Guide to completing the best punch cards in the eighth season of Fortnite


The eighth chapter of Fortnite game is in its most interesting period, and in this article, we want to introduce and give a brief guide to complete the best punch cards of this season.

Weekly missions are back in the eighth season of Fortnite, and this time, by completing them, you will not only get skins and characters, but by passing them, you will get a lot of XP, which will definitely advance you in The game will help a lot. In the following, we will give a brief introduction and guidance regarding the punch card missions of the characters of the eighth chapter and the rest of the punch cards.

Ember Punchcard Missions


One of the punch cards in the eighth season of Fortnite is related to an NPC called Ember, which most Fortnite gamers are familiar with. Ember quests in the eighth week of the eighth season have a lower degree of difficulty compared to previous weeks, and we suggest that you make sure to complete it. You can see the exact location of Ember on the map above, this NPC is located north of Corny Crops.

You can see all the Ember missions in the list below:

  1. Destroying a Fireplace
  2. Burning structures
  3. Dancing or using Emote in front of a car that smokes due to breakdown
  4. Use the irefly jar to fire the opponent
  5. Compensate for the health bar through the camp
  • You will earn 30,000XP by completing each of the missions.

To destroy fireplaces, you can go to places like Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges, or Pleasant Park. Throw them at your opponents until the fourth quest is over. For the third quest, you have to hit a car to get the smoke out of it, then use Emote, and finally look for Campfire to make up for your health. You will easily complete Ember missions.

Sledgehammer Punchcard Missions


Sledgehammer is another NPC that you can easily complete with missions that are not too difficult and you will not have to work hard to complete them. First of all, go to the place shown in the map above to start the mission, you can find this NPC in the east of Holly Hedges.

You can see all the Sledgehammer missions in the list below:

  1. Open inbox on Sideways
  2. Destroy all kinds of Cube Monsters in Sideways
  3. Hit several Cube Monsters with Sideways weapons
  4. Collect pieces from Cube Monsters
  5. Defeat the Cube Monster boss in Sideways

Fortunately, Sledgehammer missions are also very simple and you only need to enter the Sideways once, first open a box, then destroy three types of enemies called Cube Monsters. After these two missions, get one of the weapons in Sideways and hit your enemies and collect their pieces, and finally destroy the Cube Monster boss. You can do all this in less than 10 minutes.


Some of the other punch cards in the eighth season of Fortnite:

Fabio Sparklemane

  1. Use Zipline (12,000 XP)
  2. Destroy five pieces of furniture in Apres Ski (14,000 XP)
  3. Dance in two different alien crash sites (16,000 XP)
  4. After killing the opponent, dance for two seconds (18,000 XP)
  5. Dance while on Sideways for five seconds (20,000 XP)


  1. Refuel your car (12,000 XP)
  2. Drive 500 meters with a car (14,000 XP)
  3. Destroy a mailbox while driving (16,000 XP)
  4. Stay in the car for two seconds (18,000 XP)
  5. Left by car and then turn it on four wheels (20,000 XP)


  1. Destroy your opponent’s quilt structure (12,000 XP)
  2. Build five structures in Craggy Cliffs (14,000 XP)
  3. Extract metal from Weeping Woods and Steamy Stack (16,000 XP)
  4. Hit the five weak areas during Harvest (18,000 XP)
  5. Use Emote (20,000 XP) less than 10 meters away from opponent structures.

These were just a few of the punch cards in the eighth season of Fortnite that you can see in the full list.

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