands of dollars, which is not much money in the world of GTA Online); But if you continue to spend and reach the higher levels of the storyline, with the new character of the game, Dr. Dre will get acquainted and enter the game with lucrative missions.

Title GTA Online Now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. We also have to wait for the ninth generation version of this title which will be released March 2022.

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