Details of the exclusive Doom game for Xbox have been revealed


Bethesda New Job List Includes new details from the next game and the exclusive Doom title creators for the Xbox X series.

As you know, Bethesda owns iD Software Studio and Microsoft owns Bethesda. This means that IDSoftor, the studio best known for developing DOOM and Quake games, is now making exclusive titles for the Xbox X-Series and S-Series consoles.

Of course, it is always possible for developers to build multi-platform games or even test multi-platform versions, but this one seems unlikely. For now, the safe assumption is that PlayStation 5 audiences will miss IDSoft games in the future, which is a huge loss for PlayStation fans, as IDSoftor Studios is without a doubt one of the best developers in the industry.

At this time, we do not know what the studio will be working on after the release of DOOM Eternal in 2020. However, thanks to some job listings published for the studio, we have information indicating that the IDSoftor development team has been working on a nostalgic first-person shooter game for a long time. Also, in these details, it is confirmed that the mentioned title is the work of AAA and has a fantasy and science fiction atmosphere. You guessed it, I also remembered the Quake series!

As you know, recently released rumors claim that the studio is working on a new game from the Quake series, and therefore, these published details are not surprising.

Possibility of making Quake game by the creators of Doom

The Quake series of games began in 1996. It was once one of the biggest video game series ever released, but there has been no news of this popular series ever since.

In 2017, IDSoftor Studios tried to revive the series with the release of Quake Champions, but failed. It is said that after the successful revival of the DOOM game series, people inside ID Software and Xbox have come up with the idea of ​​reviving the Quake series, and the Xbox intends to bring this series to the top again.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, and until the official news is released, it is better to consider these details as a rumor than the revival of the Quake series. Many believe that the Quake series should be rebuilt and a complete reconstruction should be performed on it. Also, some believe that adding a Battle Royale mode along with a complete remake of the Quake franchise could make the series even more popular.

What do you think of GGROLER’s regular companions in this regard? Do you think the Quake series should be remade or is a new sequel alone enough to revive the title? Share your comments and suggestions with us in this regard.

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