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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was introduced at a recent Sony event. The game is set to be released soon for the PlayStation 5 and will be a sequel to Spider-Man 2018. Some people consider Marvel’s Spiderman 2018 to be the best game made with my Spider-Man character. This is also true to some extent. If you like Spider-Man in general, it will be very pleasant for you and you can even consider it the best championship game ever made.

Anyway, even if you do not like it, Spider-Man 2018 was a very special and beautiful work and it can be considered one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusive games. Now its manufacturer, InsomniacAfter receiving the first version, he decided to make a sequel. Miles Morales was released at the beginning of the PlayStation 5 release. It can not be described as Spider-Man 2 because it did not change much from the first version.

That’s why now that Sony has introduced the second version, we’re going to do this Article Express our expectations of this game. Please note that these comments are completely personal and we are happy to see your expectations in the comments section.

In general, not much information is available about this game. We only saw one trailer that you can watch Here See. Other than that, nothing special is said about Spider-Man 2. In the trailer, we saw Miles and Peter fighting, but the important part of the story was the end of the trailer. When Venom suddenly appeared.

Game Marvel's Spider-man 2
An image of the game’s two main characters, Miles on the left and Peter on the right

In the same trailer, the release date of this game was also announced. Of course, this date is not accurate at all and states that in the year 2023 This game will be released. Of course, we do not know exactly when it will be released. It was only announced in the 2023 trailer that there could be a delay. So do not trust this date too much!

Except for this trailer, we do not know anything special about this game. That is why so far most of the news and articles about it are speculative and do not provide us with verified information. Now let’s express our expectations from this game.

One of the highlights of the trailer was the presence of both of these characters in the game. Now we are happy to be able to experience both of these characters and not let one help the other. Of course, the idea of ​​a co-op also seems very interesting and fun.

Miles Morales’s gameplay was much more engaging and creative than the usual Spider-Man. Miles had many abilities, which led some to prefer him to Peter. Now, if these two characters can be experienced by one player, then there is no balance between the characters, but if it is a co-op, Insomniac should try to equalize the power of these two characters. If not, one person may enjoy the game less.

Game Marvel's Spider-man 2
Another image of this main character from Marvel’s Spider-man 2

The fact that we expect both characters to be playable is not necessarily based on experiencing both characters at the same time. Status can be something like Nier Automata. That means you end the game with Peter’s point of view once and play with Miles’s point of view again. This will make Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 worth playing a few times, which in turn is very interesting.

If there is a ability to choose a character at the beginning of the game, it will be very interesting. For example, you can choose to be Peter or Miles. They can even make Venom a playable character. In general, the point of our talk is that Insomniac has a very open hand in this area. This factor makes us expect to be able to play both characters in Spider-Man 2.

You see, the story of the recent Spider-Man games is not bad at all, but they can not be mentioned as strengths of the game. In the sense that they had a very ordinary story. It was not something that could occupy your mind and think about it for hours. Nothing more is expected from a championship game, but we have some cases that have a very good story. Batman Arkham City, for example, was one of the heroic games that had a very beautiful and fascinating story.

We don’t want Insomniac to be a Batman either, but it can focus more on the game’s story. During this time, the studio has released many games, all of which were normal in terms of storytelling. Insomniac is a kind of gameplay specialty. Not bad when the studio has evolved in terms of gameplay, pay attention to the story. A compelling story with an ending that no one expects.

In principle, it can be said that everyone expects a smooth and good gameplay from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but a very good story can surprise all fans. It can also greatly improve the game’s scores and reviews.

In the 9th generation, there is no excuse to limit the world due to the low capacity of consoles. So our point is, you have the power to use it. It is easy to say that no game has been released yet that officially boasts the power of the 9th generation. This means that most of the games released only for the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4 has been able to run them, but it was Sony’s decision not to release on the 8th generation console.

Now Spider-Man 2 is a golden opportunity for Sony. Sony can show its console superiority over the previous generation or even competitors in every way. One of the best ways to handle this is to build a dynamic world. A world where only the new PlayStation 5 processor can render and the old PlayStation 4 processor will not be able to run it.

Game Marvel's Spider-man 2
A picture of a small part of the world of the first version of Spider-Man

Somehow we expect to see the real New York in Spider-Man 2. We even expect to see the margins. This means that the world of Spider-Man is not only Manhattan, but can go elsewhere. From what we saw in the new Ratchet and Clank, we realized that the PlayStation 5 SSD capability is huge. That’s why Ratchet and Clank will definitely be able to run a wider world than Marvel’s Spider-Man when it manages to run fast.

In many games, the negative character of the story does not have much effect. On the other hand, some games like The Last of Us 2 put you in the place of a negative character to see the game from his point of view. What we expect is a middle ground between the two. We don’t expect Insomniac to do what Nate Dogg did, because it will be repeated, but we still expect to see a fight between Venom and Spider-Man.

Game Marvel's Spider-man 2
An image of Venom in Marvel’s Spider-man 2

It would also be interesting if we could see the story of Venom. Almost like what was in the first version. This means that you could play other characters for a short time and see the story from their point of view.

It will be even more interesting if the story of Spider-Man 3 is repeated in this game. That is, Venom clings to Peter and makes him stronger. In general, there are many things Insomniac can do and it remains to be seen how it will work.

You see, it may happen that one of them dies in the middle of the road. In my opinion, it is very likely. Because it can be an emotional peak for the story and make it interesting. The problem is that if this happens, it will be both frustrating and turning the gameplay into previous games.

Also, the whole story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is fascinating because of the presence of these two people together. If one of them is removed, the game will drop sharply. So we hope that Insomniac does not decide to turn the game into an Indian movie and kill one of the game’s important characters.

However, if he decides to do so, he will at least mark a beautiful and honorable death for one of these characters. It is true that I am totally against this story, but if it does not have much effect on the gameplay and game conditions, it will be an interesting part of the story.

You see, we said above that one of the interesting things about the first version was that you could play sub-characters for a short time. However, if you remember, those parts were very boring. That way you could walk alone and finally with MJ you could experience some exciting steps. These stages were not particularly exciting at all and offered a more boring experience than the game itself.

Game Marvel's Spider-man 2
A picture of when you could be in the role of MJ

In general, these few things slowed down the game. These episodes played an important role in the story, but I wish they were a little more exciting. We hope that this story will not be repeated. If Insomniac considers this part to be the hallmark of its game, at least make it more exciting so that one can enjoy the story and sub-characters as well.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the first version was the sub-stages. Of course, it cannot be said that they were perfect. Many of them were repetitive and boring, but if you traveled around the world, you would find some very interesting ones.

Now we hope that as we expect the world of this game to expand, the side missions will become more and more diverse. This diversity is very important. Especially since there are so many stories and sub-characters in Spider-Man, and Insomniac has so many subjects to work on.

Also, we hope we do not take too many missions from a character (like Harry) and that each case has its own story.

The previous two games were such that if you had enough skill you could not hit any hits. This was very evident in the first version. It can be said that the battles were very easy and although the more you went, the more difficult the enemies became, but if you acquired the necessary skills, you could go through the steps without any problems.

Game Marvel's Spider-man 2
A picture of the first issue of this game

Now we do not expect Dark Souls but we want to be challenged. By doing this, the person will think about every decision and will enjoy the game more. This is much more interesting than just pressing the square and circle keys to end the fight. Especially since the Dual Sense controller also has features that the creator of this game can use.

For example, instead of squeezing a triangle several times to lift objects, it can make it harder to squeeze the triggers.

In the end, this text is our only expectation from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. So not all of them are going to come true and all of them are going to be rejected. These are the things we expect from the new version given the previous two games.

Insomniac has been shining during this time and has had several good titles. Now he’s busy with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverin, and we hope it doesn’t have much of an impact on the quality of his games.

However, the expectations from this game are very high and we hope that the developer will be able to meet these expectations. Because it’s a great opportunity for both Sony and Insomniac to show off their console power and game-making ability.

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