Everything we know about Call of Duty: Vanguard


It is no exaggeration to say that titles such as the Call of Duty series played a major role in the game’s popularity. Even many non-gamers know this franchise.

The fun multiplayer section and the annual release of this series definitely played a big part in its popularity. In this article, we will mention all the things we know about this title.

This game was developed by Sledgehammer Games studio

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Vanguard was developed by Sledge Hammer Games Studio. The studio’s main goal in making this version is to make full use of the potential of WWII title ideas, and it seems that the studio is learning from its past mistakes and trying to use new ideas and take advantage of the test ideas of a quality version of Make this a lovely series. It should be noted that the development of the Zombies section will be the responsibility of Treyarch Studio.

This title is similar to Modern Warfare 2019

Call of Duty

One of the principles that most computer game developers adhere to is to maintain a winning streak. Modern Warfare 2019, with all the criticism it received, was able to satisfy the audience and critics and have a good performance. Now, once again, the game engine of this title has been used to make the Vanguard version, and this has caused a relative similarity between the two games. How the characters move in the game and the design of some menus are similar between the two games.

This title will have a rich story section

Call of Duty

The Call of Duty game series, in addition to the multiplayer part, always had a complete story section. The story section is an integral part of this series and, although short, has been present in all versions. (If we do not consider the Black Ops4 version) Vanguard is no exception to this rule and pays considerable attention to the story. The Vanguard story section will tell true stories of special forces, and most of the characters are based on reality. For the first time in this game, the real symbols of the Nazis will be used and, unlike in the past, the symbols and references to the Nazis will not be censored.

Different style and context compared to the older titles of the series

Call of Duty

Unlike previous titles in the Call of Duty series, we see the use of larger maps, some of the walls and valleys are perishable, but not all maps can be destroyed like the Battlefield game series. The amount of time you need to kill your enemies is very short and it seems that the gameplay of this title is designed in such a way that the conflicts are very fast and short. But this is not all, given the feedback from the beta of this title, it seems that the visual design of the maps of this game is done in such a way that the enemies are not well seen and the existence of some graphic glitches and bugs this issue. It gets worse. The beta version had bugs in terms of sound and sound effects, and Sledge Hammer Games said it was aware of the bugs and would fix them soon. You can watch the gameplay of this title here.


Call of Duty

One of the ideas in most multiplayer parts of Call of Duty titles is the element of attachments. You can add 10 different attachments to your weapons in Call of Duty Vanguard, and the development team seems to have valued their audience’s freedom of action. But unfortunately, according to the feedback received from the beta of this title, these attachments are not as balanced as they should be. Almost all attachments in the beta slow down the ADS and, if used, make you slow down in the event of a conflict. In addition to slowing down ADS, attachments also have a very negative effect on weapon recycling, and in most cases it makes more sense not to use them.

Combat Pacing feature

Call of Duty

Combat Pacing feature is a customizable feature independent of the various Death Match or Search And Destroy modes, with this feature you can select the number of people in each lobby. The first mode or Tactical puts you in the lobby of twelve people and in the form of two teams of six people. If you select Blitz mode, the number of people in the lobby will be between 24 and 48 people. It will be divided into two teams of 12 to 24 people. Assault mode will be something between Tactical and Blitz modes, and the number of people in each lobby is between 20 and 28. Some of the audience of Call of Duty: Vanguard game announced on social networks that matchmaking in this title is still based on the skills of gamers and is based on the performance of each gamer in the previous ten matches. You get wet.

Impact of this game on Warzone

Call of Duty

The popular Warzone title will continue to survive alongside Vanguard. With the release of Warzone by Vanguard, new content will be added. Warzone seems to be hosting Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard simultaneously. New weapons and Vanguard characters will be added to Warzone after release.

Expectations from Call of Duty: Vanguard

With the release of Call of Duty Vanguard, there is not much time left and this game will be very close to the released beta in terms of quality. But this does not lower our expectations of the game. One of the most important expectations we have is proper support for this version. Black Ops: Cold War was not supported as it should have been, and the focus of Activision was more on Warzone. The popularity of Warzone should not prevent Vanguard from fixing bugs, and we expect the development team not to repeat the mistakes of Black Ops: Cold War. We expect the developer studio to take the issue of fraudsters and hackers more seriously, the Warzone title is now almost inexperienced, and the hackers were in the Vanguard beta. Hopefully, some of the issues reported in the beta, such as graphic glitches and audio issues, will be resolved and the attachments will be slightly more balanced.

The future of the Call of Duty franchise

For now, according to rumors, the next part of this franchise is a continuation of the Modern Warfare story. Unfortunately or fortunately, despite Warzone, the terms of this franchise are not very predictable and we do not know how long the new Call of Duty titles will be a Warzone expansion pack. Nothing is certain, maybe the existence of Warzone in the long run will benefit the franchise.

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