Everything we know about the next Minecraft updates


Mojang Studios has recently introduced the next major update to Minecraft, which includes new blocks, biomes, and enemies.

This update is called Wild, which brings a fascinating atmosphere, a few scary and dark adventures. Although the Wild update will not be available until next year, we already know of some of the latest additions, such as Mangrove Trees, New Frogs, and Allay that Mojang shared during Minecraft Live 2021. Here’s a look at all the things that have ever been said about Update 1.19 or Wild Title Minecraft I heard, we pay.

When will the Wild update be released?

The Wild update will be released in 2022, but Mojang has not yet announced a specific date. With the release of the second half of the Caves & Cliffs update at the end of 2021, it is likely that the Wild update will not be available until the end of 2022. Of course, as usual, we will probably see early versions of it in Snapshot constructions.

What has changed in Minecraft 1.19?

Here’s a look at some of the new features in Wild Update. Of course, as we get closer to the release date of this update next year and the release of Snapshots by Mojang, we will surely find more information. The following items have been identified so far:

  • Frog mob
  • Tadpole mob
  • Warden mob
  • Mud block
  • Mud Brick block
  • Boats with chests
  • Mangrove trees
  • Mangrove Wood block
  • Mangrove wood decor variants
  • Mangrove Swamp biome
  • Skulk Sensor block
  • Skulk Catalyst

Mangrove Swamp Biome


One of the oldest Minecraft biomes is finally getting a new space. The new Mangrove Lagoon biome will also be filled with towering trees, thousands of mud blocks and new frogs.

Mangrove trees

Minecraft is adding a big, incredibly attractive tree type to the game: Mangrove. They will have vines that hang from their leaves like swamps, and they will also have large, arched roots that you can walk and swim under. The interesting thing about mangroves is that they can be planted in the ground or in water. As they grow, they will have a base of twisted-root blocks beneath their main tree trunks.

Mud blocks

Another interesting change is that the ground in the Mangrove swamp is not made up of earthen blocks and is actually covered in mud. You can create new clay blocks by pouring a bottle of water on the soil. You can also place mud blocks on a Dripstone from Dripstone Cave Biome, which dries your mud blocks and turns them into clay. This means a renewable source of clay that will be very useful. You can now make your own clay instead of diving into any water source you come across.

New mobs


Of the two new and fun gang groups that come to Minecraft in the Wild update, one is the new Mangrove swamp and the other has been added by users by voting.

Frogs and baby frogs

Unlike other mobsters who have kids that look like younger adults, frogs have real baby frogs, like Axolotl. They can also be carried in a bucket. This feature will be useful for transporting your young friends to a new home.

There are three types of frogs: swampy, snowy and tropical. They will become an adult frog based on the biome they are in at puberty.


Allay is a small, useful mobster selected by Minecraft users in this year’s Minecraft Live poll. This mobster is a very beautiful blue bird that loves to collect objects. If you give it a special product, it will pick up similar items near you and return them to you. Allay also loves music, so you can also use a Note block to give it a different place to place its items.

Deep Dark and Warden Biomes


After initial planning for Update 1.18, the dangerous Warden Minecraft mob moved to the Wild Update in 2022. The Deep Dark biome we’ve seen before is even more widespread. Mojang Studios has taken the Deep Dark biome seriously this year, and it now looks a lot scarier than before.

What makes Deep Dark so scary now are the Skulk Shrieker blocks, which, when activated, emit a screaming sound and create a dark effect in the surrounding area. You need to get away from that Skulk Shrieker quickly and quietly, because that loud noise is likely to attract a Warden.

As we have seen before, Warden thugs are very dangerous and hunt players based on sound. The Shrieker pulsating dark effect makes walking a giant Warden look like a horror game. In the new Warden video, we see one of these creatures coming out of several Skulk blocks, which is very scary.

Also in Deep Dark, there are large ancient city structures that you can find in the dark. Mojang points out that there is a structure in the center of each ancient city that may have its own secrets. You should also pay attention to Skulk catalysts. When an enemy dies near a catalyst, it turns blocks close to the ground into Skulk blocks, which you can extract to gain experience.

Minecraft, which recently broke a new record for the number of active players, is now available on PC platforms, PlayStation 4 consoles, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, as well as Android and iOS operating systems.

As mentioned, the Minecraft Wild update will be released in 2022.

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