GTA 5 puzzles that remain unsolved


In the vast and diverse world of GTA 5, Rockstar Games Studio (Rockstar Games) Has included various secrets. Many of these mysteries have not yet been solved for gamers.

Rockstar Games is very interested in designing vast worlds with interesting details. This can be clearly seen in the Grand Theft Auto series. A franchise in which each version contains different Easter eggs and riddles. For this reason, for a long time after the release of the game, we see gamers searching for the meaning of these secrets. Grand Theft Auto 5 is no exception. Rockstar fans have discovered a huge number of new secrets in this game. Some of these puzzles are still unsolved after eight years.

From aliens to Jesse Pinkman, Rockstar has filled the Grand Theft Auto world with a variety of Easter Eggs. First of all, we must say that in Grand Theft Auto 5, we see the largest map in the history of this franchise. The world of this game includes seventy-five square kilometers of land and water. Of course, some of the game’s Easter Eggs are just creators’ jokes with gamers. Take the Caravan of Love Easter Egg, for example. However, some of these puzzles and mysteries have a deeper meaning. These puzzles have become an integral part of the Grand Theft Auto 5 community. In the following, we are going to deal with 4 unsolved puzzles in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The serial killer riddle

Undoubtedly, one of the most disturbing puzzles of Grand Theft Auto is related to the serial killer “Infinity Killer”. A scary story that has no definite end. The puzzle begins in the small town of Sandy Shores. Here you can find an abandoned cottage. There is a piece of newspaper in this hut. This passage refers to a man named Merle Abrahams who apparently died in a nursing home. A few blocks below the hut, you can find Merle’s burnt house. Merle was apparently a serial killer who killed eight people. On the walls of this house you can find a mysterious message from the killer. By following the clues hidden in this message, gamers can access a map that is similar to a real place in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Going to this place which is on the ocean floor, you will face a horrible view; Eight corpses covered with cloth. Apparently, finding these eight bodies is the end of the mystery of the serial killer Infinity Killer. However, one question remains unanswered. At the end of Merle’s message, the phrase “Until I’m back” appears. This means that Merle is not actually dead and is still alive in the Grand Theft Auto world.

The secret of the ocean valve

If you explore the underwater world of Grand Theft Auto, you will encounter a mysterious hole in the ocean floor. This strange window is locked and light from a small window can be seen on it. This hatch is located in the eastern part of the map. If you stay close enough to the valve, you will hear a soft knocking sound from inside the valve. For a long time the meaning of this sound was not clear. The interesting thing, though, is that this sound can be translated into Morse code. The translation of this sound is “Hello, you never call, what do you think about bowling?” Is. This sentence is a humorous reference to the character Roman Bellic from Grand Theft Auto 4. The main purpose of this valve has not yet been determined.

The secret of the rooster

While many Grand Theft Auto 5 puzzles have a serious feel to them, there are plenty of jokes to be found. An example of this is located at the top of the map and in the mountains. On a steep cliff, where it is impossible to reach without aerial vehicles, you can see the gypsum painting of a rooster. The strange thing about the image of this rooster is that behind it you can see a portrait of a man. The man who appears to be the character of Jesse Pinkman from the series Breaking Bad. The reason for the presence of Jesse Pinkman in this part of the game world is still unknown. Of course, some believe that a developer from Rockstar was very interested in the Breaking Bad series and decided to put the image of this character in the game.

The riddle of Mrs. Phillips

If you decide to keep Trevor alive at the end of the game, you will probably find her and then her mother disappears. After completing the mission at the end of the game, if Trevor survives, a new Strangers and Freaks mission will be available for this character. The name of this mission is Mrs. Philips or Mrs. Philips. On this mission, Trevor’s mother comes to him after his release from prison and asks him to steal a van full of drugs. After completing the mission, you return to Trevor, but no trace of his mother. Many gamers want to know what happened to Trevor’s mother. The logical answer is that he disappeared after our return. An interesting theory, however, is that Trevor’s mother is just an illusion and the character’s diesel fuel. In any case, his disappearance remains unexplained.

Rockstar Games loves to design various puzzles and secrets for gamers. Even if the answer to these riddles is never known. Many of the secrets and mysteries of Los Santos and Blaine County have been discovered by the Grand Theft Auto community. That’s why the number of puzzles left unanswered is not so great. Due to the great distance we have with the next Grand Theft Auto, this game will remain in the center of attention of the fans of this franchise for the time being. Perhaps the answers to these questions will finally be known in the future.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC platform. The ninth generation version of the game is currently under development.

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