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After experiencing the first version of the technical test Halo Infinite, 343 Industries (343 Industries) seems to be trying to balance the new and old elements. The Xbox flagship series plans to revive its consoles in the current generation. Ever since the game was unveiled, the news of the delay was announced, and it has received a lot of fan feedback, 343 Industries has been regularly sharing various details of the Halo Infinite development process.

After a year, the technical demo version of Halo Infinite has finally been made available to a number of Halo Insider Program members, and gamers have had the chance to experience a brief multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite. Aside from the multiplayer unveiling trailer, this is the first time we’ve seen real In-Engine gameplay from this Halo Infinite game; Even though the current multiplayer section is limited to Bots and players can only play with their teammates.

According to initial reviews, the 343 Industries is changing several elements of the classic Halo multiplayer design; Of course, not completely divergent. Halo 5: Guardians has significantly changed the way Halo multiplayer experiences, but apparently Halo Infinite intends to reach an interesting middle ground.

The issue of determining the best multiplayer part of the Halo series has always been among the fans of this series; Some say Halo 2 was the pinnacle, some believe Halo 5 made the changes the series needed. Everyone recommends a particular version as their best experience and the opinion of all these people is respected. Now, considering the technical test version of Halo Infinite, it seems that the gameplay balance of this game is a satisfactory middle ground for the fans.

The Halo Infinite technical test version shows big changes


Just by looking at the Halo Infinite technical test version, you can see that the gameplay is still similar to Halo 5; Of course, with some changes and inspiration from the old games of the series. At first glance, things like longer time-to-kill, the ability to run fast and slip, along with other small things like global aim-down-sight, are 343 industrialization efforts to modernize Halo.

Not all of these changes are entirely positive, and some hardcore fans may believe that these features hurt the spirit of Halo. However, compared to some of the more controversial Halo 5 changes like ground-pounding and dashing, the Halo Infinite multiplayer section is becoming a promising midpoint for fans.

The longer TTK brings the multiplayer experience of the game closer to Halo 2 and Halo 3, and the rapid recovery of health encourages gamers to switch to an aggressive game style. Although the gameplay speed is still faster than Halo 3, it is not even close to the very high speed of the Halo 5 multiplayer part.

Adding a feature such as glide to get out of jogging offers more options for movement and movement, but since the running speed and strafe movement are close together, these new motion options are not very necessary. This way, Strafe fans do not need to change their game style, and on the other hand, those who use fast running will only move a little faster.

Academy Training is perfect for new players in Halo Infinite


Overall, the gameplay experience in Halo Infinite is a bit faster than the calculated and heavy motion of the previous games in the series. This is not a bad thing at all, and it brings this title closer to other modern competitive shooter games. At least based on the technical test version, it seems that Halo Infinite intends to take a similar approach to titles like Valorant by introducing shooting training and presenting several challenges.

In addition to basic training, Halo Infinite has several challenges for different weapons that can be changed and their difficulty can be changed. In addition, the “Academy” section of Halo Infinite can improve the gaming experience by teaching some of the key features of the Halo series.

Series like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo have always been fixed series in the first-person shooter genre, and the reason is that such series helped build the genre. However, if new players are unfamiliar with previous Halo titles, others will usually be superior to them. Halo gameplay is not only different from each other, but also very different from other first-person shooters. Provides an opportunity to learn the basics of Halo Infinite, as well as the ability to practice to improve targeting and how to use different weapons and tools, and to offer all of these features in a free game, making Halo more accessible.

A promising new route for Halo

This is probably the best thing about Halo Infinite. While many will definitely buy the game to experience the campaign part, on the other hand, the free multiplayer part of Halo Infinite is a big change for Halo; Especially at a time when the series has been out of the limelight for a long time.

For older fans, the multiplayer section now available in the technical test version shows that the 343 Industries is looking for an interesting balance for Halo Infinite. The developers have dropped a number of experimental changes to Halo 5 and modernized some of the old features, but the classic spirit of the game is still largely preserved.

After the release of the full beta of the Halo Infinite multiplayer section, when gamers can actually experience the PvP section instead of bots, we will definitely see fan feedback.

It remains to be seen whether fans will welcome the new features as well as the interesting balance between old and new elements. It should be noted, however, that one of the main purposes of designing the Halo Infinite technical test was to evaluate the effectiveness of the bots. So we’ll have to wait until the first beta release to see the true potential of the Halo Infinite multiplayer part.

However, the game’s technical testing has received very good feedback from gamers, which is great news. It’s been a long time since the release of the latest version of Halo, but Halo Infinite may increase the series’ popularity even more and set a new course for the iconic Xbox shooter.

Halo Infinite will be released on December 8, 2021 for the Xbox X and S series consoles, the Xbox One and the PC platform. If you wish, you can read the system required to run this title here.

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