Does the Alan Wake 2 trailer represent a trilogy?


There seems to be a fairly precise and deep allusion to the trailer for the Alan Wake sequel, which may in fact represent some sort of complete trilogy.

The official introduction of Alan Wake 2 at Game Awards 2021 confirmed what fans of the popular Alan Wake and Control games have been waiting for for at least a few years. However, after carefully reviewing the Remedy Entertainment studio trailer to find clues to the story and new content of the Alan Wake sequel by fans, it seems that Ramdy has actually announced a complete trilogy, and possibly a Another title in the Alan Wake series is being developed to complete the trilogy.

The Alan Wake 2 trailer is full of contacts, references, and hints like Alan Wake and Control, which seem to show where the story of this game is going to go. In addition, one of the references in the game trailer suggests that the title is likely to be the middle of a three-part story. In fact, the sign is in the trailer town, on one of the neon signs that lined the street near where Allen stands in the distance.

Game Alan Wake 2

If you look at the sign on the right side of the street in both urban parts of the game trailer, you can see that the letters “Init” and “ion” with the middle letters are unknown. If you pay attention to what Ramdy now refers to as the world of Remedy Connected games, you can easily see that the word “Initiation” is written.

The word Initiation here refers to the middle part of Joseph Campbell’s description of the Monomyth, which is described in detail in The Hero’s Journey. Accordingly, a complete monomite consists of three parts: Departure, Initiation, and Return.

In the first game of the Alan Wake series, the word Departure was the name of the same manuscript and fact-finding book that Allen wrote to prepare himself to fight the dark and supernatural presence. Return is a manuscript of Allen’s handwritten sequence that has been referenced several times throughout the game, and even an Easter Egg of it in the action game Ramdi, Quantum Break, and This House of Dreams, a blog about With these items, he wrote things in the game and also appeared.

Both Easter Egg in This House of Dreams and Quantum Break Easter Egg refer to Initiation, but this is the first time we see it directly mentioned in the Alan Wake sequel itself. To a large extent, it can be said that its appearance in the trailer of Alan Wake 2 game may be a confirmation that the story of the Alan Wake sequel is supposed to be in fact the middle part of this trilogy.

Game Alan Wake 2

If this game is the middle of the story and the first version of Alan Wake is the beginning of a trilogy, then we are probably going to see the release of the third version of this title in the future. Of course, it is possible that both the beginning and return seasons are included in Alan Wake 2, but it should be noted that the word Return is not in the released trailer.

So this is just an interesting and relatively deep hint, and in a way the Alan Wake 2 trailer refers to Alan Wake 3. Also, this could well illustrate the storyline of Alan Wake 2. Everything we have seen so far shows that Alan Wake 2 will be a scary game. Including the trailer itself, in which Allen tells the story of a monster.

The middle part of The Hero’s Journey includes the toughest trials and its toughest moments, and the game actually aims to become Ramdy’s first horror and transcendental title. We have to wait and see what awaits Allen!

What do you think of GGROLER’s regular companions in this regard? Do you think the game Alan Wake 2 What will the title be like? Share your comments and suggestions with us in this regard.

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