Fifteen games whose story continues after the final credits


Sometimes after the games are over we encounter new modes, more content and hidden endings. In this article, we are going to introduce the fifteen games that benefit from the mentioned advantage.

Video games are known as a tool for entertainment. With the exception of titles such as all-online games, which are inherently repetitive, the experience of other titles will naturally have a beginning and end like a journey, and it is the path to the end point that is responsible for entertaining gamers. But the end point can be even more important than the length of the game experience. In fact, if a game fails to excite us to reach the end of its path, we will have no motivation to experience it. In the end, it is the innate sense of human perfectionism that makes finishing a game enjoyable.

Of course, there are games in between that a gamer is not interested in finishing. Fortunately, some of these titles, when completed, provide gamers with more content, new modes, and hidden endings so they can enjoy their favorite game even more. In this article, we also intend to introduce the fifteen games that benefit from the mentioned advantage.

This article may contain material that reveals the story content of some of the games

God of War (2018)

Many of Kratos’ adventures in God of War 2018 revolve around his homage to his wife Faye. In the meantime, we will always face the beating of Baldur. But after the game is over and you return to Kritos’ house, the secret end of the game appears. In fact, the dream in which Kratos and his son meet Thor adds a lot to the game as a conclusion.

Of course, let’s not forget that after the game is over, you can go to the Valkyries and slaughter them. Also, by visiting Maspelheim and Nifelheim, new content will be provided for you to experience. On the other hand, New Game Plus mode is also available to gamers at the end of the game.

Pokemon HeartGold

The main game surprised all gamers by making all red and blue Kanto areas available. Also, gamers could compete with all eight Gym Leaders in this game and get 493 Pokemon. Of course, the remastered version of the game added more battles and new features to the game, and by making some Pokemon unavailable, made the gameplay more challenging. In addition, completing side activities will give you two legendary Pokemon named Ho-Oh and Lugia.

Borderlands 2

The Borderlands series has always been known as a game after which you could access a lot of content. In fact, Gear Box Studios fills its games with side activities and releases many add-on packages for them. On the other hand, although Borderlands 3 as the latest version of the series tried to follow a similar path and made a set of activities and add-on packages available to gamers, but it is still Borderlands 2 as the best version. This series is well known and if I want to be honest, this game is the best title of the seventh generation for me.

After completing the story stages and its long and numerous expansion packs, this game presents gamers with Raid features, which are among the most difficult challenges in the game. Also, at the time of its release, the game hosted a New Game Plus mode called True Vault Hunter, which itself hosts a similar mode called Ultimate Vault Hunter. These modes confront gamers with more stubborn enemies and give them more XPs in return. It is interesting to know that by reaching level 20 to 25 you will probably finish the game, but one of the Raid features of the game, Terramorphous the Invincible, requires level 50.


After repeated attempts by gamers to escape from Underworld and defeat Zagreus, you will still not face the original end of Hades. In fact, to see the main end of the game, you have to try a few more times to escape from the underworld, and the nature of this Rug-Light game also makes all your efforts in the form of more entertainment. In addition to the above, there are more upgrades for those who do it even after finishing Hades to enjoy the game experience more than before.

Dark Souls 3

After defeating Sinder of Cinder, confronting Nameless King, dealing with Ariandel to confront Friede, and finally defeating Midir in Ringed City, you will feel that you have finally finished Dark Souls 3. Of course, you are completely wrong, and thanks to New Game Plus, this series can be your host again. On the other hand, if in the first round of the game experience you do not have access to all the Covenants or you do not receive each weapon and item from the bosses and NPCs, you can find an excuse to try the game again through this section. In addition, the enemies get tougher with each step of the NG + game, and this process will continue until NG + 7 to deal with their most challenging mode.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The Monster Hunter series will never be known for its story content, but Monster Hunter World: Iceborne tried to swim against the current. In fact, the final part of the game is a kind of classroom for game studios on how gamers should continue to experience it after the game. After this game, you can go to Guiding Lands and fight more stubborn monsters such as Stygian Zinogre, Master Rank Kulve Taroth, Alatreon, Furious Rajang, Raging Brachydios and other monsters. Also, if you want to finish this game in the true sense of the word, you can go to Fatalis and defeat him, but doing so alone will require your boundless madness.

Mega Man: Battle Network 3

While previous versions of the game hosted gamers on Undernet after completion and confronted them with a few basses to collect all the chips, Mega Man: Battle Network 3 provided more content for gamers by dividing the chips into three standard categories. , Expanded Mega and Giga Undernet even more. In addition, new basses are provided for those who will re-experience it after the game, including Darkman and Serenade. Finally, you will need 12 hours more time to collect all the items and overcome all the bass and defeat Bass GS.

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age

Zodiac Age adds new content and features to Final Fantasy 12, allowing us to call the combination the Definitive version. Also, 100 Stages and Bass, new weapons, armor and tougher enemies, eight hidden Espers and a few secret boss fights, including Yiazmat and Omega Mark XII, are available to gamers through the Zodiac Age.

Path of Exile

With the defeat of Kitava and the guarantee of Wraeclast’s future security, the final part of Path of Exile, Atlas of Worlds, will be available to gamers. Those who are interested can travel to different parts of the map and encounter Elder and Shaper to access different lots. On the other hand, additional content will be available to gamers after the end of the game so that they can continue to be entertained by Path of Exile.

Disgaea 5 Complete

Almost all Disgaea titles follow the same pattern, and their story unfolds after the game is over. Disgaea 5 Complete game with a set of items, sub-stages and additional content is considered as one of the most complete titles that can keep its audience engaged for hours, even after completing the main stages.

Super Mario Odyssey

So far, many articles have been written about the ease of Super Mario Odyssey and why gamers can easily complete all the steps. But in reality, it is only after the game is over that your skills will be challenged. After the game, challenges such as tougher races and re-encounters with the bosses, which eventually lead to the opening of Princess Peach Castle, will be available to gamers. Also, the connection with various NPCs that give you new tasks and travel to the secret area of ​​the Dark Side, force gamers to experience the game without having any checkpoints. Also, collecting all the Power Moons and costumes will entertain gamers for a while after the game is over.

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition

Completion of Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition, which includes the main game and three story expansion packs, may take about 50 hours or more, depending on the skill level of the gamers. On the other hand, with the end of the game, the New Game Plus section provides gamers with valuable content with new mechanics, more lots, Ethereal Graces, cursed and more stubborn enemies, new missions.

NieR: Automata

Anyone who has ever experienced the titles of NieR or any of the Drakengard games will find that the story of NieR: Automata is not over after its initial end. In fact, after the game is over, you can experience this title on Route B by taking control of the 9S. In this case, you will go through all the paths again to unlock path C, where you will take control of A2 and the rest of the game story will be told to you.

Enter the Gungeon

Without a doubt, Enter the Gungeon is so challenging that defeating High Dragun by gamers means the end of the game. But alas, this is just the beginning. At the end of the game, gamers must collect the four components of the Bullet That Can Kill The Past item and build it. Starting this route, all four main characters of the game will give you missions that can be done to unlock the Bullet Hell, and finally, you will face the final secret boss of the game, Lich. Also, victory in this battle will make more bases available for confrontation. It is interesting to know that exhausting each of these new bosses will lead to the release of more challenges and new items.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey can be considered one of the great games of the eighth generation, during the experience of which you may miss many parts of the story and its ancillary content. In fact, the story content of this game changes according to the choices of gamers, and the story can be re-taken from the other side after the game is over. In addition, after completing the game, numerous side missions, various activities, and the massacre of members of the Cult of Kosmos can be an excuse to continue.

In addition to the above titles, there are many games that do not end after the completion of the main part. Titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Devil May Cry have a lot of sub-content or a lot of reproducibility, but this article only mentions 15 titles selected by the authors.

Which of the games do you think feels empty in the above list?

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