Hausmark probably refers to the Returnal expansion pack


Looking back over the past few months, it is clear that Returnal, made by Hausmark Mark Studios Ruglake, is one of the highlights of 2021.

Although the game is not lacking in content, there is no doubt that fans are eagerly waiting for more content and immersion in the game again. We say that because it looks like a studio Housemarque Refers to the Returnal expansion pack.

Game developer Finish recently posted a cryptographic post on its official Twitter account to share an image of an unfamiliar scene from Returnal. In addition to the image itself, the accompanying text is in such a way that it can be said that the image is not related to the planet where the main story of the game takes place.


Could Hausmark mark an expansion pack that does not flow on the planet Atropus? The reference made here – if it can be said so – is relatively vague, so it is not possible to say exactly what the meaning is hidden behind this tweet. What can be said is that the minds of many users are involved in this tweet of Hausmark.

With each passing day, we get closer to the Game Awards date, and since this year’s show looks more productive than in previous years, it is possible that if Sony and Hausmark have plans for Returnal at the event, Introduce it. It was recently announced that the sales of the game in question have exceeded 500,000 copies. As a result, the game has enough players to justify more content. In any case, one can at least hope that this is the case.

Returnal is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 console. You can read the review of this game by GGROLER website through this address. What do you think about the (possible) add-on package for this game? Are you waiting for an opportunity to return to the world of Returnal?

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