Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes Game Review; A turning point or a mirage again?


If you are a big fan of horror or story-driven games, you must be a series of games Dark Pictures You have played three versions of it so far. The first version of this horror franchise made by Suppermassive Games was released as Man of Medan. The second version was called Little Hope and now we see the release of the third version, House of Ashes. But qualitatively, what is the status of these three versions?

studio Supermassive Games The same creative studio that made Until Dawn. Expectations for the studio’s new eight (Dark pictures) were very high. Unfortunately, the first two versions of this series were not very good games and drove most fans to the brink of disappointment for this series. The main reasons were watery stories and weak characters. But what about the House of Ashes? Is this a start-up version of the good games in this series? Join GGROLER in reviewing the House of Ashes game.

House Of Ahes

In House of Ashes, there are many differences in terms of story setting and general storyline with the previous two versions of Dark Pictures. This version takes you back to 2003 and the US-Iraq war; Sting that is less used in a horror game! We usually see such events in shooter games, but this time Supermassive Games has chosen a different way of telling its story. In addition, as in previous games in the series, historical facts have been used to create elements and horror stories. All of these make you look at the game differently.

A different story in the horror genre

The story of House of Ashes first takes you to 2033 BC and to the Akkadian Empire; A government whose king claims to be a god. The Akkadian king even questions the supreme god and cuts off ties with his allies. Such actions angered the Samaritan goddess and she ordered the Goths to attack and destroy the Akkadian empire. After the events after the fall of the Akkadians, the castle of their kingdom fell into their hands Pazuzu falls down. Pazuzo is the king of demons and causes monsters to appear in the corner next to the castle.

House Of Ashes

We are going to 2003. Where the Americans have discovered signs of the existence of a weapon of mass destruction made by Saddam Hussein. The search for American soldiers leads them to the Samaritan fortress, and now they have to fight the monsters that inhabit it. Monsters that seem to have no definite way to die and it seems that the only solution for these soldiers will be to escape.

The atmosphere of the game’s story, that is, soldiers fighting one or more strange creatures may not be new, but for Dark Pictures it seems like an innovation. The US-Iraq war has a very different atmosphere to the ghostly ship and is even more understandable. But what matters most is the sense of fear in the game; How successful has the House of Ashes been in this regard?

Most of the time, try not to instill a sense of fear in you in the form of Jump Scare, and what scares you is the game environment. Narrow corridors, confined spaces, darkness and strange noises are things that will scare you a lot at first; But over time, you will not feel any fear in the game. There are two reasons for this: First, the monsters in the game will soon be wide open for you, and the fear of the unknown will disappear in the game very soon. Second, exploring the game’s conquered castle poses no danger to you, and monsters will never attack you while searching. QTEs are the only place where you might be exposed to death!

Game Of Ahes Game Review

House of Ashes gameplay; Good use of stereotypes

Fortunately, QTEs are well-designed and will bring you more excitement and fear than the previous two versions. Before you enter a QTE, the game informs you and you can protect your character’s life with more open eyes. Failure in QTEs can lead to the immediate death of a character or other abnormal events. It is not clear exactly what the consequences of failing a button will be for you; This also causes you anxiety and stress.

What makes you try to keep a fictional character alive? Your interest in that character is one of the most important factors in this regard. Regarding House of Ashes, I have to say that no character is disgusting from the beginning, but a character whose existence is very important to you is also hard to find. Of course, with your choices, you can turn these characters into a very naughty or pleasant person. In fact, it is you who will be most involved in their characterization.

The game has 5 playable characters from whom the story is told. Each of these characters has a more friendly or intimate relationship with each other, and some have more complex relationships. Eric and Rachel have been married and divorced before; Now Eric is looking to return to the relationship during this mission. Except for the relationship between the two, which we have seen many times in similar examples, the other characters have a more understandable relationship.

Review of House Of Ashes

As we said, the Iraq war has a very different story environment than other market horror games. But Superciogames went even further and tried to narrate the Iraq war from both sides. Salim is one of the playable characters of Arab descent in the Iraqi army. In video games, these characters are often portrayed as bloodthirsty and ruthless characters; But here we see a more balanced picture of Salim. Salim communication with other characters is one of the best and most painful moments of House Of Ashes.

The system of conversations and game choices still remain unchanged in the game. One of the drawbacks of this system is the ambiguity of the election results. In fact, many times you do not know exactly what the difference is between the two options and what you mean by that! Each character also has a set of characteristics that you must choose from in order to achieve the best results. These features also do not help you in your choices and ultimately you have to choose any option that you think is more appropriate.

It is not clear exactly how each choice affects the character traits! It is not clear why the choices have heart and brain icons and what the difference will be in the end! The maker of House of Ashes should have worked a little harder on this system and the selections should be less grammatical and full white and black.

House Of Ashes

Eye-catching and beautiful visual quality

The visual quality of the Dark Pictures collection is always high and there is not much of a weakness in House of Ashes. Fortunately, this version has better animation quality and we no longer see very dry and inflexible animations. The quality of the textures is the same as the previous two versions and there is no significant improvement. Lighting plays a vital role in Survival Horror games, and fortunately the game looks very beautiful in this regard. The only thing that needs a little improvement is the change in the facial expressions of the characters, who appear suddenly and do not correspond much to reality.

Voice of House of Ashes; The best quality possible

Music is another strength for House of Ashes. Changing the right rhythm with the use of completely original tracks, creates a good and melodious collection of music. The voice acting of the characters is very professional and the voice of each character sits perfectly on his character. In general, in terms of sound and music, we see a quality AAA game.

House Of Ashes

Finally, I must say that Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is the best version of this series so far. Supermassive Games steps in the right direction with this game and gives us hope for the future of this series. Despite its undeniable weaknesses, the game ultimately satisfies Survival Horror fans.

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