Graphic comparison of Resident Evil 4 HD project with the original version


A new video has been released by one of the active ingredients in the Resident Evil 4 HD project, which compares this material to the original title and the results are shocking.

A number of makers are trying to upgrade the technical and visual graphics of the iconic Resident Evil 4 title and are working on huge projects to achieve this goal, which will be released in February 2022.

Finally, after a long wait, one of the project managers released a video comparing the Resident Evil 4 HD media with the original version of the game, which shows the differences between the old version of Resident Evil Ultimate HD edition and the new version. According to published information, the implementation of this project took about 7 years.

Resident Evil 4

According to this video, not only has the quality of the models, textures and lighting of this title been improved, but also the production team of all the cataclysms has been improved. Apart from this, new elements have been designed and applied in the game environment, which has made the appearance of this game more beautiful than ever. Fans of Resident Evil 4 certainly can’t wait to experience this material.

Here are some key changes from this remake:

The main creative team for the game’s art design traveled to parts of Spain to model landscapes for textures and environment design. The production team also traveled to the same locations to take samples from the same locations.

Correcting the problems of textures and three-dimensional models This title is one of the other works done in the Resident Evil 4 HD project. Some textures have undergone changes that have made them clearer and more noticeable.

In the main title there are two-dimensional objects that can not be viewed from any angle; But in this material, some of these objects such as lamps, candles, doors and decorative signs have changed from their two-dimensional state to three-dimensional state, and you can see these objects from all angles.

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