Easily run all PlayStation 3 games on PC


In this article, we will talk about RPCS3 software, the most successful PlayStation 3 game simulator on PC, and teach you how to use it.

It was recently revealed that the long-running PlayStation 3 emulator project, called the RPCS3 project, has successfully run all the games released in the console history on PC.

You do not need to be a fan of Sony or PlayStation 3 to enjoy the exclusive games of this platform; Especially despite the successful and popular exclusives like The Last of Us and God of War 3, which despite several years, even despite Sony’s new strategy to release its old titles for PC, have not yet been released for other platforms. Now is the best time to run the RPCS3 emulator on your computer.

What is a PlayStation 3 emulator?

Just like Android emulators, RPCS3 emulator allows PC users to run PlayStation 3 games on their operating system.

What games are available in RPCS3?

Currently, more than 3,000 games can be run in this simulator, which shows the seriousness of this team and its many years of efforts to expand the list of games. Of course, the fact that a game is executable does not necessarily mean that it is perfectly executed, but only guarantees that the mentioned game will not crash and will be executed.

To make sure that the game you want in this simulator runs smoothly, it is better to name it This list check it.

The games on the list are currently in four modes:

  • Playable GroupGames that are applicable from the beginning to the end and you can finish them without any problems. (2054 games, 53.63% of all games)
  • InGame Group: Games that can not be completed and have bad glitches. (987 games, 53.30% of all games)
  • Intro group: Games in this group only enter the menu and do not enter the game environment. (186 games, 75.5% of all games)
  • Loadable group: Games that run as a black screen. (6 games, 0.19% of all games)
  • Nothing groupGames that can not be processed at all. (0 games, 0% of all games)
play Station

How to install and run games on RPCS3?

Aside from the fact that this software is free, working with RPCS3 is much easier than you might think. After downloading and installing this software, you can download your favorite game file and introduce it to the emulator. After applying the settings that you will see in the video below, you can play the game without any problems and enjoy it.

What is the system required to run this simulator?

Although this emulator only runs PlayStation 3 games, it can improve their resolution according to the power of your system; So the stronger your system, the higher the quality of the game.


Minimum system requirements (running games without increasing dimensions)

CPU: All 64-bit (x64) processors

graphic card: AMD Evergreen architecture, HD 5000 series or newer or NVIDIA Fermi architecture, GTX 400 series or newer


Storage: 6GB + volume of installed games

Maximum system requirements (running mobile games at 1080p or higher)

CPU: AMD Zen 2 architecture or newer or Intel Skylake architecture or newer

کاGraphic rat: AMD Polaris architecture, RX 400 series or newer or NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, GTX 900 series or newer

حRAM size: 8GB

Storage: 6GB + volume of installed games

I hope you have taken full advantage of this article and that you will be able to play your favorite PlayStation 3 titles on your system using the material provided to you.

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