Epic Games gives you $ 10 to sign up


اEpic Games Anyone who registers in the company’s launcher by email will be paid $ 10, you have until November 24 (November 15) to receive this amount.

Epic Games Company stated that anyone who registers their email to receive various news and discounts will benefit from a $ 10 gift card. Those interested in receiving this amount have the opportunity until November 15th, and if they receive this amount, you can buy it. Use in the dedicated Epic Games store.

Those who have already registered for this issue will also receive this amount and can use it in their purchases. It should be noted that to use this amount, the item you want must be priced at more than $ 14.99.

If you have not already registered your email, go to the opt-in box and get your $ 10 gift card from there. Epic Games will add the email to your Inventory 24 hours after it is registered.

Epic Games plans to offer a 75% discount on store titles on October 17th, with games including Wolfenstien, Man Eater and World War Z among the discounted games. You can use the extra money to buy these titles and other games that are included in this discount.

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