Game fact; Aloy character facts from the Horizon series


Part of the Horizon series’s appeal comes from its brave protagonist, Aloy, and there are naturally a number of things an avid fan should know about him.

Horizon Zero Dawn It was a title that arose from the desire of Guerrilla Games to create something new. Prior to the game’s release, the studio had developed a series of successful first-person shooter games in the form of Killzone, but Horizon Zero Dawn was quite different from Killzone in terms of style and protagonist.

Aloy, the protagonist of this series, has now become one of the favorite characters of the fans. His behavior, courage and interest in knowledge have made his fans know and love him more. At the same time, he is curious and thirsty for knowledge. In the following, we want to address the points that few people know about this popular character.

Warning: This article contains Horizon Zero Dawn story spoilers.

Aloy character facts from the Horizon series

10- Aloy character and voice model

Aloy’s figure is modeled after a Dutch actress named Hannah Hoekstra. Interestingly, Hannah became an Aloy face model just a few months before the game was introduced at E3. Game producer Jochen Willemsen spotted the actor watching TV at home.

Aloy, on the other hand, is voiced by another talented actor. Child Aloy is voiced by Ava Potter, while adult Aloy is voiced by Ashly Burch. Prior to working on Horizon Zero Dawn, Ashley previously voiced various characters in a number of other video games, including Borderlands, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Life is Strange.

9- Name Aloy

While there is no official statement from the game developers about the origin of the name Aloy, there are a number of hypotheses that seem to make sense.

Aloy’s name may have been inspired by HG Wells’s book Time Machine, in which a man travels into the future and encounters a more advanced human race called the Eloi. Another hypothesis is that the name Aloy can be derived from Alloy alloy, a substance that results from the combination of different metals. Interestingly, the name Rost can also be derived from the word Rust (meaning to call).

8. His DNA is not exactly the same as Elisabet Sobeck

When Aloy is scanned in different parts of the map, the scans detect only 94.47% of his DNA identical to that of Elizabeth Sobeck. Although Aloy is very similar to Elisabet, this character does not seem to be an exact copy of her. The developers’ attention to detail is commendable; Because in biology, whenever DNA is simulated as a form of life, a clone is made, it will not always be 100% identical to its source.

7. Aloy is inspired by other powerful female characters

Horizon Zero Dawn director Mathijs de Jonge said in an interview that while creating the game world, they were looking for a template that was strong enough to fit in with harsh environments and angry and scary robots. Be. For this model, they turned to Sarah Connor from the Terminator movie series and Ripley from the Alien franchise.

In addition, Ygritte, the character from the popular Game of Thrones series, was used as a role model when making Aloy. Interestingly, Aloy and Ygritte both have several similar characteristics, including weapons, hair color, and almost identical faces.

6- Aloy physical appearance

When designing Aloy’s physical appearance, the Gorilla Games team wanted to make him as real as possible. To make Aloy a little more realistic, they made sure that her body type was not designed to look “unreal” and “exaggerated” like other female characters. According to the creators, giving her the body of a supermodel would not make sense, because no one really looks like a supermodel. Instead, they designed for Aloy the very realistic body expected of a real person with active and strong physique.

5- A female hero


When making the game, the members of the Horizon Zero Dawn production team knew from the beginning that they were going to put a female character in the lead role. While discussing the idea with Sony, one of the company’s top executives thought right or wrong about the decision and came up with a solution.

To address this issue, the development team and Sony hired a team of market researchers to determine if people are concerned about the gender of the protagonist. As it turned out, the gender of the hero is not much different for gamers. In fact, as long as the players are faced with a suitable game, it does not matter to them whether the protagonist of that game is female or male.

4- Aloy is designed so that players can communicate with him

One of the main characteristics of Aloy’s character is his curiosity and eagerness to discover. The creators made him so that players could really communicate with him. The fact that Aloy had never explored the world beyond his tribal boundaries and was largely oblivious to its deeper secrets was also done purposefully.

In fact, his relationship with gamers is such that whenever players are surprised after discovering a new place, new machines or learning new things about his past and the cause of the world, Aloy also feels this sense of wonder with them.

3. She is the ideal child of Elisabet Sobeck

In a conversation between Elisabet Sobeck and GAIA AI, the character revealed that if he wants to have a child, he wants her to be curious, determined and compassionate, and he wants his child to have “enough compassion to heal the world”.

In an interesting event, Aloy has all of these traits. Aloy is so curious that he was able to figure out how to bypass the code of a machine and turn it into an ally. He also has an incredible will, because he has done things that he knew were right, even if society thought they were wrong. His compassion is also evident; Even though Aloy had been rejected, shamed, and even attacked by his tribe throughout his life, he still wanted to risk his life on several occasions to protect them.

2- Aloy’s presence in other games

Aloy is a popular figure in the gaming community and has even appeared in other games. Aloy’s first appearance outside of Horizon Zero Dawn dates back to Monster Hunter: World, where collecting and equipping a complete set of armor allows players to enjoy Nora Brave Aloy armor with its full shell.

He also appeared as an astrologer in Hideo Kojima’s latest game, Death Stranding, which features a hologram with a Watcher and a Tallneck. In addition to these two appearances, Aloy has recently been added to the Genshin Impact as a playable character.

1- From a rejected girl to a hero

Aloy adventure throughout Horizon Zero Dawn is very exciting and heroic. He began essentially as an outcast and orphan in a tribe that strongly adhered to patriarchy. He eventually joined the tribe, was accepted, and gained a special reputation for courage, skill, and heroism. Towards the end of the game, he was seen as a spiritual figure and a member of the tribe who deserved to meet and communicate with the god of his homeland. Been. In fact, Aloy went from being driven from hero to hero and from monster to god during his adventure.

The story of Aloy is very similar to the classic stories, where a character from nowhere, without any name or address, embarks on a great adventure to become the greatest hero of his generation.

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