Critics’ comments on The Last Duel


The Last Duel is the latest film by Ridley Scott, and recently, critics released comments about the film.

The Last Duel is a drama and historical film directed by Ridley Scott. This work is based on the book of the same name by Eric Jager. The script of the last duel was written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon with Nicole Holofcener.

This movie is about two friends who are in a duel with each other. Matt Damon plays a knight named Jean de Carouge in the film. Adam Driver also portrays his friend Jacques Lee Grace. Jean de Caroughe’s wife, Margaret, played by Jodie Comer, accuses Jacques Lee Grace of rape.

This causes a duel between the two friends to determine the culprit. Whoever wins the field, that is, he is right, and whoever loses, is a criminal and has been punished for his actions. Ben Affleck also portrays Kenneth Pierre Alnson.

The film The Last Duel was screened at the Venice International Film Festival in September this year. The film has received rave reviews from critics. Critics praised the cast.

Critics have generally argued that the film’s critique of the last duel of misogyny is not as effective as it should be. Nevertheless, the film is still a drama with good acting and a thought-provoking story full of epic grandeur.

The latest duel film received a 68 percent rating out of 45 reviews published on the Metacritic website. 32 positive reviews, 12 moderate reviews and 1 negative review have been published for the movie The Last Duel. The film received 86% of the 158 reviews on the Raton Tomitoz site.

The Last Duel

Following are some of the critics of the world’s top critics about the film The Last Duel.

«83/100 Entertainment Weekly | Critic: Leah Greenblatt »

The film of the last duel is generally spectacular and interesting. The film reminds viewers of what has happened to women over the centuries and does not even have to explain why.

«83/100 IndieWire | Critic: Ben Kroll »

The movie The Last Duel is a work that is very rare in the current Hollywood current. This film is a bold and clever fight against misogyny. In addition, this work is the result of the collaboration of prominent filmmakers and artists.

«80/100 Vulture | Critic: Bilge Iberi »

The film is the latest duel, full of historical events and details. The world of this film is a complex world. In any case, the script cleverly emphasizes all the important and necessary things. The author is actually simplifying and focusing the story, even when pretending to add content and complexity.

«80/100 The New York Times | Critic: Manoohla Dargis »

The movie The Last Duel is strangely entertaining. However, the world that this film presents, despite its comedic germs, is still a cold, soulless and unforgivable world.

«80/100 IGN | Critic: Ryan Leston »

Trial and justice based on a duel in the movie The Last Duel has resulted in the formation of excellent acting by the actors as well as excellent scenes of struggle and social impact.

«70/100 Screen Rant | Critic: Mai Abdolbiki »

The film tells the story of xenophobia and power, which is considered an honor. This film is a fascinating and occasionally entertaining work that conveys the themes well despite the imbalance of the story.

«70/100 The Hollywood Reporter | Critic: David Rooney »

All in all, The Last Duel is an impressive and heroic tale of a woman lost in the tales of war, men’s pride, and hard to find. Hence, this is another example of patriarchy.

«60/100 The Guardian | Critic: Peter Bradshaw »

Although the film is not the last duel without flaws, its old style of filmmaking as well as its ingenuity have attracted the viewer’s attention to this work.

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